3 Ways to Channel an Oversized Flannel Shirt for All Men

Flannel shirts have been the staple for men for centuries. Hence, it can be said that channeling an oversized flannel shirt is easier for them. However, one misstep can ruin the entire appearance. One wrong pick of apparel can make you look like a dodgy uncle. Now that is something you definitely don’t want. Thus, here are two ideas you can rely on and use when wearing an oversized flannel button down.

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Use you a flannel shirt like an overshirt by throwing it over a simple ensemble of a graphic tee and a pair of jeans. This otherwise humble put together of the apparels will give a classy appeal to your appearance. A pair of military boots will give you an effortless look. Skip on any and all accessories to give your flannel shirt the boost it requires. The popular oversized flannel shirts supplier has the perfect pieces displayed in their catalog that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk as well.

Another classy way to incorporate an oversized flannel shirt is to wear it for a smart casual. Keep the grunge look on hold for once and try to bring out the versatile side of the button down. Tuck in an oversized blue plaid shirt in a pair of tailored chinos in beige. Wear a structured blazer on top to give your stature a boost. Further, throw over a textured overcoat on top. Complete the appearance with a pair of loafers. A scarf can be wrapped around the neck on choice.

If you want to dress your flannel without wanting to put too much effort, the best to wear a flannel shirt jacket. Now before moving forth, one thing should be set clear. There is a fine difference between wearing a shirt like a jacket and a jacket. So instead of going the common route of the former, give your attire a unique boost by picking a flannel jacket. Wear it with a solid white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, complete with a pair of sneakers. Simple but highly effective.

Customized flannel shirts that are shaped like jackets and have functional abilities equivalent to a jacket are available with top manufacturers.

Just remember, if you are not sure about what to wear with your flannel shirt, the best thing to do is avoid other patterns. Flannel has a strong appeal. Overdoing it will ruin the entire look. Tone down the rest of the attire to let the oversized flannel shirt cast its own charm. A simple trick is party up top, business everywhere else. Use your oversized flannel shirt well and impress all onlookers.

Retailers can contact the manufacturers of flannel shirts to make a bulk purchase at discounted prices.


3 Ways to Channel an Oversized Flannel Shirt for All Men



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