4 Shirt Designs To Buy For Men This Summer!

Shirts are wardrobe staple for the working man and having the right collection of it could make or break your seasonal style game. So, if you do not want to lag the other dudes at your workplace, then this blog is the right one for you to read.

Listing the top trends for men’s shirts in the spring – summer collection, we have come with our top picks that you need to get if you want to stay relevant. If you are interested, then keep reading right here –

1. The Denim Shirt With Tribal Fusion

The denim shirt has always been a great apparel for summers and this time it has fused with a little tribal design across the chest in a single line. It’s a cool and macho look that keeps it casual for the ultimate day wear combo and would really hit it off with the white stretchable jeans and loafers underneath. If you wanted to dress casual with a little high couture, then add a metal pendant with black string on your neck and wear a leather bracelet with metallic embellishments, just to drive the focus more into the tribal zone! A good look indeed.

2. The Light Colored Large Check Shirt

No, large doesn’t mean the size of the apparel itself, it implies the size of the checks on the shirt. These shirts are now the latest range and the light colors give way to the dark colored trousers that go very well with it. This shirt is a perfect choice for Friday dressing at workplace and you will find it with most of the top shirt suppliers you can find around you.

3. Block Color Floral Print

If you are in love in block colors and always tend to appreciate its variants in bulk wholesale shirts catalogs, then this one will be good for you. The colors are real and true, and the floral prints are always a summer thing blooming in your wardrobe. The popular fit of choice is slim, and half sleeves and you can wear it with chinos to beat the heat in style. Add in hats, shades, and other accessories like leather band watches according to your own sense of style.

4. The China Shirt

Inspired from shaolin style shirts, this one is worn well-fitted in block colors and the buttons are directly taken from shaolin monk shirts. It’s a cool style and a lovely shirt to wear on dates and parties, if that is the kind of thing you are into. Choose the kind of color depending on what your favorite is, and you will have added the right kind of apparel from your shirt supplier.

These are 4 types of shirts that are in this summer and if you are going to revamp the collection, then these should definitely be it. Just keep in mind, that class is forever, and style will always keep rolling its dice.


4 Shirt Designs To Buy For Men This Summer!




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