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The Fashion Trends Initiated By Kurt Cobain: Vintage Flannel Shirts To Oversized Everything

Kurt Cobain might have left the mortal world, but continues to shape pop culture, fashion, and music. His unapologetic style statements, that were anti-establishment were quite daring at that period, and the global fashion scene tries to reinvent them every now and then. Just like Audrey Hepburn has been the style force for women, similarly, Kurt Cobain has not ceased to dwell in today’s clothing industry too, be it through the flashy fashion magazines or the references of the style bloggers.

wholesale flannel shirts

Millennials today can easily relate with Cobain’s gender-subversive fashion choices, and hence currently a number of styles resonate Cobain’s existence amongst us. Most of the dominant trends of today’s age were first initiated by Kurt Cobain, and from vintage flannel shirts to oversized everything, here are some instances.

The Oversized Saga

Today’s contemporary streetwear essentials have a lot to do with oversized clothes, and this definitely traces back to Kurt Cobain’s grunge movement. The tees or jackets with elongated sleeves, overblown proportions, careless attitude and ballooning shapes that we are addicted to these days exude Kurt’s love for the ‘oversized everything’ saga. A 90’s throwback to be precise!

The Pajama Shirts

Do you remember spotting Kurt in pajama shirts for various events or shows? He was quite unconventional with his fashion choices and was confident enough to bring out the idea of wearing pajamas at bedroom to wearing something similar for other occasions as well. The runways are resonating with the ‘sleepwear as outerwear’ style idea, and this reminisces with Kurt’s habit of wearing the pajama linen silk shirts for social gatherings.

The Ripped and Destroyed Denim

We all love the trending “ripped jeans” look, don’t we? Well, it was Kurt Cobain who established this as the hallmark signature for grunge fashion. His nonchalant attitude made him wear the baggy denim which was majorly sandblasted, washed-out, worn-in, equipped with holes, shredded and ripped. The revival of these denim styles proves his fashion power.

vintage flannel shirts

The Flannel Shirts

You cannot speak of Kurt Cobain without mentioning about his habit of wearing the plaid flannel shirts. There has been a resurgence of the wholesale flannel shirts in the global fashion scene, loved by all sexes. This grunge uniform has been a part of the grunge style since ages and rocked the 90’s era. Though athleisure is surfacing these days, from celebs to common crowd, everyone is in love with flannels forever. The trend-proof closet essential can be worn in various ways, be it as layers, to formal shirts under suits, and as casual ones for weekends errands too.

Whenever stereotypes have been subverted in today’s glamorous style world, we cannot help but remember the legend, Kurt Cobain.


The Fashion Trends Initiated By Kurt Cobain: Vintage Flannel Shirts To Oversized Everything


3 Techniques That Will Help You Pick The Right Flannel Shirt For Summer

Extremely popular, flannel shirts are subjected to being stereotypes. Either they are being labeled as the piece for the colder months or are being associated with a grunge appeal. Though, both the situations are highly probable to feature a flannel shirt, but it is incorrect to identify them purely based on those situations.

A flannel shirt is ubiquitous, which means that it is accepted everywhere and can be worn throughout the year, without falling prey to the several inhibitions associated with the talented piece.

Men have treated flannel shirts a staple for years. They claim to know everything about flannel. However, when it comes to picking a version that is suitable for the heat of the summer, there tend to be gargantuan mistakes. So how to deal with such a sticky situation? Rather, how to pick a shirt that works well for summer? Here is a comprehensive guide. Keep reading to find answers to the question.

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The feel of the flannel shirt (because it is all about comfort)

There is a thumb rule for buying flannel shirts- “If it feels right, you invest in it.”

Okay, this can be pretty messed up given that many times wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers use fabric softener before putting them up for sale in the store. But here is the catch. The fabric should feel soft but should be light in weight. Lighter the flannel the better it is for summer. Contrary to popular belief, heavy flannel shirts work well for the colder months, but when you are bound to sweat profusely, a lightweight knit is what will save your life. You should feel comfortable in the button down. If it feels easy, go for it!

The color of the shirt

Summer clothing thumb rule- light colors refract heat, darker hues absorb some more.

If you are smart enough, you will know that this rule is highly applicable for flannel shirts as well. given that there are variations available, why stick to the same old red. Yes, they look classy and complement the plaid pattern well, but when you have versions available in blue, white, yellow, green, tangerine and grey, why the red and black? Though this has nothing to do with summer, try out a flannel shirt that comes minus the plaid patterns. You will find button downs in solid hues available with top manufacturers. Invest in one of those, they will give your (summer) appearance the required boost.

The fabric used (because everything boils down to that)

Flannel is a soft woven fabric that can be either made of cotton or wool

Now that sentence is self-explanatory. A woolen flannel shirt is ideal for the colder months and stating the obvious, but cotton is used largely to construct summer flannel shirts. The fabric is brushed to give extra softness. But since cotton naturally is a breathable option, it lends the same qualities to flannel shirts. Other than that, cotton flannel shirts feel easy on the skin, doesn’t stink and can wick moisture well. Many manufacturers now use synthetic materials to craft the button downs, however, these are the ones which come with stink issues. Check the label for 100% cotton to make sure that comfort won’t be an issue on a hot summer day.

Thus, if you were planning to invest in a good flannel shirt to get you through this summer, keep these points in mind and then make a purchase. A good flannel shirt will work for all types of occasions. So, be mindful and aesthetically wonderful.

Interested retailers who want to buy cheap flannels in bulk, can register with the top manufacturers of the same. The inventory is wide and varied and will spoil you for a choice. Attractive discounts are also available for bulk buyers!


3 Techniques That Will Help You Pick The Right Flannel Shirt For Summer


Pairing Flannel Shirts with Athleisure this Season!

Flannel shirts are a classic and have been really in style for decades now. The reason? It is flexible and can pick up with almost all other kinds of fashion. To give you a hint of what that is really like, here’s how a list of how you can pair wholesale flannel shirts with athleisure clothing – the truth of youth fashion right now!

Take a look at the trends and make sure you follow them too and give your wardrobe the edge of when old school meets new and totally makes an epic crossover! Are you ready, because the list is, right here –

wholesale flannel shirts

  1. Flannel with Joggers

Joggers are a staple bottom for athleisure followers all around and the flannel shirt would make a rather unconventional yet perfect stylistic feat with it. The plaid designs are the one too love and one could go for a color combination a little out of the ordinary – perhaps navy blue and grey. Rolling up the sleeves untidily is a must and coupling it with maroon joggers that will end in a beautiful white sneakers, make the look extraordinary! One could try multiple styles at how to wear the joggers, but the easiest and the most convenient one is good enough. If you are a flannel fan with athleisure clothing, then this is a must try!

  1. The Hip Accessory

Flannel shirts make a great hip accessory for when you are wearing some kind of athleisure clothing. It might be a simple basic tee shirt along with a pair of cool joggers and some high top sneakers – perfect right? A little short of that!

But adding the flannel shirt tied around the hip makes all the difference. It drives attention away and helps you layer your dress or t short joggers whenever you feel the need for more variation. You can go for any color of bulk flannel shirt in this scenario, but the black and green plaid shirts are the ones that are popularly used.

  1. Button Up Flannel Shirts with Sports Miniskirts

A popular women’s look, this one is not at all complicated. All one has to do is buy loose fitting flannel shirts and button it up with the sleeves rolled up. They can then tuck it in a grey mini skirt and has a pleat design and ends at the thigh. Pairing a white sneakers underneath is a great idea and makes the look really casual in spite of having all the elements of a semi-formal attire.

  1. Plaid Shirt with Leggings

Another very popular look that is slowing turning into a classic for people all around. Wearing a loose fitted plaid shirt with tight black leggings and sneakers looks like an absolute head turner on the roads and anywhere else. Plus, it’s pretty casual and doesn’t reek of being to try hard which is often the case.

With these 4 trends of how to use flannel plaid shirts with athleisure clothing, understanding why retailers are getting bulk flannel shirts even during off season isn’t that hard. It works because it is different from the staunchness of other shirts available and makes a mark in fashion, no matter what hour or clock it is around the world.

Now that you know it’s importance – get your shirts today and be ready to style them all summer long!


Pairing Flannel Shirts with Athleisure this Season!


4 Inspiring Flannel Fashion to Rock Cool and Casual In 2018

Flannel has been the topic of discussion throughout the season and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The fabric has become quite the favorite of masses and people are trending with wholesale flannel shirts varieties to beat the summer heat and wear the classic prints.

Thus, to help this cause further and make this summer more flannel friendly, this blog has put together 4 of the most inspiring flannel fashion trends to go for this summer. They are cool and casual, and uphold the spirit of the season in every possible way!

Here’s a look at our collection –

1. Go Sleeveless

Unless you can find a sleeveless flannel shirt, you will have to mod on this one. Take an old (or new) flannel shirt and wear it to flatter those guns you have been working out for. You could also use this shirt to layer on a basic white shirt.

Who is it for: For anyone with flattering biceps, tattoo sleeves, and/or enough confidence to pull it off. This look could go great with basic black denims folded at the ankles and paired with desert boots to give it a really rugged look. A pair of aviators or wayfarers to beat the summer glaze is also a good idea.

sleeveless flannel shirts

2. Half Sleeve Flannel Style

This one’s a bit more on the conventional side but that doesn’t take anything away from the awe it inspires. Flannel half shirts look great tucked in when khaki chinos and boots that will make any other man feel underdressed.

Accessorize it with: A leather or metal band chronograph would be great to go with this look. Also, if one is going for a more street outfit, they could wear a leather bracelet. The flexibility of this outfit makes it unique and you could even give it a boho Eastern twist with leather sandals underneath and jet black fitted ankle length jeans above it.

half sleeve flannel shirts manufacturer

3. Flannel with Shorts

Shorts are a summer staple and wearing it with flannel makes it even more of a summer brand. Go for a light blue plaid shirt and tuck it in with beige linen shirts and dark brown belt and loafers. This look is definitely one to make the bill boards if carried with proper confidence and accessories.

Pro tip: Match your watch with belt and shoes to give it a sophisticated twist and make sure you don’t forget to add on your pair of favorite shades – because beating the heat is more important than anything else.

This is one of the main looks that flannel shirts manufacturer companies all over the country use for advertising their summer collection.

check flannel women top

4. Wear Your Plaid Shirt on Your Hip

Ok, this look doesn’t actually require you to wear the shirt. All you need to do is wear your checked flannel shirt around your hip and wear a light solid colored basic V-neck half sleeved tee on top. Straight fit hipster jeans will be a great addition to the look and so will ankle length boots be.

All of these looks are cool and summer friendly, but they have one thing in common. They simply make you a head turner and inspire awe from other people. Isn’t that what any fashion savvy person would want?


4 Inspiring Flannel Fashion to Rock Cool and Casual In 2018


3 Ways to Channel an Oversized Flannel Shirt for All Men

Flannel shirts have been the staple for men for centuries. Hence, it can be said that channeling an oversized flannel shirt is easier for them. However, one misstep can ruin the entire appearance. One wrong pick of apparel can make you look like a dodgy uncle. Now that is something you definitely don’t want. Thus, here are two ideas you can rely on and use when wearing an oversized flannel button down.

customized flannel shirts

Use you a flannel shirt like an overshirt by throwing it over a simple ensemble of a graphic tee and a pair of jeans. This otherwise humble put together of the apparels will give a classy appeal to your appearance. A pair of military boots will give you an effortless look. Skip on any and all accessories to give your flannel shirt the boost it requires. The popular oversized flannel shirts supplier has the perfect pieces displayed in their catalog that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk as well.

Another classy way to incorporate an oversized flannel shirt is to wear it for a smart casual. Keep the grunge look on hold for once and try to bring out the versatile side of the button down. Tuck in an oversized blue plaid shirt in a pair of tailored chinos in beige. Wear a structured blazer on top to give your stature a boost. Further, throw over a textured overcoat on top. Complete the appearance with a pair of loafers. A scarf can be wrapped around the neck on choice.

If you want to dress your flannel without wanting to put too much effort, the best to wear a flannel shirt jacket. Now before moving forth, one thing should be set clear. There is a fine difference between wearing a shirt like a jacket and a jacket. So instead of going the common route of the former, give your attire a unique boost by picking a flannel jacket. Wear it with a solid white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, complete with a pair of sneakers. Simple but highly effective.

Customized flannel shirts that are shaped like jackets and have functional abilities equivalent to a jacket are available with top manufacturers.

Just remember, if you are not sure about what to wear with your flannel shirt, the best thing to do is avoid other patterns. Flannel has a strong appeal. Overdoing it will ruin the entire look. Tone down the rest of the attire to let the oversized flannel shirt cast its own charm. A simple trick is party up top, business everywhere else. Use your oversized flannel shirt well and impress all onlookers.

Retailers can contact the manufacturers of flannel shirts to make a bulk purchase at discounted prices.


3 Ways to Channel an Oversized Flannel Shirt for All Men


This Fall, Wear You Flannel In Three New Unique Ways!

Since their inception in the 17th century, flannel shirts have managed to stay in the spotlight for all the right reasons. While it has elevated to become one of the most loved pieces in a man’s wardrobe, there has been significant twists and tweaks added to it as well. But they are the epitome of a man’s wardrobe. With fall approaching fast, it is only but obvious that it is the time they get all the attention. To make them attention worthy, here are three unique ways to wear them. Keep scrolling down to make some changes in your personal style statement.

One the street inspiration

Now, before you go on to make your own deductions, let us get clear about one thing- street inspiration is based on balancing the inclinations of the street with the subtlety of the general trends. Still confused? Well, it is about going cool but looking smart. Now, that is an easy rendition of the theory. With more and more fashion conscious millennial hunks opting for the supreme comfort of this ensemble, it is only but obvious that this particular styling combination finds a mention even on the most elite of the list. To pull off the street inspired sartorial combination, you need to team your flannel shirt with a pair of chinos. Most of us are suckers for a dark shirt and light bottoms, so that remains the choice of shades. Furthermore, complete the look with a pair of white plimsolls and throw over a green bomber jacket on top to not only keep yourself protected from the chilly fall winds but also to stand out everywhere you go.

wholesale flannel shirts

Strictly casual

With most of the lot turning to the street, which is basically combining the smart and casual together, focusing entirely on casual is just as important. When it comes to flannel shirts, this is the first combination that comes to our mind. But rather than going old-school textbook look, try for something different, something refreshing. Team your red flannel shirt available with wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers with a pair of knee length denim shorts. A little more casual, a little less grunge. A pair of sneakers and you will be good to go. The basic idea behind this ensemble is to provide utmost comfort without compromising on the style quotient. Also, with this attire, you can sport two of the most popular trends of the season- flannel and denim- together without looking flashy or funny.

For those conventional days

A flannel shirt is many things and it is definitely sharp when you need it to be. Flannel shirts bulk manufacturers know the full potential of flannel shirts and leave no opportunity to utilize it. For years, flannel shirts have been associated with the rough and grunge appearance, not paying heed to the other side of this extremely flamboyant piece of fashion. All you need is a red flannel shirt that you can wear under a perfectly fitted suit, in black! While the entire ensemble stands out as being conventional and smart, the appeal is truly stunning. Complement the attire with a pair of derby and a nice belt that will not only hold the clothes together but also add to the totality of the look.

Thus, which one are you planning to try out this fall?

Whichever one you opt for, remember to keep the attires simple. Let the flannel shirts work their charm on the onlookers, on the ladies! *wink wink*

Manufacturers of bulk flannels have the best shorts displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk while securing massive discounts.


This Fall, Wear You Flannel In Three New Unique Ways!


3 Clothing Pieces That Work Absolute Wonders With A Flannel Shirt

For the last few seasons, many classic clothes, which were lost in the pages of time, have been revived. Some have raved the circuit, while some are yet to make a mark. But flannel shirts, unsurprisingly, have created the right amount of hubbub, enough to garner the attention of the enthusiasts and beyond.

bulk flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are marked for their extreme versatility and flamboyance. Come on, it will be unfair to leave out the fact that flannel button downs work well with every other outfit on the planet. (Maybe it sounds exaggerated, but it is justified). It is this flexibility of theirs that makes them so popular, so sought after.

But just like t-shirts are synonymous with jeans, flannel shirts too have their allegiances. Want to discover more about it? Keep reading then.


Clothing choice 1: With a pair of jeans

Is there anything that a pair of jeans doesn’t work with? When you have two versatile pieces clubbed together, the result has to be staggering. Also given that flannel and jeans, when put together, creates the rugged grunge look, this combination is a must try for all the fashion forward millennial out there. Pick darker shades for both and use plimsolls to bring out the best of both. Wholesale flannel shirt in different colors is available with the best manufacturers out there.


Clothing choice 2: With a pair of chinos

Chinos act as a bridge between the smart and the casual. Tailored rendition of the same is conventional in a natural way; hence balancing the look is easier. While the flannel shirt stands out for its sharpness, the chinos will give direction to the ensemble. Team the ensemble in light colors for a more amplified effect, a pair of loafers is all you need to give definition to your personal style statement.


wholesale flannel shirt


Clothing choice 3: With a sweater

A V-neck sweater screams of the 1950s and flannel is, well, very old. When these two are combined in the right way, you can actually make a bigger impact on the onlookers. For the bottom wear, pick any of the above-mentioned pairs for both works well. The good boy vibe of the sweater is openly complimented (challenged) by the hippie image of flannel shirts. Go for contrast mishmash to render a nifty and well-kept appearance.


Thus, pick your clothes to match with the flannel shirt wisely. With all this information, your flannel shirt will soon become the hero of your wardrobe (if it already is not!).


Interested retailers can make a purchase of bulk flannel shirts in an array of shades that also vouch for comfort. Displayed in the catalog of the top manufacturers, discounts can be secured on bulk purchase.




3 Clothing Pieces That Work Absolute Wonders With A Flannel Shirt




Time To Reuse The Old Wholesale Flannel Shirts And Bring Them To Everyday Life

We all have some old clothes that are stashed into the corner of the closets that we do not use anymore. Similarly, we all have the vintage fallen plaid shirts that need to be replaced by something new. But can you get rid of this classic piece completely? You can definitely think of some bombastic ideas and keep the flannel shirts to yourself in some novel way.  Wondering how? Well, you always have the DIY art to try your hands in, or take some help from someone, and completely refurbish the old and useless flannel shirts, and bring it to use on in daily life.

Buy Flannel Shirts In Bulk

The flannel shirts is something you are sure to absolutely be head over heels with, but just don’t feel like wearing anymore. Now your love for this piece will never allow you to discard this, turn it into a rag or give it to someone, will it?  This is your perfect chance to recreate it, and make something really fabulous out of it.  Here are some of the exceptionally impeccable and modish ways to reuse the wholesale flannel shirts.

The cuff bracelets

Do you love the shimmering and flashy accessories to complement your clothes and carry a very holistic fashion approach?  What about the colourful and smart cuff bracelets for your single colored shirts to get a much required twist? Juts wrap a piece of the flannel shirts on a wooden or plastic bracelet, and you get something fresh and new. Be it your simple and plain denim shirts, or formals and casuals, you can team them up top get a makeover.

Something for your dog

Do you love pets and the doggy at your home means a lot to you? Time to prep them up with a very stylish dog coat made of flannel shirt.  The plaid design fused with the warmth of the flannel fabric will be great for them in the winters. Stitch the flannel plaid shirt along with the collar and pockets, and dress up your dog properly.

Some interior decor

For your table or kitchen, you can replace the old pale and dull napkins with the colourful check flannel ones.  Spruce up the entire feel of the interiors by cutting the flannel shirts in any way or shape you want, and lend some comfort to the gusts too.

The hand warmers

In the chilling colds of the winters, it becomes difficult to keep the discomfort out of your hand.  You can stich the flannel wholesale shirts into little hand warmers and keep your hand away from the cold, as flannel is a very snug and warm cosy material to go for.

The spicy headband

For the kids in your family or friends, or even for yourself, you can team up the simple and plain dresses with DYI flannel headbands.  Cut the rectangular strip from the shirt, and stich the corners according to the size and shape of your head. The check flannel headband would add some funk to any single colored attire of yours.

The iPad cover

What about carrying your iPad everyday fashionably instead of just putting it into your bag?  Just cut the old flannel shirts according to the size and shape of the IPad or IPhone, and stich the three ends properly.  The soft, smooth and warm, thick flannel fabric will keep the devices safe, and add a very stylish twist to them effortlessly.

As the retail stores buy flannel shirts in bulk, you too get more options to have in terms of the vintage pieces.


Time To Reuse The Old Wholesale Flannel Shirts And Bring Them To Everyday Life


5 Essential Tips To Wear The Flannel Shirt 90s Style

90s were the time when flannel shirts reached their epitome of success before falling hard and disappearing for some time. If you want some inspiration, the follow some hardcore tips as it will help you make a lasting impression.

Lately, much articles have been published on Facebook which focuses on the “90s kids”. How they would relate to certain shows and movies; how they would understand certain fashion pieces (the choker for instance). All said and done, your Facebook wall might be full of such suggestions and ignorance might have become your favorite word, but one thing which surpasses any such propositions is the flannel shirt. Classic in its approach, flannel shirts are a piece of wonder. From Kanye West to Rihanna, the stars seem to be awe-struck with the flannel shirts as well. Even when the fashion industry has come a long way, flannel shirts have retained their place in the top echelons of the industry.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

It was actually in the 90s when flannel shirts saw the zenith of success. They reached new horizons with their stylish appeal and comfortable wear. The way they were adapted was worthy of all attention. But today, being a 90s kid (no offense) if you want to get back to the olden golden days by styling your flannel shirt accordingly, no one can really blame you. However, if you do not want to look like dufus, then here are a few tricks of the trade that will get you through. Keep reading them as they have been summarized as given below.

Trick no 1: Tie them around your waist. This is the closest you can get to replicating the 90s style. But tie around when wearing a hip hugger jean, not a pair of high waist shorts. It adds bulk while showing off the true potentiality of the flannel shirt. You can use a variety of shades that can be acquired from manufacturers selling wholesale flannel shirts.

Trick no 2: Another trick to dress your flannel like the 90s is to get an oversized one (one or two sizes larger than your original one). Look for one that hangs till your knees and covers your entire torso. The best part is you can style it anyway you want, with anything you like. They look nifty and cool. And since they bask in the 90s motif, it is a win-win situation.

Trick no 3: Flannel is a fabric, plaid is a pattern. Flannel can be solid; plaid on the other hand can be incorporated with any other fabric. So don’t feel like you have been tied to plaid when wearing flannel. The 90s was all about the grunge factor, and it has much to do with the fabric, flannel. Also, floral prints to stripes, flannel pretty much induced all.

Trick no 4: Flannel shirts which resonate a strong 90s vibe should look a bit worn out (though don’t try to fit in your high school shirt!). You can pick a shirt that wraps around your body perfectly and will feel merciful on your skin. The quality of the flannel matters.

Trick no 5: To carry off the 90s look perfectly, you need to learn that combination is the best thing you can do. If you go for an all 90s look, you will end up looking like a direct import from some 90s sitcom. Hence, permutation and combination. You can team your flannel shirt with leggings or slim fit jeans to appear like you are in control of your look.

So when wearing your flannel shirt the 90s way, make sure to apply the given tricks here and make the most of your appearance. Flannel shirts wholesale distributors have a number of button downs assembled as a part of their massive inventory that can be purchased in bulk by retailers while securing massive discounts.


5 Essential Tips To Wear The Flannel Shirt 90s Style

5 Times When You Will Love Your Oversized Flannel Shirt

When it comes to flannel shirts, we love it. Oversized or not, we just love it. The coziness, the comfort, the chic, the bravura all of it is incomparable. But as you have read it numerous times that flannel shirts are supposed to be worn in a slim fit, the one that enhances the silhouette, but let’s just stop everything for a minute and consider this. Oversized flannels are as good as flannel shirts can ever get. And as an added advantage, they look classier (when worn correctly).

wholesale flannel shirts

To get to the point, we love the oversized flannel shirt, and if given an opportunity we would love them more. And for that, five such flannel combinations have been summarized as given below. Scroll down and see which one of the looks do you like the most and want to try right away!

  1. For a grunge outfit that complements the summer, wear a graphic t-shirt and pair of shorts only to throw over an unbuttoned oversized flannel shirt. To capture the perfect 90s grunge, you can accessorize using a choker and retro sunglasses. A pair of low top boots will work just fine with the mood of the outfit.

  2. Wholesale flannel shirts as available with prominent manufacturers have been drawing attention for quite some time now. Pick one that you like the most and team it with a pair of denim and pumps. Go easy on the accessories with just a wristwatch and a sling bag to add to the panache.

  3. No summer dressing list is complete without the mention of a white lace summer dress. And no summer white lace summer dress is complete without an oversized flannel shirt thrown over it as casually and as spontaneously as possible. Use some junk to accompany with the ensemble. Complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots. Now that is truly classy.

  4. Exploit the flannel shirt a little more by using its sassiness to up your sex appeal. Tuck in a flannel shirt with a skater skirt and wear the combo with a pair of high heels. Furthermore, use a chunky neck piece and a statement belt for a feminine touch to the outfit. Bulk flannel shirts can be purchased from manufacturers who specialist in crafting flannel shirts for stylish women.

  5. Since the athleisure trend is still going strong, it only makes sense to use one of the most pieces from the gym clothes- a pair of leggings. An oversized flannel shirt worn over a pair of leggings and ankle length boots is the perfect way to incorporate fashion with sports. For a cooler chic appearance, you can wrap a scarf around the neck.

So, opt for the look which you like the most and win glances and hearts. Wholesale womens and wholesale mens flannel shirts can be purchased by interested retailers from manufacturers at discounted prices.


5 Times When You Will Love Your Oversized Flannel Shirt

7 Reasons Why We All Love The Good Old Flannel Shirts

When in 16th century Scotland, the farmers started wearing the tartan plaid button ups, little did they know that the clothing piece would become so popular, and would retain their place for the next almost 4 centuries. With no fault in their creation, and much of their principal design being recollected, flannel shirts have become the most sought after piece of clothing in the fashion industry. But what makes flannel so popular? From farmers to cowboys, lumberjacks to grunge pop stars on stage, everyone loves them. So what is it about the flannel?

cheap flannels in bulk

To answer these questions, a few points have been summarized and given below. To know more, read on.

Dress up or dress down, works for all

Want to wear them plain and simple or team with a sleek leather jacket, flannel shirts can blend well with other outfits. And plus point, without much effort either.

Casual to formal, accepted just about every where

Yes, this is a point that needs to be highlighted. Tartan plaid flannel has a tendency to work well for most situations, be it wearing it in a conventional way or giving it the complete grunge approach. Match them with the correct outfits and the result will be stellar.

Oh, and the colours

Another factor that contributes towards the popularity of flannel is the wide variety of shades and textures they come in. black, red, blue, green, yellow, white, multiple colors incorporated together, you name it and wholesale flannel shirts have it all. The plaid is complemented by the perfect incorporation of the hues.

Comfort, you just name it

Have to beat the harsh cold winds, flannel shirts work well. Summer heat is bringing you down, flannel shirts are there to your rescue. So they are for all season and all weather. The use of quality fabric makes them a comfortable wear, lending a soft touch against your skin even when you wear them for a long period of time.

Grunge is legit

Remember the time when pop stars would wear flannel shirts to the stage? Yes, we all loved that. And when every old trend has been coming back, it only seems right that flannel shirts be brought back to the fashion circuit as well, making all those ruggedness legit again. Wait, but they are already back!

For a cooler appearance

Okay, without a shade of doubt, flannel shirts are imperturbable. Their ability to add that cool status quo to your appearance is unobstructed and will remain so for at least the next few decades! Wear them with a pair of jeans and you are done. Get ready to be complimented.

Easy on the pocket

Flannel shirts are easily available as they are in super demand right now. They are further easy on the pocket and doesn’t cause a fortune to buy. Added to that, their durability helps them endure constant wear and tear, giving them a long life. So cheap flannels in bulk can be found with reputed manufacturers at discounted prices, making them a noteworthy splurge.

Need say anything more? That covered all! So flannel-ing!

Audio Version:

7 Reasons Why We All Love The Good Old Flannel Shirts



Why The Modern Man Inside You Needs To Have a Plaid Flannel Shirt!

Letting go of the fact that flannel shirts have become the staple for the last few seasons, they are versatile. Though in their original form, they were worn by cowboys and lumberjacks, the alteration brought about in them is just too great to avoid.

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Their contemporary representation can be basically divided into two broad categories: one that is stylish and nifty, the other being for the hip and cool status quo. Basing on how trends these days have a tendency to drift away with time, flannels have proved their worth. It is their strong history and their longevity which makes them a winner in the fashion clothing department.

So whether you are wearing them as a preppy button down or with a subtle suit, the obsession with flannel is not going anywhere anytime soon. We all can safely plant the flag of flannel in our closets. Understanding their charm and focusing solely on why they are so enduring, here is discussing in details why every contemporary man should take inspiration from their forefathers and incorporate flannel shirts in their daily wardrobe.

How to wear flannel shirts (traditional or modern)

Though plaid flannel shirts have been associated with outdoor activities, the modern-day stylists have pointed out the versatility that plaid shirts offer. Flannel shirts suppliers have experimented on them, added alterations and innovations. Thus, whatever is the weather, the situation, flannel shirts are a pick for all. Here is highlighting three such looks which you should try out.

#Look 1- The casual inspiration: For this one look you can actually become a little playful. Throw over your shirt as an accessory while wearing a modest t-shirt inside. Combine with a pair of denims and sneakers to look rugged. Unkempt hair and overgrown beard will be the perfect accessories to uplift the mood of the look.

#Look 2- The formal muse: The subtlety of a formal approach completely depends on how smartly you incorporate the shirt. Pick the plaid button-down and pair it with tailored chinos and formal shoes. Slip into a blazer for that touch of conventionalism. Go without accessories to look like a winner.

What to look for in a flannel shirt

Fit, colour and fabric are the three criteria you should be looking for when investing in a flannel shirt. A plaid shirt should not be too heavy or too loose or too flashy. While wholesale flannel shirts crafted of cotton are constructed for the hotter months of the year, the woollen ones are definitely for the winters. The cotton variable is a durable mainstay and is a great instrument when it comes to fighting heat and sweat. Lightweight is what you should be looking for. As for shades, be careful about the occasion you are planning visit. They are available in hues that range from red to black to blue to yellow, among the many others. Pick the colour you are most comfortable in, the one that will actively contribute to your aesthetics! And when it comes to fit, it goes without saying that an oversized flannel is no longer considered cool whatsoever. A perfectly fitted plaid flannel shirt that accentuated your silhouette is sexier.

So now that you have a vivid idea about the basics of a flannel shirt, be sure to make a wise choice. The wide demographics that flannel allows all its wearer to enjoy are surely appreciated by many, justifying having them in your wardrobe. Bulk flannel shirts can be purchased in bulk by retailers and store owners from the manufacturers at discounted prices! Let the simplicity of flannel shirts make a distinct fashion statement for you.