Time To Reuse The Old Wholesale Flannel Shirts And Bring Them To Everyday Life

We all have some old clothes that are stashed into the corner of the closets that we do not use anymore. Similarly, we all have the vintage fallen plaid shirts that need to be replaced by something new. But can you get rid of this classic piece completely? You can definitely think of some bombastic ideas and keep the flannel shirts to yourself in some novel way.  Wondering how? Well, you always have the DIY art to try your hands in, or take some help from someone, and completely refurbish the old and useless flannel shirts, and bring it to use on in daily life.

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The flannel shirts is something you are sure to absolutely be head over heels with, but just don’t feel like wearing anymore. Now your love for this piece will never allow you to discard this, turn it into a rag or give it to someone, will it?  This is your perfect chance to recreate it, and make something really fabulous out of it.  Here are some of the exceptionally impeccable and modish ways to reuse the wholesale flannel shirts.

The cuff bracelets

Do you love the shimmering and flashy accessories to complement your clothes and carry a very holistic fashion approach?  What about the colourful and smart cuff bracelets for your single colored shirts to get a much required twist? Juts wrap a piece of the flannel shirts on a wooden or plastic bracelet, and you get something fresh and new. Be it your simple and plain denim shirts, or formals and casuals, you can team them up top get a makeover.

Something for your dog

Do you love pets and the doggy at your home means a lot to you? Time to prep them up with a very stylish dog coat made of flannel shirt.  The plaid design fused with the warmth of the flannel fabric will be great for them in the winters. Stitch the flannel plaid shirt along with the collar and pockets, and dress up your dog properly.

Some interior decor

For your table or kitchen, you can replace the old pale and dull napkins with the colourful check flannel ones.  Spruce up the entire feel of the interiors by cutting the flannel shirts in any way or shape you want, and lend some comfort to the gusts too.

The hand warmers

In the chilling colds of the winters, it becomes difficult to keep the discomfort out of your hand.  You can stich the flannel wholesale shirts into little hand warmers and keep your hand away from the cold, as flannel is a very snug and warm cosy material to go for.

The spicy headband

For the kids in your family or friends, or even for yourself, you can team up the simple and plain dresses with DYI flannel headbands.  Cut the rectangular strip from the shirt, and stich the corners according to the size and shape of your head. The check flannel headband would add some funk to any single colored attire of yours.

The iPad cover

What about carrying your iPad everyday fashionably instead of just putting it into your bag?  Just cut the old flannel shirts according to the size and shape of the IPad or IPhone, and stich the three ends properly.  The soft, smooth and warm, thick flannel fabric will keep the devices safe, and add a very stylish twist to them effortlessly.

As the retail stores buy flannel shirts in bulk, you too get more options to have in terms of the vintage pieces.


Time To Reuse The Old Wholesale Flannel Shirts And Bring Them To Everyday Life