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Get Your Stripes on this Season to Stay Fashionable

Contemporary guys are all about expressing their style and they are open to experimenting with more than just solid colors. Though, a lot of them often worry that bold colors and patterns might just look a little over the top. Forever popular, strives are a fabulous option as they are conservative while also allows the wearers to separate themselves from the crowd clad in solid white or blue t-shirts.

Striped T Shirt Wholesale Supplier

The striped t shirt wholesale style is pretty easy for most guys to effortlessly pull it off but yet there are certain rules to keep in mind when wearing stripes.

Choose Vertical Stripes

When choosing between the kinds of stripes to wear, there are generally two options: vertical or horizontal. Horizontal stripes are the more fashionable option, with a few exceptions. These can be difficult as they might make you look like a Sesame Street character or Waldo or a jailbird. Whereas, vertical stripes carry less negative connotations, unless of course one is a Red Sox fan.

Vertical stripes are great because they give one the illusion of looking taller and hence, a perfect choice for those who are vertically challenged but a big NO-NO for those who are already tall. They also tend to look a few pounds less! But for those who are already tall and have great features, horizontal stripes are what you need!

How Thick Should the Stripe Be?

Once the type of stripes to buy is settled, it is time to consider the width of the stripes. If it is a t-shirt, then thick stripes, be it vertical or horizontal, look absolutely amazing but when it comes to shirts, the thinner the better. Be all out adventurous with the width of the stripes on the tees but try to keep it low on shirts.

Contrasting Color is a Big NO!!!

When wearing stripes right, color plays a crucial role. One should never wear it with contrasting colors and should steer clear of combinations such as red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow and so on. Complementary hues and tones work best with stripes and even better when it is teamed up with neutral colors.

Stripe on a Stripe? Let’s Find Out!

Previously, fashion purists might have balked at the idea of teaming up striped shirt with pinstriped trousers but times have changed and so have fashion. Now teaming these two up is stir up quite a rage!!

Striped tees are a huge craze among women too because they are so versatile and just perfect for a smashing summer look. It can be so easily teamed up with solid colored or floral printed shorts and skirts. An absolute wardrobe staple is what these t-shirts have grown to become. By contacting reputed stripped t shirt suppliers, you can add these beauties to your expansive inventory today!

Styling Tips for Boys and Girls to Look Anything but Hipsters in Flannel Shirts

What is there to not love about flannel shirts? They’re comfortable, versatile and warm! OK there are guys who dread those lumberjack and hipster jokes and girls who absolutely hate looking anything but girly! But these shirts have come a long way from such associations and if you are still one of those handful few who haven’t yet jumped on the flannel bandwagon yet, then here are a few tempting tips for you…because we know you secretly always wanted to try one!!

Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

Let’s Talk About the Guys First…

First let us clear one thing: have you ever seen a lumberjack who doesn’t look rugged and HANDSOME? None!! But okay wholesale flannel shirts today are available in such fabulous styles, colors and patterns that will make you look anything but a lumberjack. Guys can keep it simple and let the plaid shirt do the rest. Simply wear it over a tee and keep it unbuttoned or button it up and throw on a super trendy leather jacket. As for the bottoms, a pair of straight-fit jeans or even wide-legged trousers will make contemporary gents look bang-on trend! For Kurt Cobain fans, you don’t really need much style tips but for those who want to keep it light, casual and laid-back, flannels is the best option to go for.

Now, Girls…Let’s Be Flirty!

You must be thinking: flannels and flirty? Yeah, we get it. You probably have a hard time just making it look feminine enough to go with your personality since these shirts evoke something like country music, farming or even yard work and you probably cannot imagine them making major fashion statements. But follow the simple style tips that we have rounded up for you and your flannel shirts bulk will go worlds further.

Bring out those high-waisted shorts. Showing some skin and flaunting those sexy legs will immediately bring out a flirty touch. Complete the look by tucking the shirt in and rolling up the sleeves. Or you could also tie the bottom ends in a knot high up on your stomach to show some mid-section love. Or you could wear a tank top tucked in the shorts and just loosely throw the shirt on, unbuttoned.

The key is in accessories. Pile up on thin bracelets and maybe a dainty necklace with a delicate chain. Pop the collar up and leave maybe the first button or two unbuttoned.

Pair up tank tops featuring intricate shoulder detailing or look for tees with girly cuts and metallic sheen to be paired up with the flannel shirt.

Avoid: oversized jeans, cowboy boots and hats.

Flannels being back on trend…waiting, they were never gone!! Stock up on the latest styles of flannel shirts to make the contemporary fashion lovers super happy. Get in touch with top-notch flannel shirts wholesale distributors and avail awesome package deals and discounts on bulk order.

Menswear Trends to Watch Out For in 2016

If you thought that only women get a taste of new fashion season after season, you are certainly wrong. Men are equally interested about fashion and the latest runway shows just proves that the contemporary gents are not far behind! They have really come a long way from being lazy and laid-back to actually working on their appearance and giving the fashionistas a run for their money when it comes to raising the temperature! Here is a round-up of the trends that 2016 is going to vouch for and retailers should be taking notes if they want to seriously impress the fashion lovers.

Men Clothing Wholesale Distributors

Men Have Warmed Up to Prints…

…and not just any kind of prints – floral and other botanical prints. Silk shirts featuring such prints are considered to be a lush addition to any man’s wardrobe and it can really spice things up. The runway is a proof that men can equally carry this trend as effortlessly as women! Hurry up and stock up on this by getting in touch with reputed bulk clothing suppliers.

Green is Huge!

Over the past few seasons, green seems to have made a huge comeback and has made a comfortable place in the closet be it in the form of bomber jackets, trousers, shirts, shorts or even shoes! A quick tip for tackling this trend would be to opt for a slight hint of color rather than going full on green!

A Soft Spot for Navy

Navy is such a classic color that it will never be out of style! So, do not be afraid to add a heavy dose of navy to your product inventory. Get navy denims, trousers, jackets, shirts and tees in bulk because this versatile color is simply perfect for all season and looks great with almost anything.

Men Want Their Legs to Breathe!

That intense love for skinny shaped bottom-wear is found to be disappearing and the new-found love seems to be wider-legged jeans and trousers. These pants are comfy, airy and honestly, look super great on all shape and size of men. What’s there to hate about them?! To add them to your existing inventory, holler to any of the top-rating wholesale clothing suppliers today!

Distressed Jeans – Back with a Bang!

Just when you would think that the era of the distressed denims is over, they make a grand appearance on the runway and prove that they are super stylish and always will be. These denims are spot-on for a casual summer look!

To give the latest trends a whirl and to check out some more clothing items that are in vogue right now, contact leading men clothing wholesale distributors. Place bulk order if you want to avail the best deal!

3 Best Flannel Shirts Looks for Women in 2016

Flannel shirt may continue to be an off-duty style, but you can still wear it to the office and date nights with as much panache as you would do with a fashionable slip dress or little black dress. Just like our most beloved denim jeans, this can certainly become another wardrobe staple that may be styled in different ways whether it’s winter or just the beginning of spring.

Flannel Shirts Manufacturers

Biker hipster appeal

Unlike in winter when you could wear your plaid shirt tucked into a pair of jeans, in spring you can simply tie it around your waist while throwing in a white plain tee and matching it with denim shorts. Now go for those ankle booties and round sunglasses to top off the look. You can also try layering a biker jacket when heading out to a pub at night and channel the hipster vibe anytime.

To rev up their stocks retailers must also buy flannel shirts in bulk and place their orders at a well known manufacturing hub online.

Out and out grunge

Grunge may have been a 90’s style craze but you can go down the memory lane and add a modern twist to your entire outfit by simply working your flannel shirt over a plain white t-shirt or fringed top, teamed with a pair of colored pants in blue, black or dark green. But if it seems too hot to carry off this look, then throw the shirt around your waist and complete the look with aviators and sporty shoes.

Mash-up of tomboyish and feminine charm

Heading out to an evening party? Then create a contrasting appeal with a navy blue slip dress worn with a black and red checkered shirt tied around the waist. Now pump up the look with an edgy pair of moto boots and sling bag.

However, there are many online flannel shirts manufacturers that offer different checks and colors like blue and white, green and black of plaid shirts that can go with different types of dresses. So mix and match and bring out a tomboyish yet feminine appeal.

Things You Should Know about Plaid Shirts and Some Celebrity-inspired Styling Tips

We all have some misconceptions about flannels, for instance they are essentially meant for winter and the lumberjacks. Did you know that there is a distinct collection of lightweight, cotton flannel shirts that can be worn throughout the year, even during a hot summer day? There are many online clothing manufacturers who have been constantly experimenting with new styles and fabrics of flannels and coming up with incredible options to meet the growing demands of their customers. So here we have presented some tips and info about the new styles of flannel shirts.

Cheap Plaid Shirts Manufacturer

Year round plaid shirts

Since flannel is popularly known for colder months, it is important to unload your wardrobe of thick and warm flannels and rather introduce soft and lightweight cotton, cheap plaid shirts which will enable you to enjoy the hot and humid summer and spring with utmost comfort and breathability. In fact wearing a lightweight plaid shirt over a basic tee with buttons open ads to the fuss-free look.

Check out the unusual ones

Originating in the 80’s and popularised by Kurt Cobain and Paul Banyan, flannel has come a long way and undergone a great transformation to give something to every fashion forward man and woman. So if you are contemplating on experimenting with your looks, explore the bright and vibrant colored shirts with smaller or bigger checks. You can also find the ones with innovative patterns, embroideries and different motifs that can certainly turn your casual to dressy appeal.

Rock the trendy ombre shades

Be it for your office or an evening party, you can simply turn this off-duty style to a casual yet formal one with a flannel shirt in ombre shades of light and dark blue which can be paired with boyfriend jeans and stilettos or sneakers, based on your preference and purpose.

Retailers must get in touch with their online manufacturers to stock up on wholesale plaid shirts.

Some style inspirations from celebrities

Since flannels have been sported by many celebrities in the recent years, you can definitely learn a few styling tips from them. Can’t you? Take a look.

Taylor Swift

Whether it is for a promotional event of her upcoming album or going around the town, Taylor Swift pulls off her purple and red plaid shirt with dark blue jeans and black ankle boots with much aplomb. She has incorporated other colors like white, blue, red and black with light weight fabrics into her wardrobe and sports them in different places.


The singer has been recently spotted in her blue and white checks that she teams with a grey leather skirt with a front slit and black pointed booties. But you can also wear your ombre shaded plaid with denim shorts and sneakers when you are going for shopping or a pool party.

Types Of Dress Shirts Designed By Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Every Man Must Own

The general belief that men have limited range of options when it comes to their clothing is now just a notion, as the fashion statements and style quotients for men are soaring high with the designers lending more options to them with new trends being introduced every now and then. Though the right shirt is the cornerstone for a mane’s wardrobe, but there was a time when men would only stick to the white or the boring flannel dress shirt. Toda, the complete rotation with the classic colors, and heavy dose of new deigns and patterns are needed, as this would call for poised attire at the office meeting or for the fancy dinner date. Though fashion is temporary and style is timeless, there will be eternal dress shirts which will help you to get the desired looks for any occasion.

Men Clothing Wholesale Distributors

The top-notch men clothing wholesale distributors are crafting the polished dress shirts for the men to add spin to their closets:

Classic White

Whether for a barbeque party or to the office meeting with a black tie, seldom is there any occasion when you would not ask for a classic and polished white dress shirt? Channeling professional look can be completed with a black tie and white trousers with black and whereas the party ensemble is possible with a vest and tie, or even without a tie, teamed with a denim pant or chino. Thus, a white shirt is essential for your closet to give a professional and fuss-free demeanor, to moderate sober and elegant appearance, calling for high-end versatility and flexibility!

Soothing Blue Shirt

Be it the light blue color or the Caribbean royal blue, blue shirts almost go well with any other piece, be it in black or brown. For the powerful looks apart from the office come when you matchup a blue shirt with something in mustard gold, green or red. Slightly less formal than white, the blue colored shirts have an elegance which is different to look at!

Shirt with Contrasting Colored Collar

If you want a powerful dressing option is terms of dress shirts, then go for something with contrasting tone. Leading a viewer’s eye towards the face with the appeal of the collar in a different hue, these dress shirts also come with a contrasting cuff pr pocket color too. When you are choosing the tie with them, remember it suits both the body and collar or pocket or cuff color properly.

Go Stripey in a Dress Shirt

whether you choose chevron, pencil, Bengali, Breton, striped shirts made by the wholesale clothing suppliers have a classy silhouette. Perfect for going to office teamed with a plain and single colored blazer, bold and neat stripes on single colored shirt looks great. Striped shirts flatter your figure with elongated height and looks good with suit and tie get-ups.

Funky Checkered Shirt

When it comes to plaid patterns, we get the feeling of monotonousness. But there’s a myriad of check patterns, from madras, graph check to gingham, tatters all to tartan introduced by the bulk clothing suppliers. If you want something in casual, then go for bigger sized checks in multicolor, and for formal poise, settle down for small and single colored checks. The bold plaids can be teamed with contrasting colored suits or denims for balanced ensemble.

Chic Ensembles In Striped Shirts and T-Shirts For This Summer

Be it the Breton or the Varsity, one thing which will never go out of fashion is the craze about stripes. Striped tee or shirt is a wardrobe staple since old times, and maybe we haven’t worn it since long and is stacked in the closet, but would you mind wearing it this summer’s? With minimal designs and easy-breezy feel, the striped tops come with a quirky, yet smart appeal and can be worn from the gym to the party with oomph and confidence. Dressed up for office or dressed down for casual stroll, it is difficult to deny the simple charm they hold, and stripey has not changed at all in the recent years owing to their stylish essence and versatility. It is time to reinvent the old striped top out from your collection and incorporate to any outfit you would want. If you don’t have one, pick up the best in any cut or style from the newfangled range of wholesale striped t shirts designed by the top-notch manufacturers.

Wholesale Striped T Shirts Manufacturer

We will lend you ideas to play with your striped tee in different ways:

Leather and stripes make a wild combination

Get yourself some peppy and fun feeling with a bold ensemble in a black and white half sleeve striped tee, tucked into a short leather skirt, with animal printed clutch and heels! This can be your perfect attire for the weekend crazy parties!

Back to school days with renewed innocence

Try out an innocent get-up with a striped tee teamed with a   cotton or leather overalls in cream or grey color. Is it for the fall or summer, this attire will give a polished look but with an edge? Be it the suede slip-on or the ankle bootie, both ways will lend you the much needed finishing, with a red neck tie completing your look!

Colorfully elegant at the brunch scene

You can get a vibrant appeal added to your monochromatic striped demeanor with a silky long statement skirt adorned with funky patterns. The mixed prints of abstract patterns and smart stripes speak for a graceful and preppy appearance, whereas the single colored strappy heeled sandal makes this your favourite outfit ditching the body con dress!

Strict yet off-beat formal dress code

Make your striped shirt or even a t-shirt feel and look more professional as you team it with a cropped trouser in any dark color like maroon or blue or black and layer it with a structured blazer and slip-on loafer for the most sophisticated office silhouette.

Travelling with a stripey feeling!

Make stripes your companion while you head to the mountains this summer to beat the heat! Wear a striped tee with a polka dotted simple shorts and pair it with a parka jacket and a lace-up espadrilles for the carelessly careful poise!

Tomboyish and feminine gets a mishmash

Let your maxi shirt get a tomboyish flair at any evening outing with a striped tee and a leather moto jacket!

Shirt or dress?

Get hold of a striped shirt dress or an oversized striped shirt and wear it simply with a belt like a dress for casual appeal at the weekend coffee meets! You can go for ay colored piece from the range of wholesale striped shirts at the retail store, be it multicolored one, or simple black and white one!

Men’s Flannel Shirts: Tricks And Celeb Style Ideas

Be it the Lumberjacks, Classic Hollywood starlets and 90′ grunge fashion to the recent A-list actors, hipsters and preppy teens, flannel plaid shirts have become the wardrobe mainstay. Though plaid is always not flannel and the vice versa, still, the warm and heavy flannel fabric seems incomplete without the chequered patterns, be it the classic tartan, or the newest hounds tooth, tatterstall, windowpane, madras. With an idea of the western cowboys busy at work, or the red ones relating to the 90’s grunge music, flannel often have been associated with a hint of monotonousness and boredom attached to them. But, can we do away without loving the classic styles? If we want to keep vintage styling of grunge and alternative music intact in present scenario, we also need to play with ideas to do this unique piece of clothing.

Wholesale Mens Flannel Shirts Supplier

There is no denial of the fact that the fashion-conscious men love doing wholesale mens flannel shirts, highlighting their toned physique and flaunting various style quotients for different occasions. We will get you covered with few tricks to get the perfect fashion statements in these flannels:

Simplicity is the other name at the weekend parties
While dressing up in flannels made by the flannel shirts wholesale distributors for the weekend parties, remember that carrying a simple attire would be perfect , as looking dressy always doesn’t make you a fashionista. Plaids add character to shirt and pant combo and you do not need to overdo yourself. Instead of trying too hard, go for a casual appeal and express your individuality with a simple loose fitted flannel shirt teamed with a rugged denims and proper shoes.

Do not really wear it at the bike rides (chuckle!)
Do not wear it? We mean, instead of properly wearing a plaid flannel shirt, just tie it casually around your waist. Throw your tee, with leather jacket and a beanie cap, with your stylish edge getting a finishing with the flannel shirt around your waist. Make sure that the combination complements your demeanor, choosing the right color scheme.

Use it as a layer or layer it at coffee-meet up with mates
What about a cheeky get up with a solid colored pullover with a plaid shirt? This would be a polished and decent ensemble as you would wear the plaid flannel below the sweater. Now, for the funky vibes, layer a flannel shirt over a tee!

Look fancy and mod at wedding with a blazer
Look graceful in a flannel shirt for a cocktail or cruise party or a wedding night, layered with a blazer and a bow for adding finesse to your attire!

Let’s peep into the best 3 celeb style ideas in flannel shirts:

Tom Cruise
While promoting his movie Mission Impossible in New York, Tom Cruise was seen wearing a flannel shirt at a show. He addressed the public wearing a grey and black flannel shirt teamed with a light black colored jeans. The bulk flannel shirts crafted by designers come in many subdued colors like these to entice the flannel lovers.

Justin Beiber
While performing for the Ellen show in 2015, Beiber wore a sleeveless yellow and black funky flannel shirt.

David Beckham
On Esquire cover, Beckham flaunted a red and blue combo flannel shirt over a white tee effortlessly!

Types of Red Tops No Woman’s Wardrobe Must Miss Out On

You might have a wardrobe stuffed with a lot of dresses, shirts, tees and trousers and have a wonderful fashion sense, but when it comes to doing the tops rightly, there are certain key pieces which shouldn’t be missed. Yes, we are talking about the very essential ladies red tops, which come indifferent cuts and shapes and add class and elegance to your closet with perfect finishing. Red, the color of feminine poise and beauty, must not end to graceful dresses but should also extend into the arena of tops like t-shirts, shirts and blouses for the perfect gym to party ensembles. Every trend must be taken for a test-drive and hence, your closet should not miss on the essential red tops which will change your appeal from sporty to chic in no time!

Ladies Red Tops Supplier

We will help you get covered with the most essential red tops for ladies, which will notch up your fashion statement double the meter:

A Red Bobby Printed Peplum

To lend polish and femininity to your demeanor, from casual strolls or party nights, a lady like red peplum top adorned with bobby prints will be perfect. Be it with a pencil skirt or a t trouser or even a denim pant, this top will lend you the much needed casual exquisiteness when you are in no mood to wear a dress. Peplum has the efficiency to make you look slimmer or curvier, the way you would want it!

A Red Silky Elegant Blouse

Be it to the easy-breezy sorts or the winter cozy denims, the silky blouses ooze with versatility. Wear a red silky button down blouse to work or to the party with a camisole and keeping the front buttons open, both the ways will reflect your style stance with poise and grace, and a hint of sensuousness. For the night around the town scenes, choose a red sliky blouse with transparency in fabric!

Lace Fun in Crimson Red

We all know that lace and eyelet tops have been creating a stir in the fashion scene and hence, a red lace top will look trendy and chic for the weekend plans! With minimal accessories and a sleek silhouette, you can throw them with denim cut off pants or leather skirts and reflect a preppy appearance!

A V-Neck Red Tee to Sweat Out in Style

For your gym classes in the morning, it is time to ditch your neutral colored active wear with some addition of red. Team up a red V-neck half sleeve tee with track pant or shorts and get ready to sweat out in oomph and enigmatic charm!

A Red and Black Striped Three-Quarter Tee

We know how stripes are important in our wardrobe, and hence, among the red tops for women doing a red-black combo striped tee is must! You can wear it with a flowing maxi skirt or the denim shorts, for the gallery opening event at evening or at the beach in the morning! These can one of the best basics for your style quotient!

A Handy Red Camisole

For the layering with coats, blazers, even shirts, a camisole is needed. What about one in red? Select on any contrasting toned outerwear and layer them over this red camisole for the perfect casual or formal ensemble!

Hiring A Dropship Clothing Service? We Will Tell You How And Why

Shirts being one of the universally accepted staple outfits, remain in demand all throughout the year. Thus, the online retail stores which want to specialize in the clothing category of shirts face high-end competition in the market and hence, they may face hurdles in their business. Then what might be the solution? This is when the leading dropship clothing UK and USA companies come into the scene to kick start your venture, by not only enabling a smooth a running of the business, but also increasing sales and elevating profit margin of your company. Keeping in mind the financial crisis, market competition and stock sourcing issue which the retail stores often face, these dropshipping services acts as a catalyst to manage their stock, simplifying the shipping process and synchronizing the whole business plan with ease.

Apparel Dropshippers

Now, before hiring such a service, you might be feeling alien to the services they offer and why they are highly beneficial. We will get you covered with their benefits:

No investing on warehouse

When you hire a dropshipper for your brand new retail store specializing in the category of shirts, there is no fuss involved in looking for a warehouse to stack all your products at a single place. This huge investment is efficiently dodged as the dropshipper you choose will directly send your products to your customers after manufacturing them in their own warehouse. This helps to tackle financial constraints and also lessens burdensome hassle which might pose a problem to your new business.

Eliminates stock management hassle

If you go towards a plan for having your own inventory, then that will definitely call for a real- time inventory management practice, involving strong software programs and professional marketing pros, with a strong sense of the subject. But, while you go the dropshipping way, there will be no hassle of stock management at all as the dropshipper will take care of your stock and inventory.

No shipping hassles at all

If you want to stay away from the problems of delivery and shipping, then the wholesale clothing dropshippers are for you. Choose the best one as it will look after the shipping nuances and the order and their fulfillment will be taken care of by the company itself. Also, as they deliver the products to your customers, they will also look after the order tracking problem and the status of products delivery.

More options in terms of product

The wholesale dropshipping companies always have a wider range of outfit variety, which will help you to entice the customers as they will always hunt for novelty and uniqueness in terms of everyday essential shirts.

Guide to choose a dropshipper:

Search for a credible name

For the best service, a refined search and background checking is highly essential. From online keywords which the search engines Google, and Yahoo provides to wholesale directories which collate a detailed information and the internet classified ads , every option must be explored.

Terms and conditions

Before finalizing on any name, , go through the terms and conditions, their legal features, and obviously the return policies which generally differ from company to company.

Check the payment facilities

While you would want to hire the best among the well-known apparel dropshippers, to avoid any financial fuss, check their payment facilities while making future transactions.

Types of Plus Size Tops Every Full Figured Women Must Have

Plus size women often go though the issue of looking into the wardrobe and contemplating on the outfit which would not end up giving her hundreds of negative feedbacks owing to their curvy figures. But, the remedy has been made available by the designers crafting the basic wardrobe staples   with newfangled array of wholesale plus size womens clothing . Though maxi dresses and jumpsuits are a part of their everyday dress code, can you deny the fact that tops or shirts with denims give you the most comforting silhouette? Keeping this preference in mind, the wholesale companies have introduced sizzling range of tops and shirts for these full figured women so that their denims and trousers can get a stylish edge too. In the global fashion scene which is witnessing a continuous style evolution, you do not need to worry about your looks and go with the “too glam to give a damn” approach!

Wholesale Plus Size Womens Clothing Manufacturer

Crisp camisoles

A lovely fashion piece which can go with any other outfit, camisoles come with sleek lace trimmings these days for an innovative stance. For office scenes, go for a camisole in color blocking with an outerwear, and for the pool parties, settle down for prints with which you can complement your shorts.

Versatile tanks

If you are looking for something which is both versatile and fashionable for your casual days, to formal meetings and gym sessions, tank tops become the right choice. Keep a black and white tank top in your closet which can be worn for laid back strolls , or used as slips under blazers at office a, whereas the cotton ones can keep you comfy at the workout session.

Easy-breezy t-shirts

Wardrobes are never complete without t-shirts. If you want a casual dressing style, then any colored tee will look good with denims, whereas for a party look, get it teamed with a skirt and add bold accessories for a vibrant appeal. For the curve women, neck styles like V-neck, crew or boat neck can be successful to keep the body silhouette proper.

Cozy turtlenecks

For the fall, turtleneck tops can prove to be your best companion. Choose something in bright color and go for the one which enhances your assets with amazing line and length.

Classy silk shirt

Silk satin shirt will give you enough reasons to look sophisticated! Wear it with a suit for formal occasions or with skirt for parties, anyway will double up your style quotient. The leading wholesale plus size clothing suppliers are crafting them in humongous styles, colors and designs.

White button down shirt

If you want to look great effortlessly, a white button down shirt will tone down your curves and offer a solution for any occasion easily.

Oversized Boyfriend Flannel Shirt- A Trendy Variety Often Overlooked!

The market of flannel shirts is enormous. With top manufacturers introducing new custom varieties every other day, the demand of this trendy top is peaking even further. And it is this market enormity that often confuses the bulk buyers and they make some mistakes; mistakes like bulking the wrong variety of wholesale flannel shirts, or even overlooking a variety that is basically trending well in the market.

Bulk Flannel Shirts Manufacturer

Boyfriend flannel shirts- trending for a while in women’s department

Few would have thought that girls wearing their boyfriends’ shirts just casually or when needed would one day become a global trend. So much so that there would be manufacturers who would specially make and offer their custom bulk. But this is true today. There are few top manufacturers these days who are offering a wide variety of these boyfriend flannel shirts.

The features

Not as much with their looks than their overall size that these boyfriend shirts are recognized for. In fact, in color combination and patterns, they are much like normal flannel. It is their large and baggy size that distinct them from other varieties.

Note, their large size might have been a cause of trouble years back comfort-wise, not today. Renowned manufacturers these days take special care about the quality of their bulk flannel shirts. Made using dri-fitted fabrics, these shirts are much lighter in weight with high breathability and coziness. So even with their large size, these boyfriend flannel shirts are very comfortable to wear; comfortable even in summer heat.

That casual look when paired up with denim bottoms and wrapped watches

These boyfriend shirts ooze of awesomeness. Their large size gives them the much adored and hailed casual feel. They are perfect for any informal occasion or as a lifestyle wears. Although they can get along with a range of bottoms, it is the denim- particularly shorts- that bring out their real charm. And when accessorized lightly with standard varieties of wrapped watches or even cuff bracelets, anyone can look uber stylish and causal in these shirts quite effortlessly.

Red-Black plaid rule even this sub-niche

Red and black color is the most popular combo for bulk flannel shirts. So unsurprisingly they are the foremost choice even with the boyfriend flannel shirts. So when buying your wholesale, choose this variety or any variety for that matter that is trending in the market. Other popular color combinations include blue and black, red and white, and green black.

So contact a good manufacturer, and bulk up from collection. And when confused with the customization option, stick to standard and popular varieties of these boyfriend wholesale flannel shirts. They are all very high in demand today.