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Men’s Flannel Shirts: Tricks And Celeb Style Ideas

Be it the Lumberjacks, Classic Hollywood starlets and 90′ grunge fashion to the recent A-list actors, hipsters and preppy teens, flannel plaid shirts have become the wardrobe mainstay. Though plaid is always not flannel and the vice versa, still, the warm and heavy flannel fabric seems incomplete without the chequered patterns, be it the classic tartan, or the newest hounds tooth, tatterstall, windowpane, madras. With an idea of the western cowboys busy at work, or the red ones relating to the 90’s grunge music, flannel often have been associated with a hint of monotonousness and boredom attached to them. But, can we do away without loving the classic styles? If we want to keep vintage styling of grunge and alternative music intact in present scenario, we also need to play with ideas to do this unique piece of clothing.

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There is no denial of the fact that the fashion-conscious men love doing wholesale mens flannel shirts, highlighting their toned physique and flaunting various style quotients for different occasions. We will get you covered with few tricks to get the perfect fashion statements in these flannels:

Simplicity is the other name at the weekend parties
While dressing up in flannels made by the flannel shirts wholesale distributors for the weekend parties, remember that carrying a simple attire would be perfect , as looking dressy always doesn’t make you a fashionista. Plaids add character to shirt and pant combo and you do not need to overdo yourself. Instead of trying too hard, go for a casual appeal and express your individuality with a simple loose fitted flannel shirt teamed with a rugged denims and proper shoes.

Do not really wear it at the bike rides (chuckle!)
Do not wear it? We mean, instead of properly wearing a plaid flannel shirt, just tie it casually around your waist. Throw your tee, with leather jacket and a beanie cap, with your stylish edge getting a finishing with the flannel shirt around your waist. Make sure that the combination complements your demeanor, choosing the right color scheme.

Use it as a layer or layer it at coffee-meet up with mates
What about a cheeky get up with a solid colored pullover with a plaid shirt? This would be a polished and decent ensemble as you would wear the plaid flannel below the sweater. Now, for the funky vibes, layer a flannel shirt over a tee!

Look fancy and mod at wedding with a blazer
Look graceful in a flannel shirt for a cocktail or cruise party or a wedding night, layered with a blazer and a bow for adding finesse to your attire!

Let’s peep into the best 3 celeb style ideas in flannel shirts:

Tom Cruise
While promoting his movie Mission Impossible in New York, Tom Cruise was seen wearing a flannel shirt at a show. He addressed the public wearing a grey and black flannel shirt teamed with a light black colored jeans. The bulk flannel shirts crafted by designers come in many subdued colors like these to entice the flannel lovers.

Justin Beiber
While performing for the Ellen show in 2015, Beiber wore a sleeveless yellow and black funky flannel shirt.

David Beckham
On Esquire cover, Beckham flaunted a red and blue combo flannel shirt over a white tee effortlessly!