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Top 5 Flannel Shirts To Get You Ready For Fall

Flannel shirt fashion was at its peak in the 1990’s with the rage of popular grunge bands like the Pearl Jam and Nirvana, to flaunt a shaggy look as their trademark. The craze of these plaid flannel shirts is back to be the best fashion-sense for the bleak winters to look brighter. Quite often misunderstood with any plaid or tartan pattern shirts, but the flannel fabrics have their own identities, typically made in soft woven fabric from carded wool or worsted yarn. No matter where you draw your inspiration from, this quirky cozy button down is the easiest way of looking haute and high in fashion in winters. A renowned manufacturer with wholesale flannel shirts can be your ideal shopping destination when you plan to order in bulk.

Find out the top 5 ways of styling with the classic flannel shirts.

 1. Team it with the leather jackets and boyfriend jeans

Button up the flannel shirts or tie it around your wait pairing it with the bright and bold flannel shirt for an awesome combination. If you trust the universe of the fashion, this will be your favorite piece of this season.

 2. Ombre Flannel Shirts:

Get a classic royal blue faded shade ombre flannel shirt for a stunning chic appeal. You fold the sleeves casually, and leave it un-tucked. While you keep the style factor simple and sober, the iconic ombre hues do the high fashion job effortlessly.

 3. Layering with flannel shirts

Fall trends involve a lot of layering, so why not make it the style mantra and use flannel shirts as a cool layer? Leave the shirt unbuttoned, while you expose your favorite basic print top from the summer wears.

 4. Knee High boots and flannel shirts

Open your shoe cupboards, take out your knee high booties that you stacked in the last row, because time has come to let your fears go, and use the sexy long riding boots with the smart skinny jeans. Leave the buttoned up flannel shirts open for a casual yet casual street style smart in a snazzy way.

 5. Loose and big Flannel shirts with uber-girly dress

If you don’t want to buy one then steal the flannel shirt from your boyfriend and pair it with your sexy uber chic dress, for awesomely interesting combination. This will give a sensational vibe and your boyfriend will totally love it.

These good flannel top are versatile and easy to wear. Pick few of these master pieces for attractive novel styles from a top manufacturer and feel incredible comfort. Try adopting some of these formulas for the flannel shirt and you might be totally surprised with the all new charm of this gloomy winter.