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Pairing Flannel Shirts with Athleisure this Season!

Flannel shirts are a classic and have been really in style for decades now. The reason? It is flexible and can pick up with almost all other kinds of fashion. To give you a hint of what that is really like, here’s how a list of how you can pair wholesale flannel shirts with athleisure clothing – the truth of youth fashion right now!

Take a look at the trends and make sure you follow them too and give your wardrobe the edge of when old school meets new and totally makes an epic crossover! Are you ready, because the list is, right here –

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  1. Flannel with Joggers

Joggers are a staple bottom for athleisure followers all around and the flannel shirt would make a rather unconventional yet perfect stylistic feat with it. The plaid designs are the one too love and one could go for a color combination a little out of the ordinary – perhaps navy blue and grey. Rolling up the sleeves untidily is a must and coupling it with maroon joggers that will end in a beautiful white sneakers, make the look extraordinary! One could try multiple styles at how to wear the joggers, but the easiest and the most convenient one is good enough. If you are a flannel fan with athleisure clothing, then this is a must try!

  1. The Hip Accessory

Flannel shirts make a great hip accessory for when you are wearing some kind of athleisure clothing. It might be a simple basic tee shirt along with a pair of cool joggers and some high top sneakers – perfect right? A little short of that!

But adding the flannel shirt tied around the hip makes all the difference. It drives attention away and helps you layer your dress or t short joggers whenever you feel the need for more variation. You can go for any color of bulk flannel shirt in this scenario, but the black and green plaid shirts are the ones that are popularly used.

  1. Button Up Flannel Shirts with Sports Miniskirts

A popular women’s look, this one is not at all complicated. All one has to do is buy loose fitting flannel shirts and button it up with the sleeves rolled up. They can then tuck it in a grey mini skirt and has a pleat design and ends at the thigh. Pairing a white sneakers underneath is a great idea and makes the look really casual in spite of having all the elements of a semi-formal attire.

  1. Plaid Shirt with Leggings

Another very popular look that is slowing turning into a classic for people all around. Wearing a loose fitted plaid shirt with tight black leggings and sneakers looks like an absolute head turner on the roads and anywhere else. Plus, it’s pretty casual and doesn’t reek of being to try hard which is often the case.

With these 4 trends of how to use flannel plaid shirts with athleisure clothing, understanding why retailers are getting bulk flannel shirts even during off season isn’t that hard. It works because it is different from the staunchness of other shirts available and makes a mark in fashion, no matter what hour or clock it is around the world.

Now that you know it’s importance – get your shirts today and be ready to style them all summer long!


Pairing Flannel Shirts with Athleisure this Season!