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3 Clothing Pieces That Work Absolute Wonders With A Flannel Shirt

For the last few seasons, many classic clothes, which were lost in the pages of time, have been revived. Some have raved the circuit, while some are yet to make a mark. But flannel shirts, unsurprisingly, have created the right amount of hubbub, enough to garner the attention of the enthusiasts and beyond.

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Flannel shirts are marked for their extreme versatility and flamboyance. Come on, it will be unfair to leave out the fact that flannel button downs work well with every other outfit on the planet. (Maybe it sounds exaggerated, but it is justified). It is this flexibility of theirs that makes them so popular, so sought after.

But just like t-shirts are synonymous with jeans, flannel shirts too have their allegiances. Want to discover more about it? Keep reading then.


Clothing choice 1: With a pair of jeans

Is there anything that a pair of jeans doesn’t work with? When you have two versatile pieces clubbed together, the result has to be staggering. Also given that flannel and jeans, when put together, creates the rugged grunge look, this combination is a must try for all the fashion forward millennial out there. Pick darker shades for both and use plimsolls to bring out the best of both. Wholesale flannel shirt in different colors is available with the best manufacturers out there.


Clothing choice 2: With a pair of chinos

Chinos act as a bridge between the smart and the casual. Tailored rendition of the same is conventional in a natural way; hence balancing the look is easier. While the flannel shirt stands out for its sharpness, the chinos will give direction to the ensemble. Team the ensemble in light colors for a more amplified effect, a pair of loafers is all you need to give definition to your personal style statement.


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Clothing choice 3: With a sweater

A V-neck sweater screams of the 1950s and flannel is, well, very old. When these two are combined in the right way, you can actually make a bigger impact on the onlookers. For the bottom wear, pick any of the above-mentioned pairs for both works well. The good boy vibe of the sweater is openly complimented (challenged) by the hippie image of flannel shirts. Go for contrast mishmash to render a nifty and well-kept appearance.


Thus, pick your clothes to match with the flannel shirt wisely. With all this information, your flannel shirt will soon become the hero of your wardrobe (if it already is not!).


Interested retailers can make a purchase of bulk flannel shirts in an array of shades that also vouch for comfort. Displayed in the catalog of the top manufacturers, discounts can be secured on bulk purchase.




3 Clothing Pieces That Work Absolute Wonders With A Flannel Shirt