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3 Killer Secrets of Top Clothing Distributors That You Always Wanted To Know

You saw so many apparel distributors making big money. It looked the industry is booming. So you decided, without much of the thoughts, to start a distribution company yourself—because why not!

Few months forward, you’re a clothing distributor. But only without the turnover that once gleamed your eyes. Reality is settling now. The industry is indeed booming. But that doesn’t guarantee high return if your move isn’t backed by the right strategies and overall approach.

The happy-to-go stories of successful apparel distributors don’t underline their core strategies. How are they reaching their clients, how have they priced their collection, who’s their partnering manufacturer and so forth.

flannel shirts wholesale distributors


We’ll spill some beans here…

Here are 3 killer secrets of top clothing distribution companies that you always wanted to know:

  1. They act according to the latest market trends

In this new age of doing business, it’s all about seizing the right opportunities at the right time to maximize returns. Top clothing distributors follow the same mantra.

Trendy flannels shirts are (still) making a lot of noise on the fashion scene, touting mass appeal among both women and men. They are red-hot in demand. So guess what type and varieties of wears the successful distribution companies are focusing more on these days?


They are striving to become the best flannel shirts wholesale distributors above all—because that’s what making them more money.

  1. They DON’T have the “top manufacturers” by their side

Everyone is claiming to be the ‘top clothing manufacturer’ these days—even the new market players. This is quite confusing not just for the distributors but also other business owners down the funnel—how to find the right manufacturer who’s truly good enough with quality collection and affordable pricing.

Top apparel distributors don’t run after the “best” manufacturers. They do their research thoroughly and find a partner that’s reputed and reliable with collection that matches their own long-term goals.

  1. They have a robust pricing strategy

Contrary to what many believe, pricing strategy plays just as a crucial role in the wholesale market as in the retail. In the wholesale clothing market, there are many segments with their own distinct needs, requirements and budget. Some strictly want best cheap flannel shirts, others are fine paying much higher for the same wears.

When you have a non-flexible pricing of your collection, not only are you letting go the opportunities to cut big profit margin but also are sighing away lots of prospect, long-term customers.

Top apparel distributors have a robust pricing strategy. They target different segments with different pricing. Plus they also effectively use discounting schemes to drive quick sales.

These are 3 killer secrets of successful clothing distributors. If you want to make just as much money as them, follow their paths and the journey ahead would be much smoother.


3 Killer Secrets of Top Clothing Distributors That You Always Wanted To Know


The Ultimately Gorgeous Ways to Embrace the Wholesale Men’s Flannel Shirts by Women

The flannel shirts have come a long way since the old age to today when fashion has become more dynamic. They are versatile and you can simply wear them to the college, to the mall, for office and even at the parties. Then why would you ever want to get enough of them? The flannel plaid shirts are basically timeless and no matter how much the world of fashion changes, you can always resort to them whenever you go through some sort of style conundrum. Just like we love to wear the big tees for the men, for comfy and funky attires, why not experiment with the men’s flannel shirts too? These can be turned into the ultimate boyfriend shirts, and you can get an array of casual yet careless looks!

Here are some of the best attires that can be created from the designer wholesale men’s flannel shirts crafted by the best designer manufacturing brands.

Flannel Shirts Bulk

Amp up your suede leggings

It is time to go out of the box, and try out the suede leggings instead of the same old synthetic and mesh ones. For any casual occasion, just wear the plaid flannel shirt with suede leggings, leather bracelet v-neck tee, vintage boots and a hat. This will give you a very novella and funky look.

The old school times

Do you want to go back to your school days and try out a very sweet and fun look with the men’s flannel shirt? You can wear any colored plaid shirt with sunglasses, a completing retro choker, guitar pick necklace,  a simple and casual crop top, denim circle skirt and boots. This will take you back to your old days!

The winter scenes

The beginning of the winter season is a very confusing time of the year when you don’t understand how to wear, and what to wear since its neither very cold or hot. For this, the plaid flannel shirt crafted by one of the reputed flannel shirts wholesale distributors will come to your rescue worn with tee shirt, beanie, chunky jewellery, velvet leggings and shoes with white laces.

The hipster shenanigans

Go for the hipster shenanigans as you wear the oversized and sloppy men’s flannel shirt with a complementary waistcoat, tights, shorts and long rising leather boots.  This is your ultimate look for road trips and even to the pool parties or while partying at the pubs. Check out the reliable retail stores that have flannel shirts bulk, and get the men’s ones in different options.


The Ultimately Gorgeous Ways to Embrace the Wholesale Men’s Flannel Shirts by Women


3 Clothing Pieces That Work Absolute Wonders With A Flannel Shirt

For the last few seasons, many classic clothes, which were lost in the pages of time, have been revived. Some have raved the circuit, while some are yet to make a mark. But flannel shirts, unsurprisingly, have created the right amount of hubbub, enough to garner the attention of the enthusiasts and beyond.

bulk flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are marked for their extreme versatility and flamboyance. Come on, it will be unfair to leave out the fact that flannel button downs work well with every other outfit on the planet. (Maybe it sounds exaggerated, but it is justified). It is this flexibility of theirs that makes them so popular, so sought after.

But just like t-shirts are synonymous with jeans, flannel shirts too have their allegiances. Want to discover more about it? Keep reading then.


Clothing choice 1: With a pair of jeans

Is there anything that a pair of jeans doesn’t work with? When you have two versatile pieces clubbed together, the result has to be staggering. Also given that flannel and jeans, when put together, creates the rugged grunge look, this combination is a must try for all the fashion forward millennial out there. Pick darker shades for both and use plimsolls to bring out the best of both. Wholesale flannel shirt in different colors is available with the best manufacturers out there.


Clothing choice 2: With a pair of chinos

Chinos act as a bridge between the smart and the casual. Tailored rendition of the same is conventional in a natural way; hence balancing the look is easier. While the flannel shirt stands out for its sharpness, the chinos will give direction to the ensemble. Team the ensemble in light colors for a more amplified effect, a pair of loafers is all you need to give definition to your personal style statement.


wholesale flannel shirt


Clothing choice 3: With a sweater

A V-neck sweater screams of the 1950s and flannel is, well, very old. When these two are combined in the right way, you can actually make a bigger impact on the onlookers. For the bottom wear, pick any of the above-mentioned pairs for both works well. The good boy vibe of the sweater is openly complimented (challenged) by the hippie image of flannel shirts. Go for contrast mishmash to render a nifty and well-kept appearance.


Thus, pick your clothes to match with the flannel shirt wisely. With all this information, your flannel shirt will soon become the hero of your wardrobe (if it already is not!).


Interested retailers can make a purchase of bulk flannel shirts in an array of shades that also vouch for comfort. Displayed in the catalog of the top manufacturers, discounts can be secured on bulk purchase.




3 Clothing Pieces That Work Absolute Wonders With A Flannel Shirt




Kurt Cobain’s Fashion Ideas Are Reinvented Today: From Flannel Shirts To Ripped Denims

Kurt Cobain might be no more among us today, but his persona still inspired the pop culture with music and fashion today. From his grunge clothing style to the unkempt haircut, the oversized fashion, everything has been reinvented at large by the fashion biggies today. Whether it is the classic touch or vintage fashion tweaks in the recent fashion circuit or more, his contribution is immense. His enshrined place in the fashion world will never be forgotten, and generations will remember him for bringing so much class and prep to causal dressing once upon a time.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

Though, the world of fashion has changed a lot today, and none will completely give up on their suited looks, but similarly, men and women are looking for exciting chances to look sloppy, careless and casual whenever they find such an occasion. Keeping this hidden desires in mind, the leading wholesale hubs and manufacturers are bringing in the style highlights that was once made popular by the legendary artist Curt Kobain.

From flannel shirts bulk to ripped denims, let’s have a look at his favourite outfits.

Everything Oversized and Sloppy

Slouchy silhouette was his aesthetic signature in the 90’s and today again the oversized style has been brought back with modern twist and contemporary edge.  From the sloppy sweatshirts to the tees, the shirts and the pants, or the sweaters, everything that is ill- fitted is in craze especially for the men.

The Distorted Jumpers

Kurt always gave way to the distorted or destroyed jumpers that might look odd but are very innovative even today.  This rockstar’s addiction to the sloppy, careworn, ripped and patched back knitwear is once again relevant today, and men are totally loving this style, especially the ones who love music.

The Ripped Denims

The 90’s grunge style brought in by this rockstar always imbibed in the love for the ripped denim pants. Today, once again, with grunge refurbishing in global fashion scene, we all can see how we are absolutely in love with the ripped and damaged jeans. The classic, sandblasted, washed-out, worn-in, ridden with holes, shredded and ripped denim pants are making a great fashion trend today too.

The Plaid Flannel Shirts

No matter how much the simple tees, or the formal shirts and the athletic stance have made a significant place in our closets today, but both men and women can never get enough of the flannel plaid shirts that are made of wool and cotton fine textured flannel fabric. This outfit style used to be the identity of the grunge fashion introduced by Kurt back in the 90’s and continue to reign supreme even today.   The flannel shirts today can be worn to parties, to beach and pool outings, as formal wear to office and also for weekends casual errands.  The reputed flannel shirts manufacturers are bringing in new styles every day.

Thus, be it the flannels by the flannel shirts wholesale distributors or the oversized clothing pieces, and ripped denims, Kurt Cobain still is present in our closets.


Kurt Cobain’s Fashion Ideas Are Reinvented Today: From Flannel Shirts To Ripped Denims

5 Essential Tips To Wear The Flannel Shirt 90s Style

90s were the time when flannel shirts reached their epitome of success before falling hard and disappearing for some time. If you want some inspiration, the follow some hardcore tips as it will help you make a lasting impression.

Lately, much articles have been published on Facebook which focuses on the “90s kids”. How they would relate to certain shows and movies; how they would understand certain fashion pieces (the choker for instance). All said and done, your Facebook wall might be full of such suggestions and ignorance might have become your favorite word, but one thing which surpasses any such propositions is the flannel shirt. Classic in its approach, flannel shirts are a piece of wonder. From Kanye West to Rihanna, the stars seem to be awe-struck with the flannel shirts as well. Even when the fashion industry has come a long way, flannel shirts have retained their place in the top echelons of the industry.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

It was actually in the 90s when flannel shirts saw the zenith of success. They reached new horizons with their stylish appeal and comfortable wear. The way they were adapted was worthy of all attention. But today, being a 90s kid (no offense) if you want to get back to the olden golden days by styling your flannel shirt accordingly, no one can really blame you. However, if you do not want to look like dufus, then here are a few tricks of the trade that will get you through. Keep reading them as they have been summarized as given below.

Trick no 1: Tie them around your waist. This is the closest you can get to replicating the 90s style. But tie around when wearing a hip hugger jean, not a pair of high waist shorts. It adds bulk while showing off the true potentiality of the flannel shirt. You can use a variety of shades that can be acquired from manufacturers selling wholesale flannel shirts.

Trick no 2: Another trick to dress your flannel like the 90s is to get an oversized one (one or two sizes larger than your original one). Look for one that hangs till your knees and covers your entire torso. The best part is you can style it anyway you want, with anything you like. They look nifty and cool. And since they bask in the 90s motif, it is a win-win situation.

Trick no 3: Flannel is a fabric, plaid is a pattern. Flannel can be solid; plaid on the other hand can be incorporated with any other fabric. So don’t feel like you have been tied to plaid when wearing flannel. The 90s was all about the grunge factor, and it has much to do with the fabric, flannel. Also, floral prints to stripes, flannel pretty much induced all.

Trick no 4: Flannel shirts which resonate a strong 90s vibe should look a bit worn out (though don’t try to fit in your high school shirt!). You can pick a shirt that wraps around your body perfectly and will feel merciful on your skin. The quality of the flannel matters.

Trick no 5: To carry off the 90s look perfectly, you need to learn that combination is the best thing you can do. If you go for an all 90s look, you will end up looking like a direct import from some 90s sitcom. Hence, permutation and combination. You can team your flannel shirt with leggings or slim fit jeans to appear like you are in control of your look.

So when wearing your flannel shirt the 90s way, make sure to apply the given tricks here and make the most of your appearance. Flannel shirts wholesale distributors have a number of button downs assembled as a part of their massive inventory that can be purchased in bulk by retailers while securing massive discounts.


5 Essential Tips To Wear The Flannel Shirt 90s Style

Men Can Swoon Over The Wholesale Denim Shirts in Different Stylish Ways

Talking about the impactful items for men’s fashion, we cannot definitely deny the importance that the denim fabric has been surfacing since time immemorial. The iconic jean pant or the chambray shirt, a man’s wardrobe is incomplete and drab without the quintessential denim outfits. This rugged and acid washed material calls forth for a number of style ideas, and the denim shirts have been capable of facing the toughest fashion challenges. With the stereotypical edgy stance, they have survived the onslaughts of time. With the capability to be turned into a number of attires, in a myriad of ways, the denim shirts exude practicality, versatility and a raw style statement that is irreplaceable.

wholesale denim shirts manufacturer

The wholesale designers and manufacturers have come up with a variety of cuts, and styles of the conventional denim shirts, with modish twist. This menswear essential can be found in the vintage silhouette, to the oversized sloppy design, and a lot more to come to one’s rescue. A part of both casual and formal wear, the chambray shirts mark the return of the classic times. Thus, if you are wondering on how to be a pro in wearing the wholesale denim shirts, here are some style ideas to fall for.

Turn into a layer

The sleek simplicity of the denim shirts can be used replacing the grunge flannel shirt. Get the off duty look with the chambray shirt worn as a layer unbuttoned, over a single colored tee or even a shirt for casual occasions. The darker denim on the top with lighter one as your bottom wear is an effortless way to play on the casual and easy going vibes.

Go smarty-sassy this holiday

Who said that only women have the right to be all chic and sassy for the holidays? The go to piece in the form of a denim shirt will end up adding a very smarty stance to your demeanour. The well fitted denim shirt and chino short combo, worn with Converse, sandals or Havaianas, will always work for the spring or summer holidays.

The rocker Beckham style

David Beckham has been the non-official spokesperson for the chambray shirts it seems, as he has mostly seen clad in the denim shirts for casual occasions. This vintage piece has been mastered by him in uncaring and unique ways. He is known for his famous way of tucking the chambray shirt: half the shirt tucked into the waist leaving the other carelessly.

80’s hint: The air tie

Get the youthful and retro vibe with the age old denim shirt for the formal and social occasions. Go ahead with wearing them with the dress shirts, the air tie is worn with skinny suits, denim shirts buttoned up and tucked in works best with earthly, natural tones like khakis or brown leather watches and belts. This can definitely be your attire for the office parties or even to the weddings and engagements.

Suit up with modishness

Get the chivalrous charm with the right amount of prep for the date nights and even for the meetings in office as you suit up the denim shirts. Wear them below the lighter cottons and also heavy tweeds to get the right contrast of textures, and get the structured or unstructured silhouette depending upon the occasion.

Semi-formal ensemble

Get the perfect semi-formal ensemble with the cardigan with prints, or the leather jacket and end up looking perfect. Thus, make the denim shirt acts as the statement piece.

Thus, get the variety of shirts from the denim and flannel shirts wholesale distributors, and look hip and happening.


Men Can Swoon Over The Wholesale Denim Shirts in Different Stylish Ways

4 Fabrics That You Need To Look Out For This Summer

The double digit temperatures are back (and we all are crying internally!). Hot days followed by uncomfortable nights are inevitable during the summers, but that necessarily does not mean you have strip off. You know the temptation to go down to vests and shorts work well at times, however, you cannot really wear that all the time (without being chased down the streets!). But clothing yourself from head to toe can be very unnerving when the temperature surges. For your better understanding, it is not about the clothes, it is about the fabric. If you get the fabric correct, you are golden!

flannel shirts wholesale distributors

So to guide you and help you understand the different types of fabric that are perfect for the summer, here is a list given below. Read on and make a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

Cotton: The hero for comfort

Cotton fulfils the three As of the fashion industry- adaptability, affordability and availability. It is the most commonly used natural fibre in the world and in the construction of clothes. The comfort that one can derive from wearing a cloth crafted with cotton, till date, remains unparalleled. Breathable, soft and light weight, its ability to be worn throughout the year, makes it one of the most sought after fabrics. And its usability when the temperature rises is supreme. Cotton t-shirts in simple textures and modest designs are the most commonly used clothing piece nowadays.

Flannel: The style icon

When it comes to picking a fabric that is purely based on style, flannel is the unbeatable champion. With its origin that leads us back to 16th century Scotland, the fabric was mainly used to craft shirts for the outdoor workers so as to protect them from the harsh cold. In recent years, flannel has been tweaked enough to make it a year round material, the principal approach of it to add panache to the wearer’s appearance has been much appreciated, cementing its position as a staple in our wardrobes. Custom flannel shirts, which are a slight variation from the original ones, come in a variety of colours that is extremely versatile (for it can be styled in a number of ways), deeming it perfect even when the temperature soars high.

Silk: An unadulterated extravagance

Silk is that fabric which lets you forget that you are wearing anything (well, not literally but figuratively because it’s very light). Though silk is not considered practical by many men for hot summers, it does provide much needed cool. When vouching for silk falls flat on the face (sometimes it can be really uncomfortable) and when all the arguments fail, remember one thing- it looks good. It looks too good actually. So hanging out with friends in a cool shaded place or maybe clubbing in the evening, a silk shirt in darker hues can be a good choice, if you are a stickler for fashion over everything else, functionality to be specific.

Linen: The fine wine

So linen, that funky fabric that our father’s wear when barbecuing or the one that mom uses to as curtain. But wait! Linen clothes? For summer? Yes, friend that is happening too. Another natural fibre that is tough and weighs like feather or maybe lighter (with no exaggeration), and has no match when it comes to wicking moisture, linen is too good to avoid. It is everything that cotton offers and it is everything that cotton does not offer. So it is practically everything that we want for our wardrobes. A linen blazer available in an array of shades worn during the summer is the most comfortable you can get, sharp and sexy.

That is it! The key to being relaxed while looking your best lies not in anything else but the fabric of the cloth. Cotton and flannel shirts wholesale distributors have a variety of them displayed as a part of their vast catalogue that can be accessed by the retailers once registered with them online. Discounts on bulk purchase are also obtainable.


How To Notch Up Your Flannel Shirts? Watch Out For Some Rocking Tips!

The grunge style inspired flannel shirts are back to the fashion scene today, and definitely creating a buzz amongst the fashion forward men and women. Comfortable, cosy, lightweight and embossed with the classic plaid patterns, these shirts are never going to fade away from the fashion scenario. Be it the casual look with a lot of junk accessories, or tucked into the formal trouser to reflect a very sombre look, there is an array of ways to wear these versatile shirts.

flannel shirts wholesale distributors

The leading manufacturers and wholesale hubs are adding the retail stores with the designer bulk flannel shirts and you can get them in a medley of colors, cuts, designs, silhouettes and a lot more details. Thus, pick the one that suits you, and notch them up using your personal style definitions.

Here are some of the ideas to spruce them up for a number of silhouettes.

Layer and More Layers

You need to consider the flannel shirts more as jackets, and less as shirts. The shackets trend is crazily followed, and the plaid flannel shirts come forward to help you in this. Juts add them to your tank top or graphic tee, or even to your single colored plain dress to add some innovative and different. This will allow you to exude a very interesting fashion stance effortlessly. The flannel shirts worn as jackets just should have some color coordination with your clothing counterpart.

Stick To Sneakers

No matter how you have dresses up (except for office), the flannel these days go best with the sneakers. This gives you a very athletic feel and definitely a scope to flaunt the athleisure style trend too. The sneakers in simple white, or single shades or even in neons and prints can be added to your flannel shirts, and look fiercely smart and tomboyish. The leading flannel shirts manufacturers are bringing in an array of flannel shirts to add to the retail stores, and they can be effortlessly coordinated with the sneakers.

The Long Pendants or Chokers?

The flannel shirts are generally very simple and plain, and for parties or travel scenes you need to deck them up with the accessories. This includes the long pendants and chokers that come in a variety of designs and colors. Apart from the usual modern long pendant neckpieces, the retro chokers are also very much trendy today, and can be done with the flannel shirts easily.

Thus, go to your favourite retail store and add the flannel shirts crafted by the reputed flannel shirts wholesale distributors to your closet.

4 Ways a Stylish Man Would Dress His Plaid Flannel Shirt

A man, who understands style, understands the significance of plaid flannel. And he understands that it can be exploited to create the best looks ever. Over the years, flannel has become the must-have piece of every man’s wardrobe, whether or not obsessed with fashion. It is a staple that has created hubbub in the industry for years. Even if the flannel is identified as stuff for the winters, designers have introduced enough tweaks to make it an all-weather item. Since summer is approaching and it is coming fast, here is mentioned a list of four looks, a la inspiration the fashionable men. Read on and use the flannel wisely.

flannel shirts wholesale distributors

The Laid Back Way

Flannel can be dressed in numerous ways, with each being something great and effective. And when it comes to the ways, a plaid is one of the most laid back clothing pieces available. So by exploiting the flannel shirt, tie it around his waist. Wear it with a simple t-shirt in white, a pair of denim and a jacket casually thrown over. The flannel shirt acts as an accessory which you can flaunt with all its glory. And to complete the look use a pair of combat boots. Talk about being breezy and effective.

The Night in The Club Way

Plaid flannel adds character to any other outfit it is combined with. This opens it to a new territory of possibilities. Match the denim that complements the tone of the plaid shirt, which you can pick from a flannel shirt wholesale collection. Tuck in your shirt and use a statement belt to elevate the outfit. Make sure that the shirt fits you well so as to highlight your stature. A bomber jacket thrown over casually will give you the edgy effect perfect for a night club. Shoes should be picked with care, for instance a boot will be a good choice to give a nifty finish.

The Out With My Mates Way

Wholesale flannel shirts as available with popular manufacturers are constructed to complement the casual occasions to say the least. When going out with friends, you really don’t care about the look, but surely want to make a good impression. And flannel shirt again is the top choice here. Wear your flannel button down under a solid cardigan (not the thick one though), with the collar standing out as the hero. Team a solid pair of chinos and sneakers to get an effortless finish. With this ensemble you will definitely turn some heads and for all the right reasons.

The Formal Way

If you thought that plaid flannel would dump you hard on your face when it comes to formal wear, well you are wrong. A flannel shirt has you covered when it comes to dress smart. Just the right incorporation and you will look smart (not Einstein smart, but just smart). Use a solid suit to cover the shirt, a tie to add conventionalism, a pair of oxfords for the last bit of fundamentalism and bam, you are done. In fact, if you are invested in a lighter colour of suit, it can work the charm for you.

A man, who understands style, understands the significance of plaid flannel. Dressing this amazing stuff is of absolute importance. Follow the above given tips to look sharp. Reputed flannel shirts wholesale distributors have a plethora of them displayed as a part of their vast catalogue that can be accessed once register with them. Retailers can buy them in bulk at cheap prices.

Make Your Flannel Shirts Styling a Stronger Game with Ace Fashion Tips

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The plaid flannel shirts continue to be the bona fide favourites of the fashion forward women, and they reign supreme in the global fashion scene. You can probably never get enough of them, and they intend to add spin to your wardrobes every time we buy a fresh lot. They might be same, but can never get old as you get innumerable tips and style ideas to get clad in them, be it for the glamorous party nights, the casual weekend errands or the office meetings.

flannel shirts wholesale

The leading flannel shirts wholesale companies are giving way to a multitude of plaid shirts, from the variety of cuts to shapes, colors and plaid patterns. You can wear them with exquisite jewelleries, or the best leather boots, the leather jacket, and much more.

Are you In a state of quandary, on how to actually style the plaid flannel shirts to get maximum comfort and fashionable stance? Here are some of the best silhouettes possible in the classic and timeless flannel plaid shirts.

The vest works wonders

When it comes to heading towards an important office meeting, you can think of considering the flannel plaid shirt for a very soothing and vintage look. Add the matching or contrasting vest to the flannel plaid shirt, and go for the slim fit formal trousers to get the most happening office going look. If you are not actually going to the office, then you can wear the embellished designer vest to spruce up the simple flannel plaid shirt to something outstandingly glamorous.

Under something sheer

Looking forward to get the utterly offbeat look? Go for the transparent or sheer shirt being worn over the check flannel shirt, and wear this with trouser, denim or skirt. This can easily be your party look, and can add the heels to the outfit to feel elongated and confident.

The sleeveless game

The flannel shirt can be worn under the sleeveless dress or with denim or cotton. This will be something different and interesting for the style conscious ladies, and add a lot of uniqueness to your wardrobe. You can also wear the flannel shirt under the short sleeved or sleeveless sweater, so that the check collar pops out for a dynamic edge.

Leather shenanigans

When you have to spruce up a simple outfit, leather can never go wrong. For this, the leather jacket, or the leather leggings, and the leather skirt will do justice. The flannel plaid shirt can be fused with the leather clothing pieces for the added dash of panache. Do not forget to wear the heels or boots with leathers.

Show off some skin

Add the plaid flannel shirt to your denim shorts or printed skirt, opened and knotted at the bottom. Wear the good looking sports bra or lace one under the shirt, and carry this look to the beach outing or pool party for the most sexy and sultry appeal.

With the crop tops

The crop tops are perfect for the hot summers, and when the temperature becomes chilly, you can still wear them with a twist. Add the flannel plaid shirt below the crop top, and pair this with the denims or skirts for the most kickass look ever.

As a dress

Go for the long sized and loose fitted flannel plaid shirt, and wear this as a dress with a slim belt cinched on the waist. With this, the thigh high leather boots would be perfect!

Thus, check out the reputed bulk flannels brands, and go for the best outfits.

Best Ways To Wear Flannel Shirts For A Grungy Look This Festive Season

Okay so let us be honest with each other. We all are pretty high on the hipster look that surfaced early during this year. If you are still not familiar with the idea of looking like a hipster then let us first delve with that. To begin with, this a sub-culture pop fashion which initiates an individual way to wear clothes that gives a rough and over the edge appearance. Plaid flannel, shorts, scarves, moto jackets are the staple for this look. So now you might recollect catching a few ladies sporting this style here or there. You might not be a big fan of the whole hipster chic fashion, but they are original and innovative. Trying them is a must as this look is here stay for some time. Hence, we have prepared a list of looks that you may want to try this year.

custom flannel shirts

  • A studded grey sleeveless top with a plaid flannel shirt thrown over like a jacket and a pair of cut out shorts can be the first look to try. A pair of fringed gladiator sandals and retro sunglasses can help you look classy. You can plaid your hair to highlight more of your silhouette. For accessories, pick a clutch and some junk bangles to stand out any casual gathering during the day.
  • The second look is about keeping it simple. A modest and plain white t-shirt tucked in with a black high waist jean can look natural. You can wear the flannel shirt over with the buttons flying open, for it will add volumes to your appearance. Adding a pair of combat boots and vintage satchel will lend you the advantage of making a distinct impression.
  • Looking for something a little bit more formal? Then the third look is perfect for you. A custom flannel shirt teamed with a pair of tailored pants and knitted cardigan will be the best pick for the occasion. A pair of knee length boots will keep your feet comfortable and protected from the snow and frost. An oversized bag and a knitted beanie can be the best pick for accessories.
  • If you want to look feminine, then tuck a plaid shirt with a flared skater skirt in darker tones. A sheer stocking with a pair of pumps at the end can complement the uber sexy outfit. Wear a chunky neckpiece and carry a sling to add bling to this ready to party dress.
  • The next look will give you the perfect hipster appearance. Team a black crop top with a green plain tartan and distressed jeans. Slip into a comfortable pair of trainers to complete your look. Add embellishments like a scarf or a knitted beanie to look spontaneous and unprompted.


Stand out this festive season by opting for any of the aforesaid looks. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with prominent manufacturers which can be purchased in bulk by retailers who are looking to update their store collection.

10 Style Tips To Rock The Flannel Shirt Look

Wearing of flannel shirts is associated with outdoor activities owing to their insulating qualities. They are extremely stylish and gorgeous, and make a perfect pick for the colder months of the year. It has become a staple among the fashion buffs and is preferred by the mass alike. They are versatile and can be worn in a million ways. However, you want to overdo your plaid flannel look as they have a strong character of their own and can potentially ruin your presence. Thus, here is a list of 10 guidelines that can help you dawn a flannel shirt effortlessly.

flannel shirts manufacturers

A tried and tested look, you can wear your flannel shirt over a pair of slim fit jeans and knee length boots for a cute casual appearance. You can tuck in the shirt and accessorise with a colourful belt for a well-defined look.

Combine your flannel shirt with a knitted scarf and beanie to protect you from the chilly winds. Pair with a ripped jeans and gladiator heels to stand out in the crowd.

To add a touch of fun to your look, team your flannel shirt with tights and ankle length boots. Slip into a fur jacket and let the ensemble work its charm in any casual gathering you attend.

Wear your plaid shirt as a cardigan over a casual graphic tee or a jersey. A pair of slim fit jeans and sneakers can make you ready as a spectator for a football match.

You can opt to show some skin by tucking in the tartan shirt with a skater skirt. Add bling to your look with a chunky neckpiece and garner compliments by wearing ballerina on your feet.

You can impress everyone at an official meeting by wearing your plaid shirt with formal trousers and a vibrant jacket. Carry an oversized bag and aviators for a definitive appearance.

Add layer to your flannel look by wearing it with tailored jeans and sleeveless quilted jacket. Wear a pair of pointed boots to look chic and graceful at any casual gathering.

For a simple yet classy look, wear your plaid shirt under a solid sweater that will keep you comfortable when the temperature drops. Slip into a pair of jeans and knee length boots that will render you ready for an evening get together.

Experiment with your fall look by wearing a classy summer dress with a flannel shirt. Finish the ensemble by combining it with a pair of ankle length boots and fish net stocking. Accessorise using an oversized satchel and a beanie for the perfect day look.

Give off the 90s vibe by tying your flannel shirt around the waist when wearing a skater dress or a flared dress. Pair it with funky sneakers and wear a choker to carry off this quirky style.

So be it your friend’s birthday party or a coffee date with your significant other, flannel shirts manufacturers have accumulated a wide range of these products in an array of shades that will surely add to your delight.

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