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Types Of Dress Shirts Designed By Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Every Man Must Own

The general belief that men have limited range of options when it comes to their clothing is now just a notion, as the fashion statements and style quotients for men are soaring high with the designers lending more options to them with new trends being introduced every now and then. Though the right shirt is the cornerstone for a mane’s wardrobe, but there was a time when men would only stick to the white or the boring flannel dress shirt. Toda, the complete rotation with the classic colors, and heavy dose of new deigns and patterns are needed, as this would call for poised attire at the office meeting or for the fancy dinner date. Though fashion is temporary and style is timeless, there will be eternal dress shirts which will help you to get the desired looks for any occasion.

Men Clothing Wholesale Distributors

The top-notch men clothing wholesale distributors are crafting the polished dress shirts for the men to add spin to their closets:

Classic White

Whether for a barbeque party or to the office meeting with a black tie, seldom is there any occasion when you would not ask for a classic and polished white dress shirt? Channeling professional look can be completed with a black tie and white trousers with black and whereas the party ensemble is possible with a vest and tie, or even without a tie, teamed with a denim pant or chino. Thus, a white shirt is essential for your closet to give a professional and fuss-free demeanor, to moderate sober and elegant appearance, calling for high-end versatility and flexibility!

Soothing Blue Shirt

Be it the light blue color or the Caribbean royal blue, blue shirts almost go well with any other piece, be it in black or brown. For the powerful looks apart from the office come when you matchup a blue shirt with something in mustard gold, green or red. Slightly less formal than white, the blue colored shirts have an elegance which is different to look at!

Shirt with Contrasting Colored Collar

If you want a powerful dressing option is terms of dress shirts, then go for something with contrasting tone. Leading a viewer’s eye towards the face with the appeal of the collar in a different hue, these dress shirts also come with a contrasting cuff pr pocket color too. When you are choosing the tie with them, remember it suits both the body and collar or pocket or cuff color properly.

Go Stripey in a Dress Shirt

whether you choose chevron, pencil, Bengali, Breton, striped shirts made by the wholesale clothing suppliers have a classy silhouette. Perfect for going to office teamed with a plain and single colored blazer, bold and neat stripes on single colored shirt looks great. Striped shirts flatter your figure with elongated height and looks good with suit and tie get-ups.

Funky Checkered Shirt

When it comes to plaid patterns, we get the feeling of monotonousness. But there’s a myriad of check patterns, from madras, graph check to gingham, tatters all to tartan introduced by the bulk clothing suppliers. If you want something in casual, then go for bigger sized checks in multicolor, and for formal poise, settle down for small and single colored checks. The bold plaids can be teamed with contrasting colored suits or denims for balanced ensemble.