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Styling Tips for Boys and Girls to Look Anything but Hipsters in Flannel Shirts

What is there to not love about flannel shirts? They’re comfortable, versatile and warm! OK there are guys who dread those lumberjack and hipster jokes and girls who absolutely hate looking anything but girly! But these shirts have come a long way from such associations and if you are still one of those handful few who haven’t yet jumped on the flannel bandwagon yet, then here are a few tempting tips for you…because we know you secretly always wanted to try one!!

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Let’s Talk About the Guys First…

First let us clear one thing: have you ever seen a lumberjack who doesn’t look rugged and HANDSOME? None!! But okay wholesale flannel shirts today are available in such fabulous styles, colors and patterns that will make you look anything but a lumberjack. Guys can keep it simple and let the plaid shirt do the rest. Simply wear it over a tee and keep it unbuttoned or button it up and throw on a super trendy leather jacket. As for the bottoms, a pair of straight-fit jeans or even wide-legged trousers will make contemporary gents look bang-on trend! For Kurt Cobain fans, you don’t really need much style tips but for those who want to keep it light, casual and laid-back, flannels is the best option to go for.

Now, Girls…Let’s Be Flirty!

You must be thinking: flannels and flirty? Yeah, we get it. You probably have a hard time just making it look feminine enough to go with your personality since these shirts evoke something like country music, farming or even yard work and you probably cannot imagine them making major fashion statements. But follow the simple style tips that we have rounded up for you and your flannel shirts bulk will go worlds further.

Bring out those high-waisted shorts. Showing some skin and flaunting those sexy legs will immediately bring out a flirty touch. Complete the look by tucking the shirt in and rolling up the sleeves. Or you could also tie the bottom ends in a knot high up on your stomach to show some mid-section love. Or you could wear a tank top tucked in the shorts and just loosely throw the shirt on, unbuttoned.

The key is in accessories. Pile up on thin bracelets and maybe a dainty necklace with a delicate chain. Pop the collar up and leave maybe the first button or two unbuttoned.

Pair up tank tops featuring intricate shoulder detailing or look for tees with girly cuts and metallic sheen to be paired up with the flannel shirt.

Avoid: oversized jeans, cowboy boots and hats.

Flannels being back on trend…waiting, they were never gone!! Stock up on the latest styles of flannel shirts to make the contemporary fashion lovers super happy. Get in touch with top-notch flannel shirts wholesale distributors and avail awesome package deals and discounts on bulk order.