Oversized Boyfriend Flannel Shirt- A Trendy Variety Often Overlooked!

The market of flannel shirts is enormous. With top manufacturers introducing new custom varieties every other day, the demand of this trendy top is peaking even further. And it is this market enormity that often confuses the bulk buyers and they make some mistakes; mistakes like bulking the wrong variety of wholesale flannel shirts, or even overlooking a variety that is basically trending well in the market.

Bulk Flannel Shirts Manufacturer

Boyfriend flannel shirts- trending for a while in women’s department

Few would have thought that girls wearing their boyfriends’ shirts just casually or when needed would one day become a global trend. So much so that there would be manufacturers who would specially make and offer their custom bulk. But this is true today. There are few top manufacturers these days who are offering a wide variety of these boyfriend flannel shirts.

The features

Not as much with their looks than their overall size that these boyfriend shirts are recognized for. In fact, in color combination and patterns, they are much like normal flannel. It is their large and baggy size that distinct them from other varieties.

Note, their large size might have been a cause of trouble years back comfort-wise, not today. Renowned manufacturers these days take special care about the quality of their bulk flannel shirts. Made using dri-fitted fabrics, these shirts are much lighter in weight with high breathability and coziness. So even with their large size, these boyfriend flannel shirts are very comfortable to wear; comfortable even in summer heat.

That casual look when paired up with denim bottoms and wrapped watches

These boyfriend shirts ooze of awesomeness. Their large size gives them the much adored and hailed casual feel. They are perfect for any informal occasion or as a lifestyle wears. Although they can get along with a range of bottoms, it is the denim- particularly shorts- that bring out their real charm. And when accessorized lightly with standard varieties of wrapped watches or even cuff bracelets, anyone can look uber stylish and causal in these shirts quite effortlessly.

Red-Black plaid rule even this sub-niche

Red and black color is the most popular combo for bulk flannel shirts. So unsurprisingly they are the foremost choice even with the boyfriend flannel shirts. So when buying your wholesale, choose this variety or any variety for that matter that is trending in the market. Other popular color combinations include blue and black, red and white, and green black.

So contact a good manufacturer, and bulk up from collection. And when confused with the customization option, stick to standard and popular varieties of these boyfriend wholesale flannel shirts. They are all very high in demand today.