This Fall, Wear You Flannel In Three New Unique Ways!

Since their inception in the 17th century, flannel shirts have managed to stay in the spotlight for all the right reasons. While it has elevated to become one of the most loved pieces in a man’s wardrobe, there has been significant twists and tweaks added to it as well. But they are the epitome of a man’s wardrobe. With fall approaching fast, it is only but obvious that it is the time they get all the attention. To make them attention worthy, here are three unique ways to wear them. Keep scrolling down to make some changes in your personal style statement.

One the street inspiration

Now, before you go on to make your own deductions, let us get clear about one thing- street inspiration is based on balancing the inclinations of the street with the subtlety of the general trends. Still confused? Well, it is about going cool but looking smart. Now, that is an easy rendition of the theory. With more and more fashion conscious millennial hunks opting for the supreme comfort of this ensemble, it is only but obvious that this particular styling combination finds a mention even on the most elite of the list. To pull off the street inspired sartorial combination, you need to team your flannel shirt with a pair of chinos. Most of us are suckers for a dark shirt and light bottoms, so that remains the choice of shades. Furthermore, complete the look with a pair of white plimsolls and throw over a green bomber jacket on top to not only keep yourself protected from the chilly fall winds but also to stand out everywhere you go.

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Strictly casual

With most of the lot turning to the street, which is basically combining the smart and casual together, focusing entirely on casual is just as important. When it comes to flannel shirts, this is the first combination that comes to our mind. But rather than going old-school textbook look, try for something different, something refreshing. Team your red flannel shirt available with wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers with a pair of knee length denim shorts. A little more casual, a little less grunge. A pair of sneakers and you will be good to go. The basic idea behind this ensemble is to provide utmost comfort without compromising on the style quotient. Also, with this attire, you can sport two of the most popular trends of the season- flannel and denim- together without looking flashy or funny.

For those conventional days

A flannel shirt is many things and it is definitely sharp when you need it to be. Flannel shirts bulk manufacturers know the full potential of flannel shirts and leave no opportunity to utilize it. For years, flannel shirts have been associated with the rough and grunge appearance, not paying heed to the other side of this extremely flamboyant piece of fashion. All you need is a red flannel shirt that you can wear under a perfectly fitted suit, in black! While the entire ensemble stands out as being conventional and smart, the appeal is truly stunning. Complement the attire with a pair of derby and a nice belt that will not only hold the clothes together but also add to the totality of the look.

Thus, which one are you planning to try out this fall?

Whichever one you opt for, remember to keep the attires simple. Let the flannel shirts work their charm on the onlookers, on the ladies! *wink wink*

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This Fall, Wear You Flannel In Three New Unique Ways!



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