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Find Out What Your Favorite Shirt Tells About You!

Have you ever thought that the choices we make in life say a little more than what we intend to? It gives out a little bit of our personality; and while all of it is not an exact science, there is definitely something that you could get about yourself, or your friends, depending on their favorite shirt!

Excited? Well, it would make sense to be. Each of the shirt types that are going to be discussed below are different from one another and no matter what your pick is, it must have a close relationship with at least one of them. Let’s take a look at the popular ones –

  1. Dress Shirts

The first thing that comes to mind when you see a new dress shirt stacked on a retail store is neat and organized. If one were to think a little more, then words like reserved, dependable, and formal would spring into mind. All of these qualities are not far off from people who find dress shirts to be their soul shirt and want to wear them all the time. You must have seen that guy in your office, who wears one even on Fridays. Well, now you know what kind of a person he is, and if you already did, tell us how on point we are about his personality!

dress shirts manufacturers

  1. Tee Shirts

The favorite of almost all wholesale clothing supplier companies, tee shirts are a definite star in the casual clothing department. People who love t shirts are generally anything but monotonous and formal. They love their laidback attitude, are minimalistic, and yet do not mind wearing something wacky every now and then. Most of the t shirt crowd can be seen in the dot com millionaire people, and they are everything of the above. T shirts also have a lot options in design and people who are open to trying this, often make more creative choices in life.

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  1. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have been a men’s staple and people who think it is their favorite shirt have qualities like classy and a lover of finer things in life. They also like to have their share of fun and much like the polo itself, they know how to blend with different crowds and still stand their ground. This shirt comes with plenty of options in color and design and people who are open to the new age of polo also have the quality to go out of their comfort zone and try new things in life without any sort of prejudice about things. So, if you or your friend are a polo lover, and have these qualities, then you can well realize how much your shirt says about you!

wholesale polo shirts

  1. Party Shirts

Of course, these are for the wild ones. The untamable, who like to live their life unapologetically. Party shirts come with silk make and beautiful prints and that is what makes it such a favorite among people who like to live large. The mavericks have nothing on anybody, and party shirts are definitely their favorite for a number of reasons. These people are extravagant, spendthrift, and like an opulent lifestyle, something that matches their shirt!

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All of these 4 types are available with almost every shirt supplier and they are the main ones on the block. So, just scroll up for your favorite type or your friend’s, and get to know more about their personality! Who knows, it might give you some insight on the person you have been planning to ask out.


Find Out What Your Favorite Shirt Tells About You!


How Fashionistas Are Wearing Shirts In The Summer?

A shirt for the summer is the most genuine bond you will ever find. It seems like these two were made for each other. But, let us all be a little more specific here. Not all shirts work well for the summer. There are a few versions which one way or another stand out in the crowd. When worn with an impeccable sense of style, the result is stunning. If you are thinking which shirts you are supposed to wear and how to wear them for a perfect appeal, then here is everything you will need. Imitating the style of the top fashionistas from around the world, four shirts and their dress-up tutorial have been summarized here. keep reading to find out.

A white shirt- Your savior

If you are looking for an option that is both simple and classy, complements the burning heat of summer and has a versatile appeal, a white shirt is all you need. The eternal allure of a white button down, regardless the type of it, makes it an MVP everywhere it goes. From the classic to the boho-grunge infused, the distinct stand of a white shirt is what makes it stick out so much. Wear it with a pair of jeans, shorts or formal trousers, even your skirts will be thankful when you combine these with a white shirt.

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A sheer shirt- For sexy times

Okay, let’s get this one thing clear- a good sheer can be anything. The range of its appeal can either be “oh-its-so-sexy” to “oh-that-looks-tacky”. So, when wearing a sheer shirt, there are a few things you must be careful about. The quality of the shirt matters the most. Make sure you invest in a good piece available with top shirt suppliers. Possibly all kinds of embellishments work well with a sheer shirt. A plain version looks classy, however, with added embellishment, the dramatic impact is increased. Wear a sports bra underneath and combine it with a skirt or pair of shorts to look elegant. You can also throw a sheer button down over a summer dress for that perfect sexy appearance.

A denim shirt- To balance convention

A spring-summer look is incomplete without a denim shirt. Comfortable to wear and smart to look at, a denim shirt that is constructed right can be worn for conventional events. Whether opting for a lighter wash or a version with dark textures, a vintage denim shirt as available with reputed shirts supplier is ideally one of the classiest pieces available in the industry. Do a double denim for a casual Friday or team it with a pair of chinos for a strict Monday, a denim shirt can be an impeccable summer shirt choice.

A printed shirt- Because it is stylish

With the revival of the nineties, printed shirts made a comeback, and we all are extremely happy about it. the baroque themes with the extravagant shades make for a great style statement. Floral prints, animal prints, abstract art and bohemian patterns are some of the most common printed themes used on the button downs. The popping colors which provide a great background for the extravagant prints add a statement to the appearance. Team it with a wide leg trouser or with a ruffles skirt to rip off a guise straight out of a 90s sitcom.

Impressive aren’t these? Make your summer noteworthy by wearing your clothes right. A shirt is unarguably the best piece available in the market. It will help you beat the summer but with a style. Reputed shirts suppliers have the finest pieces available in the market that can be purchased by the retailers. To buy summer shirts in bulk, retailers can register online, while securing massive discounts.


How Fashionistas Are Wearing Shirts In The Summer?


4 Fashionable Denim Shirt Styles for Men That Are In Fashionable Today!

Denim shirts are the new cotton in today’s day and age. They are in style and good for all seasons because of the variety in denim material today. But, why are people getting so much into these shirts?

The reason is quite simple. They are very durable and give a rugged appeal to any of its users. Also, one can really step their fashion up with faded denim shirts or any other variety.

With so much getting into the style scenario now, this blog is going to help you pick out your denim shirts selectively and make it work.

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Take a look –

  1. Wearing denims with cotton trousers

Denim shirts really turn the tide upside down when you match it up with cotton trousers. They can give you an office look that is out-of-the- box and yet create a relatable dressing sense ay your workplace.

Even shirt suppliers have understood the phenom of denim shirts and are really upping their distribution to retailers.

  1. Go Hipster with distressed jeans

Fitted distressed jeans is the rebellious kids’ uniform and with denim shirts it has started to become even more so. Wear it with combat boots (unisex look) or heels (for women) and you can easily be the most stylish kid on the block, no questions asked!

Also, one could accessorize with fedoras, sunglasses or scarves to give a new dynamic to their hipster look. Oh, and don’t forget wide-rimmed glasses for the alternative look!

  1. Dare to Layer

The reason why wholesale bulk shirts manufacturers keep denim shirts on the top 5 of their production list is because it is perfect layering shirt. From basic tees in monochromes to contrasting graphic tees, it’s all part of the game.

Get creative with your fashion and in no time, it’s going to make a real difference. Underneath, you can go from anywhere between solid color chinos to jeans – whatever you feel you can carry well enough.

  1. Patchwork Denim Shirts

Everyone likes a bit of patchwork on their avant-garde clothing, and these shirts are just that. Wearing them with baggy cargoes is a real winner, and one could really go hip with these products.

A top-rated shirts manufacturer is adding this variety in their voluminous catalog. This way, retailers are happy as they can source such stock from a manufacturing unit. This, in turn, makes the single buyers happy!

These are the 4 denim shirt styles that are totally in this season. People all over the world are keeping up with this trend and the day is not far away the denim shorts become a staple for both the sexes.

So, keep following up!


4 Fashionable Denim Shirt Styles for Men That Are In Fashionable Today!


This Christmas, Women Must Look out for the Designer Sheer Shirts

Christmas is officially here and women as usual cannot wait to find the best party wear options for the festive season. Looking the best matters, but presenting you in a different light than the rest also works wonderfully to set major fashion trends. You can either follow the crowd, or choose something that is fresh, new or even vintage but most importantly something unique and offbeat. Do you want something in a magical blend of elegance and sexiness? For this fusion, you have the sheer blouses or shirts that reflect a very stylish appeal.  These shirts can be worn to the office after party for Christmas Eve, or to the church also with family, and hence exude a versatility that is irreplaceable.


wholesale shirts


Sheer trend is going strong today and if you want to be a part of this, you always have the safe options in the form sheer shirts that are gorgeous and happening. Be it in prints or neutrals and pastels or in color blocking designs, these sheer shirts come in an array of styles.

Here are some options to wear the sheer wholesale shirts this Christmas party season.

Learn to spruce up layering game

You can use the sheer shirt as a layer or layer it with something warmer, as you wish to go ahead. The sheer shirt can be worn with similar or contrasting colored slip or sports bras worn underneath for a very badass yet pretty ensemble.  You can also layer the sheer shirts in crazy winter evenings on Christmas with a blazer for some structure or a knit sweater for warmth.  Thus, make sure to be on point with your layering game for the sheer shirts.

Loose and relaxed

Each and every outfit design works in a certain way, and you have to stick to that. You must make sure that while buying the sheer shirts crafted by the leading shirts wholesale brand, you look for the loose ones, instead of buying something that is too tight and body hugging.  The looser fitted style is relaxed and floaty and goes in tune with the style that sheer shirts reflect.


women shirts wholesale


Button up for formal evenings

Do you have a Christmas special office party to attend? Instead of being boring, you can just dress up the sheer shirt in some soft shade. Look sharp in a sheer blouse by buttoning it up all the way.  You can tuck it into a pencil skirt or drape on a blazer for an office-friendly look.

Pair different materials properly

You have to carry a balanced and proportionate attire while wearing the loose- fitted and comfy sheer shirts. They are generally and naturally quite voluminous, and hence you have to try creating structure on your bottom half by wearing stiffer and heavier fabrics.  The accessories that you would be choosing should be sharp.

Experiment with textures

You can experiment with the sheer shirts as you combine them with different textures, for the Christmas party season. The sheer and lightweight shirts look great with contrasting fur vests, leather skirts or leggings, or brocade and embellished skirts

Thus, as the leading shirts wholesalers are bringing in a variety of sheer shirts, this Christmas, make them your closet staple.


This Christmas, Women Must Look out for the Designer Sheer Shirts



4 Ground Breaking Ways to Sport a Flannel Shirt This Month

The transition time from summer to autumn starts with the onset of August. The light tinge of yellow and orange on the leaves, the chilly winds, the occasional bursts of rain and the clear sky calls for something nice, something subtle. And nothing can get better than a flannel shirt available with the top shirts manufacturers in the industry.

Now the question is, why a flannel shirt? The reason is simple. While the semi-thick fabric of flannel ensures to protect you from the chilly winds that blow in the evening, the style factor is significantly high due to its ability to blend well with other fashionable pieces. Thus, balancing comfort and style, flannel shirts render them perfect for the fiery month of August.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts Manufacturers

But how to wear a flannel shirt? To truly answer this question you have to understand that the statement of it blending well with other pieces is true and you can conjure millions of ways to wear them. However, to stand out in the crowd and boost your personal fashion statement, here is a list of unique looks you can try.

Look no 1: The old way

Though this is not an entirely wild guess and many youngsters prefer this particular ensemble, tying the flannel shirt around the waist is something that you have wanted to achieve (seamlessly) for quite some time now. So to put together this look, you have to keep your look simple. Pick a plain t-shirt in black and a pair of black jeans, and tie the shirt around your waist. A pair of heels to break the grunge impact with vogue and aviators. Effective to the core and tribute to the golden days.

Look no 2: The dressy effect

Flannel and dressy go hand in hand, but only if you know the right way to pull it off. No, it is very little about your attitude and much about putting together the correct pieces. An oversized red flannel shirt tucked in a nice midi skirt in black and pumps can form the base of your attire. A chunky neck piece and a shade for accessories, get ready for some stares.

Look no 3: The rain protection

Okay, so as mentioned, August is known for being a wet month (it rains!!). So having the right protection is necessary. When a rain jacket is involved, one has to be cautious about how they are using it, for that tricky piece can either make or break your look. To keep things from going over the top, you can throw it over a flannel shirt in blue, displayed in the inventory of the prominent bulk shirts wholesaler that is safely tucked in a pair of black pants. No extra dosage of patterns let the flannel work their charm. And don’t forget the boots!

Look no 4: The still-stuck with summer

Technically, summer is still here in its full rage, and it is your responsibility to make most if both the sun and the flannel shirt. Pick a sleeveless slip dress in darker tones to maintain a cool status quo and beat the heat. Tie the flannel shirt (in red) around the waist and complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots. A simple combination of simple pieces, but it is enough to set hearts on fire.

Thus, make your August a month to remember with the best clothing combinations using your flannel shirt. The bulk shirts supplier has an inventory that puts together the best flannel shirts in a plethora of shades and textures. If you are a retailer, you can make a bulk purchase of the same at discounted prices.


4 Ground Breaking Ways to Sport a Flannel Shirt This Month


4 Streamlined Shirts That Are A Must For All Men

We all have an affinity to lean towards simple and versatile men’s clothing. A successful wardrobe must contain pieces that have the ability to make an impact on all the onlookers. Shirts, like the perfect blessing from Gods of Fashion, have made the most of a stylish man’s closet for years. The construction, fit, color, fabric and color, all have equal contributions to making a short look stunning and elegant. Since it only makes sense to pick a few shirts; here is a list of four that we all agree are essentials. With bulk clothing suppliers having brought new designs to the circuit, keep reading to make a highly inspired revolution in your wardrobe.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer

Dress shirts

The pristine white color of a dress shirt is something that is so undeniably sexy that even thinking of it makes a man look smothering hot. Perfect for formal occasions, the conventionalism of a dress shirt looks best when paired with a tuxedo (now, imagine James Bond, yes, you pictured it right!). Dress shirts as available with reputed wholesale clothing manufacturer come in a variety of shades like lavender, pink and grey as well which truly are subtle and eye-soothing.

Denim shirts

If anything has the ability to stand out for its flamboyance, then denim shirt is the right pick to make. Other than the undeniable comfort it offers, denim shirts bring about a perfect balance between spontaneity and conventionalism. Go for denim on denim or just pair them with a light color chino, the appearance is always alluring. Smart and nifty, the denim shirt is the piece that every fashionable man should have in their wardrobe to win some hearts and phone numbers.

Flannel shirts

Another piece which the modern man can’t do without is the flannel shirt. Withstanding the test of time, flannel shirts have proved that their leading position in the circuit is going to go undeterred for many years. The sheer appeal of the plaid flannel is enough to make it an important piece in the men’s fashion department. Flannel wholesale shirts available with top-notch manufacturers in a variety of colors only add to their popularity. Team them with a pair of jeans and plimsolls to make jaw-dropping appearances every time you step out of the house.

Casual patterned shirts

Tropical patterns, stripes, polka dots and some random abstract prints, these are the casual patterns of the season (to say) that are winning the fashion scenario. Simple yet attractive, grounded yet appealing, these prints have their own story to tell. Pair them with a bottom wear which goes with the ensemble (for instance, team your striped shirt with a nice pair of beige trousers). Make sure to use the correct accessories for a more tempting guise in any related occasion you attend.

On that note, it is not possible to have too many shirts in the wardrobe, but having these few will suffice your personal style and help your wardrobe look distinctive. Celebrated wholesale clothing suppliers have an inventory full of the same that retailers can purchase from. Discounts are available in case of bulk purchase.


4 Streamlined Shirts That Are A Must For All Men

3 Tips To Play With The Blank Tees Just The Way You Want!

T-shirts are the most preferred things in the closet of men and women, even the little ones are not lagging behind! This is the new age of fashion where you just not leave things to the designers to gift you with the best t-shirts; you would also want to go for the DIY look! Blank tees are the best option that you can cling to for pepping things up from fashion’s point of view.

Wholesale T-Shirts Supplier

Go bold, speak your mood

People often bottle up what they feel, what is up on their mind! Why live like this when you have the social media platforms, your own attire to set things right for you. Emboss the message that you want the world to hear – throwing light on the kind of personality that you are. Blank tee-shirts are the best bets here and the top t shirt manufacturers offer fresh and cool stocks of blank tees to the retailers, who in turn, can appease their customers. The slogans that you can put in the chest area of the tees can make you to show the quirky side of yours.

Put the faces of the icon your admire

You can be in love with a musical band, sports heroes or your mom, dad, brother! In short, anyone you love and admire or look up to, can find a place in your tee. Go for customization after buying the best blank tees from the retailers. And the retailers can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors and cuts when stocking blank tees from the best shirt suppliers who churn out in volume both tees and shirts to cater to the needs of the bulk buyers.

Dye it with the best sublimation prints

Those who love it bright and flamboyant can don the sublimation tees or shirts and design it on their way! Sublimation is riding high on the fashion scene and from abstract prints, bold patterns to carrying out the jersey-sporty look; just go for the look that you want yourself to be in! The real definition of fashion is not about following trends blindly, but tweaking it your way without losing out on the comfort factor!

A reputed supplier of wholesale shirts and loads of tees are offering the business owners fresh stock of a variety of outfit options, it is for the retailers and business to make the most of the whole thing!

Buying Wholesale Apparels Can Benefit You

Fashion is one of those things which is cyclic in nature and does not remain the same for a longer span of time. It is not necessary that a new fashion or style has to emerge from an out of the box thinking.

Rather, it has often been observed that older cuts and designs make a comeback after regular intervals with some little changes and those get established as the new fashion phenomenon.

Wholesale Apparel Supplier

Costly Affair? No More

In the earlier times, when wholesale apparels didn’t make its way in the market, wearing the new designs and styles was certainly a much more costly affair. However, with the advent of these apparels, people have found a very effective way of buying apparels in a shoestring budget. The garment industry has witnessed a steady rise in popularity of wholesale apparels mainly due to the cost factor.

It is quite obvious that the wholesaler has come to understand about the rising demand of these products and as a result they often offer amazing discounts to push up the sales. It is not just about the apparels, but other items like jewellery are gaining a steady demand.

Preferred By Retailers As Well:

While talking about wholesale apparels, one can’t deny the fact that it is not just the individual customers who purchase these. Even retailers and supermarkets prefer buying these at cheap rates and then reselling it keeping a considerable amount of profit.

Since the clothing range includes a wide variety of jeans, wedding dresses and tops, there is, no doubt, a large number of takers for it.

Choose The Right Wholesaler:

With every passing day, one can witness an increasing number of wholesale garment sellers. It is very natural that a question arises as to how to make the right choice regarding the seller who will provide reliable products at affordable prices.

With internet being a part and parcel of every household in today’s date, that should not be much of a problem. You can always indulge in a thorough research about the background of the supplier.

Many websites also offer you with the option of comparing between two products which you think are equally lucrative. It is then one understands the difference or similarities between the apparels of your choice.

If one is proficient enough with using web services he/she can also find an online store which sells apparel wholesale. You can surely find the garments that gel well with your personality and makes you stand apart from the crowd.

4 Essential Must-Have Shirts in Closet for Fashionable Women!

No matter how great a fashionista you are, your wardrobe will always lack something unless you equip it with some great and fashionable shirts. Yes, like denims and that little black dress, shirts are also one of the necessities in your wardrobe and has the power to make or break your look altogether. And, the most “wow” factor about shirts is that, you need minimal accessories to pull off any look. So, all the pretty ladies around, let yourself be known about the various shirts that are en-vogue now, and create a fashion statement that will be yours, and yours alone!

For that casual outing with friends, or for a lazy walk through the park with your crush, checkered shirts are the best and safest options. Available in myriad colors, you can never go wrong with these. For the casual evenings out, wear them tucked in your favorite jeans and team them up with a lose hair and a pair of ballerinas. And, if you want to go on a carefree walk down the lanes, wear loose “boy-friend” shirts over your hot shorts and team the ensemble with some junk bangles, ruffled hair and a pair of slippers. Yes, it’s this simple!


2) Pastel Silk Shirts

For those corporate meetings or official luncheons, pastel silk shirts are a must in your wardrobe. You can team them up with a pair of formal, straight fit trousers and a smart hairdo for meetings; while for those official luncheons, you may pair these delicate shirts with knee-length tapered skirts and classy stilettos. Be light on make-up and wear simple stud earrings with a chunky watch and you’re all set to go and conquer the world!

3) Studded Denim Shirts

Loose, studded denim shirts, with acid wash or without, can set any party on fire! You may dress it up with a cool pair of trousers and boots with minimal accessories or dress it down with a rugged pair of denim shorts and canvas shoes. Notice how easily you attract the limelight in the party!

4) Crisp White Shirts

Now this is as essential an item as a little black dress in your wardrobe and a pure red lipstick in your makeup kit. You can team this up with anything and everything under the sun—a pair of rugged denims, formal shirts, palazzos, formal or funky skirts and even hot shorts. And, as far as accessories are concerned, team it up with any kind of shoes or slippers and bags—it’s the most versatile piece of clothing ever to be made!