What You Need To Know About MOQ

If you are a new business owner dealing with shirts and have a dream to succeed and make a mark in the industry, you would need to connect with one of the best wholesale shirt manufacturers. However, before you go on and reach out to one, you should first know about MOQ. It’s the most crucial part of the apparel business.

MOQ is basically an acronym. It stands for ‘’Minimum Order Quantity’’. It’s the minimum order quantity that you can order from a manufacturer. And, it’s also the minimum order quantity needed by the manufacturer to take your order of production.

In the fashion industry, most clothing makers are known for generating apparel in bulk amounts, so when a business owner or retailer approaches them, they need them to place an order of their specified MOQ.

Every Manufacturer Comes With Their Own Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

You will find tons of clothing manufacturers and suppliers in the fashion industry and each of them comes with their own MOQ. This MOQ is based on the clothing manufacturing procedure, manufacturing facility industry size, kind of production quality, and the manufacturer’s capability to handle orders. While for some manufacturers, the MOQ could be as large as 1000 pieces per design, for some, it can be as small as 100 pieces per design. Every apparel maker comes with their own set of rules based on certain conditions and their capacity for fulfilling orders. Are you a private label business owner going through this blog and wondering where to achieve unusual, top-notch quality private label clothing wholesale? Hurry! Connect with an established USA-based private label clothing manufacturer now!

Is MOQ Dependent On The Product?

The MOQ is also based on the kind of product that business owners need from manufacturers. While some clothing line is easy and quick to work with, some is a bit complex and need a longer time to generate.

What kind of clothing item you want to generate also makes a huge difference. For example, a handmade clothing line needs additional care and is suitable to generate in lower quantities. On the other side, some kind of clothing lines need automatic machines to process and generate apparel.

So, the type of clothing line you want to generate has quite an impact on the MOQ.

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