3 Best Flannel Shirts Looks for Women in 2016

Flannel shirt may continue to be an off-duty style, but you can still wear it to the office and date nights with as much panache as you would do with a fashionable slip dress or little black dress. Just like our most beloved denim jeans, this can certainly become another wardrobe staple that may be styled in different ways whether it’s winter or just the beginning of spring.

Flannel Shirts Manufacturers

Biker hipster appeal

Unlike in winter when you could wear your plaid shirt tucked into a pair of jeans, in spring you can simply tie it around your waist while throwing in a white plain tee and matching it with denim shorts. Now go for those ankle booties and round sunglasses to top off the look. You can also try layering a biker jacket when heading out to a pub at night and channel the hipster vibe anytime.

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Out and out grunge

Grunge may have been a 90’s style craze but you can go down the memory lane and add a modern twist to your entire outfit by simply working your flannel shirt over a plain white t-shirt or fringed top, teamed with a pair of colored pants in blue, black or dark green. But if it seems too hot to carry off this look, then throw the shirt around your waist and complete the look with aviators and sporty shoes.

Mash-up of tomboyish and feminine charm

Heading out to an evening party? Then create a contrasting appeal with a navy blue slip dress worn with a black and red checkered shirt tied around the waist. Now pump up the look with an edgy pair of moto boots and sling bag.

However, there are many online flannel shirts manufacturers that offer different checks and colors like blue and white, green and black of plaid shirts that can go with different types of dresses. So mix and match and bring out a tomboyish yet feminine appeal.


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