Get Your Stripes on this Season to Stay Fashionable

Contemporary guys are all about expressing their style and they are open to experimenting with more than just solid colors. Though, a lot of them often worry that bold colors and patterns might just look a little over the top. Forever popular, strives are a fabulous option as they are conservative while also allows the wearers to separate themselves from the crowd clad in solid white or blue t-shirts.

Striped T Shirt Wholesale Supplier

The striped t shirt wholesale style is pretty easy for most guys to effortlessly pull it off but yet there are certain rules to keep in mind when wearing stripes.

Choose Vertical Stripes

When choosing between the kinds of stripes to wear, there are generally two options: vertical or horizontal. Horizontal stripes are the more fashionable option, with a few exceptions. These can be difficult as they might make you look like a Sesame Street character or Waldo or a jailbird. Whereas, vertical stripes carry less negative connotations, unless of course one is a Red Sox fan.

Vertical stripes are great because they give one the illusion of looking taller and hence, a perfect choice for those who are vertically challenged but a big NO-NO for those who are already tall. They also tend to look a few pounds less! But for those who are already tall and have great features, horizontal stripes are what you need!

How Thick Should the Stripe Be?

Once the type of stripes to buy is settled, it is time to consider the width of the stripes. If it is a t-shirt, then thick stripes, be it vertical or horizontal, look absolutely amazing but when it comes to shirts, the thinner the better. Be all out adventurous with the width of the stripes on the tees but try to keep it low on shirts.

Contrasting Color is a Big NO!!!

When wearing stripes right, color plays a crucial role. One should never wear it with contrasting colors and should steer clear of combinations such as red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow and so on. Complementary hues and tones work best with stripes and even better when it is teamed up with neutral colors.

Stripe on a Stripe? Let’s Find Out!

Previously, fashion purists might have balked at the idea of teaming up striped shirt with pinstriped trousers but times have changed and so have fashion. Now teaming these two up is stir up quite a rage!!

Striped tees are a huge craze among women too because they are so versatile and just perfect for a smashing summer look. It can be so easily teamed up with solid colored or floral printed shorts and skirts. An absolute wardrobe staple is what these t-shirts have grown to become. By contacting reputed stripped t shirt suppliers, you can add these beauties to your expansive inventory today!