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This Fall, Wear You Flannel In Three New Unique Ways!

Since their inception in the 17th century, flannel shirts have managed to stay in the spotlight for all the right reasons. While it has elevated to become one of the most loved pieces in a man’s wardrobe, there has been significant twists and tweaks added to it as well. But they are the epitome of a man’s wardrobe. With fall approaching fast, it is only but obvious that it is the time they get all the attention. To make them attention worthy, here are three unique ways to wear them. Keep scrolling down to make some changes in your personal style statement.

One the street inspiration

Now, before you go on to make your own deductions, let us get clear about one thing- street inspiration is based on balancing the inclinations of the street with the subtlety of the general trends. Still confused? Well, it is about going cool but looking smart. Now, that is an easy rendition of the theory. With more and more fashion conscious millennial hunks opting for the supreme comfort of this ensemble, it is only but obvious that this particular styling combination finds a mention even on the most elite of the list. To pull off the street inspired sartorial combination, you need to team your flannel shirt with a pair of chinos. Most of us are suckers for a dark shirt and light bottoms, so that remains the choice of shades. Furthermore, complete the look with a pair of white plimsolls and throw over a green bomber jacket on top to not only keep yourself protected from the chilly fall winds but also to stand out everywhere you go.

wholesale flannel shirts

Strictly casual

With most of the lot turning to the street, which is basically combining the smart and casual together, focusing entirely on casual is just as important. When it comes to flannel shirts, this is the first combination that comes to our mind. But rather than going old-school textbook look, try for something different, something refreshing. Team your red flannel shirt available with wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers with a pair of knee length denim shorts. A little more casual, a little less grunge. A pair of sneakers and you will be good to go. The basic idea behind this ensemble is to provide utmost comfort without compromising on the style quotient. Also, with this attire, you can sport two of the most popular trends of the season- flannel and denim- together without looking flashy or funny.

For those conventional days

A flannel shirt is many things and it is definitely sharp when you need it to be. Flannel shirts bulk manufacturers know the full potential of flannel shirts and leave no opportunity to utilize it. For years, flannel shirts have been associated with the rough and grunge appearance, not paying heed to the other side of this extremely flamboyant piece of fashion. All you need is a red flannel shirt that you can wear under a perfectly fitted suit, in black! While the entire ensemble stands out as being conventional and smart, the appeal is truly stunning. Complement the attire with a pair of derby and a nice belt that will not only hold the clothes together but also add to the totality of the look.

Thus, which one are you planning to try out this fall?

Whichever one you opt for, remember to keep the attires simple. Let the flannel shirts work their charm on the onlookers, on the ladies! *wink wink*

Manufacturers of bulk flannels have the best shorts displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk while securing massive discounts.


This Fall, Wear You Flannel In Three New Unique Ways!


The Ultimately Gorgeous Ways to Embrace the Wholesale Men’s Flannel Shirts by Women

The flannel shirts have come a long way since the old age to today when fashion has become more dynamic. They are versatile and you can simply wear them to the college, to the mall, for office and even at the parties. Then why would you ever want to get enough of them? The flannel plaid shirts are basically timeless and no matter how much the world of fashion changes, you can always resort to them whenever you go through some sort of style conundrum. Just like we love to wear the big tees for the men, for comfy and funky attires, why not experiment with the men’s flannel shirts too? These can be turned into the ultimate boyfriend shirts, and you can get an array of casual yet careless looks!

Here are some of the best attires that can be created from the designer wholesale men’s flannel shirts crafted by the best designer manufacturing brands.

Flannel Shirts Bulk

Amp up your suede leggings

It is time to go out of the box, and try out the suede leggings instead of the same old synthetic and mesh ones. For any casual occasion, just wear the plaid flannel shirt with suede leggings, leather bracelet v-neck tee, vintage boots and a hat. This will give you a very novella and funky look.

The old school times

Do you want to go back to your school days and try out a very sweet and fun look with the men’s flannel shirt? You can wear any colored plaid shirt with sunglasses, a completing retro choker, guitar pick necklace,  a simple and casual crop top, denim circle skirt and boots. This will take you back to your old days!

The winter scenes

The beginning of the winter season is a very confusing time of the year when you don’t understand how to wear, and what to wear since its neither very cold or hot. For this, the plaid flannel shirt crafted by one of the reputed flannel shirts wholesale distributors will come to your rescue worn with tee shirt, beanie, chunky jewellery, velvet leggings and shoes with white laces.

The hipster shenanigans

Go for the hipster shenanigans as you wear the oversized and sloppy men’s flannel shirt with a complementary waistcoat, tights, shorts and long rising leather boots.  This is your ultimate look for road trips and even to the pool parties or while partying at the pubs. Check out the reliable retail stores that have flannel shirts bulk, and get the men’s ones in different options.


The Ultimately Gorgeous Ways to Embrace the Wholesale Men’s Flannel Shirts by Women


Kurt Cobain’s Fashion Ideas Are Reinvented Today: From Flannel Shirts To Ripped Denims

Kurt Cobain might be no more among us today, but his persona still inspired the pop culture with music and fashion today. From his grunge clothing style to the unkempt haircut, the oversized fashion, everything has been reinvented at large by the fashion biggies today. Whether it is the classic touch or vintage fashion tweaks in the recent fashion circuit or more, his contribution is immense. His enshrined place in the fashion world will never be forgotten, and generations will remember him for bringing so much class and prep to causal dressing once upon a time.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

Though, the world of fashion has changed a lot today, and none will completely give up on their suited looks, but similarly, men and women are looking for exciting chances to look sloppy, careless and casual whenever they find such an occasion. Keeping this hidden desires in mind, the leading wholesale hubs and manufacturers are bringing in the style highlights that was once made popular by the legendary artist Curt Kobain.

From flannel shirts bulk to ripped denims, let’s have a look at his favourite outfits.

Everything Oversized and Sloppy

Slouchy silhouette was his aesthetic signature in the 90’s and today again the oversized style has been brought back with modern twist and contemporary edge.  From the sloppy sweatshirts to the tees, the shirts and the pants, or the sweaters, everything that is ill- fitted is in craze especially for the men.

The Distorted Jumpers

Kurt always gave way to the distorted or destroyed jumpers that might look odd but are very innovative even today.  This rockstar’s addiction to the sloppy, careworn, ripped and patched back knitwear is once again relevant today, and men are totally loving this style, especially the ones who love music.

The Ripped Denims

The 90’s grunge style brought in by this rockstar always imbibed in the love for the ripped denim pants. Today, once again, with grunge refurbishing in global fashion scene, we all can see how we are absolutely in love with the ripped and damaged jeans. The classic, sandblasted, washed-out, worn-in, ridden with holes, shredded and ripped denim pants are making a great fashion trend today too.

The Plaid Flannel Shirts

No matter how much the simple tees, or the formal shirts and the athletic stance have made a significant place in our closets today, but both men and women can never get enough of the flannel plaid shirts that are made of wool and cotton fine textured flannel fabric. This outfit style used to be the identity of the grunge fashion introduced by Kurt back in the 90’s and continue to reign supreme even today.   The flannel shirts today can be worn to parties, to beach and pool outings, as formal wear to office and also for weekends casual errands.  The reputed flannel shirts manufacturers are bringing in new styles every day.

Thus, be it the flannels by the flannel shirts wholesale distributors or the oversized clothing pieces, and ripped denims, Kurt Cobain still is present in our closets.


Kurt Cobain’s Fashion Ideas Are Reinvented Today: From Flannel Shirts To Ripped Denims

Clothing and Accessories to Look Best With Sizzling Flannel Shirts Crafted By Wholesalers

You do it in the grunge dude style, or the lumberjack way, or even the pure unadulterated feminine way, flannel shirts are versatile and unisex in nature and hence they must be stacked in every wardrobe. Carrying a vintage vibe, these shirts are funky to look and go well in different occasions seamlessly, be it the party nights, casual strolls; you wear it in the sloppy way or in a hot and appealing stance. Warm , soft and super trendy, they can be worn in woolen flannel for the fall and cotton for the summers and because of the celebs and models sporting them again and again, new ideas contrastingly brew up in the global fashion scene, to help the fashion -forward women to get a number of amazing silhouettes.

Flannel Shirt Wholesale

The leading flannel shirt wholesale companies are crafting the flannels shirts in a wide array of designs, plaid patterns, cuts and demeanors. The right clothing pieces and accessories would be perfect to accompany them, and we will get you covered with such pieces to help you get the best ensembles.

With High Rising Boots and Denims

Nothing can stop you from looking chic and haute in flannel shirts , and when it is about slipping into the oversized flannel shirt crafted by a top-notch mens flannel shirts wholesale company, for the grocery shopping or lunch outings, you are definitely going to rock any silhouette. Wear this with narrow fit denims and long rising boots, which help you get mannish vibe, diminishing the sloppiness of the oversized structure of the shirt.

Knit Scarf for Fall Shenanigans

When there is a date lined up in the evening and you are in no mood to dress up owing to the chilly weather condition outside, the only outfit you could think of is the red and black vintage flannel shirts. Team up the flannel shirt with a white or black tank tee, paired with leggings, boots and the knit black scarf.

Gown Gets an Edge For A Social Dinner

Do you loved your ruffled cocktail gown, but wondering to wear it in a different way this time? Get it going for a social dinner outing, with chunky chandelier ear-rings, a top-knot hairdo, and wear the dark colored flannel shirt from above .Look like a magic in this and get all eyes rolling on yourself!

Doubled Up Prints For Casual Strolls

For the casual strolls and outings, wearing a flannel shirt might be a little boring, and hence you can try out the double print style. You can try out a bobby printed shirt with a plaid patterned flannel shirt, teamed with black trouser to get a very unique appeal.

Flannel and Leather Combo Looks Exotic

The classic poise of flannel and the exoticness of leather outfits can bring out the best style essence, and this is possible when you, mix and match both of them in accurate proportions. For the party nights, ditch the usual party outfits and try out wearing a flannel shirt tucked into a mini leather skirt, teamed with high rising heeled booties and get ready to hot the dance floor.

Brunch Outings with Sweater and Collar Neckpiece

The winter brunch outings can be completed with   a sweater layered above a flannel shirt, and the chunky collar neckpiece for a classy look!

With the wholesalers sprucing up the retail stores with flannel shirts bulk items, choosing your preferred ones has become easier!

Styling Tips for Boys and Girls to Look Anything but Hipsters in Flannel Shirts

What is there to not love about flannel shirts? They’re comfortable, versatile and warm! OK there are guys who dread those lumberjack and hipster jokes and girls who absolutely hate looking anything but girly! But these shirts have come a long way from such associations and if you are still one of those handful few who haven’t yet jumped on the flannel bandwagon yet, then here are a few tempting tips for you…because we know you secretly always wanted to try one!!

Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

Let’s Talk About the Guys First…

First let us clear one thing: have you ever seen a lumberjack who doesn’t look rugged and HANDSOME? None!! But okay wholesale flannel shirts today are available in such fabulous styles, colors and patterns that will make you look anything but a lumberjack. Guys can keep it simple and let the plaid shirt do the rest. Simply wear it over a tee and keep it unbuttoned or button it up and throw on a super trendy leather jacket. As for the bottoms, a pair of straight-fit jeans or even wide-legged trousers will make contemporary gents look bang-on trend! For Kurt Cobain fans, you don’t really need much style tips but for those who want to keep it light, casual and laid-back, flannels is the best option to go for.

Now, Girls…Let’s Be Flirty!

You must be thinking: flannels and flirty? Yeah, we get it. You probably have a hard time just making it look feminine enough to go with your personality since these shirts evoke something like country music, farming or even yard work and you probably cannot imagine them making major fashion statements. But follow the simple style tips that we have rounded up for you and your flannel shirts bulk will go worlds further.

Bring out those high-waisted shorts. Showing some skin and flaunting those sexy legs will immediately bring out a flirty touch. Complete the look by tucking the shirt in and rolling up the sleeves. Or you could also tie the bottom ends in a knot high up on your stomach to show some mid-section love. Or you could wear a tank top tucked in the shorts and just loosely throw the shirt on, unbuttoned.

The key is in accessories. Pile up on thin bracelets and maybe a dainty necklace with a delicate chain. Pop the collar up and leave maybe the first button or two unbuttoned.

Pair up tank tops featuring intricate shoulder detailing or look for tees with girly cuts and metallic sheen to be paired up with the flannel shirt.

Avoid: oversized jeans, cowboy boots and hats.

Flannels being back on trend…waiting, they were never gone!! Stock up on the latest styles of flannel shirts to make the contemporary fashion lovers super happy. Get in touch with top-notch flannel shirts wholesale distributors and avail awesome package deals and discounts on bulk order.