All About The Classic Men’s Striped Shirts

Versatile, timeless, and universally flattering, for decades, men’s striped shirts have been a men’s staple. Coming in a huge variety of colors and styles, they are a superb choice for any gentleman’s closet. Whether you wish to go for a smart casual vibe or want to opt for the ultimate formal look, there is a striped shirt to suit every style.

If you always had a thing for striped shirts and want to get some exciting and crucial information about them, continue reading.

When the Striped Shirts Were First Seen?

Striped shirts are a thing of the past. Yes! They have been around for centuries with the earliest known instances dating back to the 16th C. At that time, these shirts were largely worn by fishermen, sailors, and other working-class men who were looking for a clothing piece that was both long-lasting and functional. Bright and bold often, the stripes helped the wearers stand out in the crowd.

It was not until the 19th C that striped shirts finally made it into the mainstream. Stripes started to mean leisure and only wealthy men sported them while relaxing at home or while out on their yachts. They were very much loved by the upper classes who linked them with status and wealth.

In the 20th C, these shirts became a favorite among men of all classes. The style was embraced by the ‘greaser subculture’ in the 1950s with young men flaunting them as a part of their rebellious, tough life.

Today, in the 21st C, from the office to the beach to the bar, striped shirts can be seen everywhere.

Striped Shirt Styles That Are Ever-popular

Hairline Striped Shirts– Hairline stripes are very thin. Just like the name, they are roughly the size of human hair. As the stripes are not only small but placed very closely together, a shirt featuring such stripes can look like a solid-colored shirt from afar.

Pinstripe Shirt– In a pinstripe shirt, the stripes are the width of a pin. They display a thin, dash-like line made of one or two shades alternately. The distance between each line is pretty wide.

Vertical Striped Shirt– Vertical stripes are often seen in men’s formal shirts and they add visual interest to an ensemble. Usually thin and coming in a variety of colors, they can make you look thinner and taller.

Horizontal Striped Shirt– Going across, horizontal stripes are mostly used in casual shirts. They can give a very prim and proper look to the wearer. Coming in a variety of colors, the stripes can be thin or thick. These shirts can make your upper body look wider.

Bengal Striped Shirt– The Bengal stripe is a two-color vertical pattern most often showcasing an even ¼’’ alternating stripe. Commonly found on a white base, they sit on the bolder end of the stripe spectrum. Also known as the tiger stripe, its roots stem from Bengal. These stripes were once flaunted proudly by the Bengal Lancers.

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The Iconic Celebs’ Cool Striped Shirt Looks

James Dean

Do you remember the handsome James Dean who appeared in movies like East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, etc.? In the 50s, he made a whole lot of clothing pieces super popular and that included the striped shirts. In a movie scene, the guy looked beyond cute in a Breton-striped shirt.

Kurt Cobain

If you want to learn how to make a preppy classic striped shirt look surprisingly edgy, you can follow in the footsteps of Kurt Cobain. The musician definitely knew how to style one.

Garry Grant

In the 1955 thriller/romance, To Catch a Thief, the actor looked dashing in a black and white busy striped shirt, blue trousers, and a pair of tan brown loafers.

How to Wear a Striped Shirt Like Roger Moore Aka James Bond

Though other actors also went for the style on occasion, Roger Moore was the man who sported the striped shirts the most. If you want to look like him, follow the tips given below:

  • Also known as the Butcher stripes, when Moore wore the candy stripes on the sets of Live and Let Die, with the three front buttons open, it was such a sight. Copy the style with formal trousers and you will be ready for any casual party.
  • Moore made ladies forget how to breathe when he appeared in a pencil-striped shirt in Octopussy. You can wear this dressy stripe with a suit or a blazer.
  • Moore flaunted the huge overwhelming awning stripe with ease in Street People and you can as well. Just make sure to wear it with a blazer instead of a suit jacket.

Choosing a Striped Shirt

To get hold of the best striped shirt, you need to consider three important things:

  • First, you need to consider the event. While a bold striped shirt looks great on casual occasions, a subtle striped shirt works smoothly on formal events.
  • Next, consider the fit of the shirt. If the fit is wrong, you won’t feel comfortable and your entire ensemble will look shabby.
  • The last one is often overlooked. It’s important to consider the color as well. Go for something that not only complements your skin tone but also goes with a variety of clothing items.

Should You Wear Stripes With Stripes?

Now, this is a question that many people ask and the answer is YES! You can wear a striped shirt with other striped clothing items. It’s perfectly acceptable. All you need to remember is, the stripes on each clothing piece should be of a different width. You don’t want the viewer to get confused or you appearing too clumsy and busy, do you?

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Events and Occasions Where You Can Rock Striped Shirts

A Business Meeting– For a business meeting, a formal striped shirt is a great choice. To look your best, opt for a shirt that displays subtle, thin stripes.

Casual Fridays– A staple of the modern office wardrobe, it’s perfect for those days when you want to look smart but not casual, i.e. the casual Fridays. By choosing a short-sleeved striped shirt, you can achieve a smart look that still looks professional.

On The Beach– Whether you are flying somewhere tropical or are on a staycation, a striped shirt is a cool way to show off your unique style on the beach. You can go for a striped shirt crafted out of linen to remain ultra cool.

Date Night– Opt for a striped shirt like the button-down Oxford for a casual date night. Go for a classic color like pink or blue for sure.

Cocktail Parties– As they offer you a bit of an edge while still looking fashionable, striped shirts are an amazing choice for cocktail parties. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you can opt for a shirt with interesting colors and bolder stripes.

Are Stripes in Fashion in 2024?

Yes, they absolutely are, especially the pinstripes. In fact, they are very much trending right now. They are back in all shades and sizes for those who love them.

With all the knowledge on striped shirts, style them with your other favorite clothing items, and get ready to impress the ladies around you, gentlemen!



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