7 Reasons Why We All Love The Good Old Flannel Shirts

When in 16th century Scotland, the farmers started wearing the tartan plaid button ups, little did they know that the clothing piece would become so popular, and would retain their place for the next almost 4 centuries. With no fault in their creation, and much of their principal design being recollected, flannel shirts have become the most sought after piece of clothing in the fashion industry. But what makes flannel so popular? From farmers to cowboys, lumberjacks to grunge pop stars on stage, everyone loves them. So what is it about the flannel?

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To answer these questions, a few points have been summarized and given below. To know more, read on.

Dress up or dress down, works for all

Want to wear them plain and simple or team with a sleek leather jacket, flannel shirts can blend well with other outfits. And plus point, without much effort either.

Casual to formal, accepted just about every where

Yes, this is a point that needs to be highlighted. Tartan plaid flannel has a tendency to work well for most situations, be it wearing it in a conventional way or giving it the complete grunge approach. Match them with the correct outfits and the result will be stellar.

Oh, and the colours

Another factor that contributes towards the popularity of flannel is the wide variety of shades and textures they come in. black, red, blue, green, yellow, white, multiple colors incorporated together, you name it and wholesale flannel shirts have it all. The plaid is complemented by the perfect incorporation of the hues.

Comfort, you just name it

Have to beat the harsh cold winds, flannel shirts work well. Summer heat is bringing you down, flannel shirts are there to your rescue. So they are for all season and all weather. The use of quality fabric makes them a comfortable wear, lending a soft touch against your skin even when you wear them for a long period of time.

Grunge is legit

Remember the time when pop stars would wear flannel shirts to the stage? Yes, we all loved that. And when every old trend has been coming back, it only seems right that flannel shirts be brought back to the fashion circuit as well, making all those ruggedness legit again. Wait, but they are already back!

For a cooler appearance

Okay, without a shade of doubt, flannel shirts are imperturbable. Their ability to add that cool status quo to your appearance is unobstructed and will remain so for at least the next few decades! Wear them with a pair of jeans and you are done. Get ready to be complimented.

Easy on the pocket

Flannel shirts are easily available as they are in super demand right now. They are further easy on the pocket and doesn’t cause a fortune to buy. Added to that, their durability helps them endure constant wear and tear, giving them a long life. So cheap flannels in bulk can be found with reputed manufacturers at discounted prices, making them a noteworthy splurge.

Need say anything more? That covered all! So flannel-ing!

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7 Reasons Why We All Love The Good Old Flannel Shirts




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