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9 Resurgent Shirt Styles To Choose From This Season!

Style is like a phoenix, it is born, grows old, and burns into ashes – and yet from those very ashes, it comes out anew, ready to live another time. In the world of fashion that happens all too often and many of the dressing styles that are doing well today will be sidetracked tomorrow and might come back a year later.

This blog writes about such cases of shirts that are now back in its resurgence and if you take notice early, you can give your wardrobe the right kind of tweak. Interested? Let’s find out now which ones are on the list according to top shirt suppliers –

shirts manufacturers

  1. Plaid Shirts

Going on and off the style grid in continuity and over time, the plaid shirt is generally made of fabrics like flannel, cotton, or wool, and is a great way to spice up your wardrobe. Often deemed as a kind of oldies shirt, this one has a laidback attitude that very few can escape the charm of.

  1. Dress Shirts

Dress shirts have been a staple in corporate wardrobes, but now it is slowly gaining momentum in the casual scene as well – thanks to its layering capabilities. Again gaining some campus prominence, it would be no surprise if the dress shirt did find its way to your wardrobe in the near future.

  1. Bowling Shirts

Having been on the bench for some time now (ever since Charlie Sheen got thrown out of Two and a Half Men), this goofy shirt is one for the laidback – and its coming back. If you like comfort with a bit of style on the side, then this is definitely what you should be looking at.

  1. Little Printed Shirts

If you are having a hard time trying to understand which one this is – then let’s clear that doubt first. These monochrome shirts come with little item prints that are spread around like polka – and it could be anything, from shoes and umbrellas to miniature animal silhouettes – it’s really fun to wear.

  1. Skin fit shirts

Once deemed as a tool of night owls and what not, these shirts are now going mainstream and people are finally getting the hang of it. You could blame it on the sudden surge of consciousness on their bodies, which has now allowed fitness enthusiasts to get clothes that are fitted snugly – and they are not afraid to flaunt their chiseled silhouettes.

  1. Denim Shirts

Shirts manufacturer are pushing the denim shirt into the forefront once again and it is gaining new ground with bleached denims, acid washed denims, and stonewashed denims all being made into shirts. What’s working for it is the rebellious fashion sense that has gained widespread popularity among the youth once again.

  1. Long Sleeve Shirts with Neck Button Placket

This one did reign supreme for some time and then got a little side-tracked, but now it is back again and how. Available in a host of colors, the long sleeve shirts are quite good for daily wear outside, to the gym, or even to a party, provided that you pair it right.

  1. V-neck T shirts

V necks had lost its shizz and shine, all thanks to people willing to pull off formal looks only a few years ago – but today, this one is back on track and how! More and more people are going to the athleisure direction and V- neck seems like the perfect fit.

  1. Athlete Full Sleeve Crew Neck Shirts

Another one that is back with athleisure, this one goes very well with joggers and comes with a crew neck and stretchable bands attached to the long sleeves to give it the perfect look. If you are one to workout and go casual, this is a must have.

These are the 9 shirts that are on a resurgence thanks to changing trends according to a top shirt manufacturers. So, why wait any longer? Get your hands on the business right now and drive your wardrobe to the right lane – hurry up!

4 Shirt Designs To Buy For Men This Summer!

Shirts are wardrobe staple for the working man and having the right collection of it could make or break your seasonal style game. So, if you do not want to lag the other dudes at your workplace, then this blog is the right one for you to read.

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Listing the top trends for men’s shirts in the spring – summer collection, we have come with our top picks that you need to get if you want to stay relevant. If you are interested, then keep reading right here –

1. The Denim Shirt With Tribal Fusion

The denim shirt has always been a great apparel for summers and this time it has fused with a little tribal design across the chest in a single line. It’s a cool and macho look that keeps it casual for the ultimate day wear combo and would really hit it off with the white stretchable jeans and loafers underneath. If you wanted to dress casual with a little high couture, then add a metal pendant with black string on your neck and wear a leather bracelet with metallic embellishments, just to drive the focus more into the tribal zone! A good look indeed.

2. The Light Colored Large Check Shirt

No, large doesn’t mean the size of the apparel itself, it implies the size of the checks on the shirt. These shirts are now the latest range and the light colors give way to the dark colored trousers that go very well with it. This shirt is a perfect choice for Friday dressing at workplace and you will find it with most of the top shirt suppliers you can find around you.

3. Block Color Floral Print

If you are in love in block colors and always tend to appreciate its variants in bulk wholesale shirts catalogs, then this one will be good for you. The colors are real and true, and the floral prints are always a summer thing blooming in your wardrobe. The popular fit of choice is slim, and half sleeves and you can wear it with chinos to beat the heat in style. Add in hats, shades, and other accessories like leather band watches according to your own sense of style.

4. The China Shirt

Inspired from shaolin style shirts, this one is worn well-fitted in block colors and the buttons are directly taken from shaolin monk shirts. It’s a cool style and a lovely shirt to wear on dates and parties, if that is the kind of thing you are into. Choose the kind of color depending on what your favorite is, and you will have added the right kind of apparel from your shirt supplier.

These are 4 types of shirts that are in this summer and if you are going to revamp the collection, then these should definitely be it. Just keep in mind, that class is forever, and style will always keep rolling its dice.


4 Shirt Designs To Buy For Men This Summer!



Find Out What Your Favorite Shirt Tells About You!

Have you ever thought that the choices we make in life say a little more than what we intend to? It gives out a little bit of our personality; and while all of it is not an exact science, there is definitely something that you could get about yourself, or your friends, depending on their favorite shirt!

Excited? Well, it would make sense to be. Each of the shirt types that are going to be discussed below are different from one another and no matter what your pick is, it must have a close relationship with at least one of them. Let’s take a look at the popular ones –

  1. Dress Shirts

The first thing that comes to mind when you see a new dress shirt stacked on a retail store is neat and organized. If one were to think a little more, then words like reserved, dependable, and formal would spring into mind. All of these qualities are not far off from people who find dress shirts to be their soul shirt and want to wear them all the time. You must have seen that guy in your office, who wears one even on Fridays. Well, now you know what kind of a person he is, and if you already did, tell us how on point we are about his personality!

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  1. Tee Shirts

The favorite of almost all wholesale clothing supplier companies, tee shirts are a definite star in the casual clothing department. People who love t shirts are generally anything but monotonous and formal. They love their laidback attitude, are minimalistic, and yet do not mind wearing something wacky every now and then. Most of the t shirt crowd can be seen in the dot com millionaire people, and they are everything of the above. T shirts also have a lot options in design and people who are open to trying this, often make more creative choices in life.

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  1. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have been a men’s staple and people who think it is their favorite shirt have qualities like classy and a lover of finer things in life. They also like to have their share of fun and much like the polo itself, they know how to blend with different crowds and still stand their ground. This shirt comes with plenty of options in color and design and people who are open to the new age of polo also have the quality to go out of their comfort zone and try new things in life without any sort of prejudice about things. So, if you or your friend are a polo lover, and have these qualities, then you can well realize how much your shirt says about you!

wholesale polo shirts

  1. Party Shirts

Of course, these are for the wild ones. The untamable, who like to live their life unapologetically. Party shirts come with silk make and beautiful prints and that is what makes it such a favorite among people who like to live large. The mavericks have nothing on anybody, and party shirts are definitely their favorite for a number of reasons. These people are extravagant, spendthrift, and like an opulent lifestyle, something that matches their shirt!

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All of these 4 types are available with almost every shirt supplier and they are the main ones on the block. So, just scroll up for your favorite type or your friend’s, and get to know more about their personality! Who knows, it might give you some insight on the person you have been planning to ask out.


Find Out What Your Favorite Shirt Tells About You!


4 Fashionable Denim Shirt Styles for Men That Are In Fashionable Today!

Denim shirts are the new cotton in today’s day and age. They are in style and good for all seasons because of the variety in denim material today. But, why are people getting so much into these shirts?

The reason is quite simple. They are very durable and give a rugged appeal to any of its users. Also, one can really step their fashion up with faded denim shirts or any other variety.

With so much getting into the style scenario now, this blog is going to help you pick out your denim shirts selectively and make it work.

wholesale mens denim shirts

Take a look –

  1. Wearing denims with cotton trousers

Denim shirts really turn the tide upside down when you match it up with cotton trousers. They can give you an office look that is out-of-the- box and yet create a relatable dressing sense ay your workplace.

Even shirt suppliers have understood the phenom of denim shirts and are really upping their distribution to retailers.

  1. Go Hipster with distressed jeans

Fitted distressed jeans is the rebellious kids’ uniform and with denim shirts it has started to become even more so. Wear it with combat boots (unisex look) or heels (for women) and you can easily be the most stylish kid on the block, no questions asked!

Also, one could accessorize with fedoras, sunglasses or scarves to give a new dynamic to their hipster look. Oh, and don’t forget wide-rimmed glasses for the alternative look!

  1. Dare to Layer

The reason why wholesale bulk shirts manufacturers keep denim shirts on the top 5 of their production list is because it is perfect layering shirt. From basic tees in monochromes to contrasting graphic tees, it’s all part of the game.

Get creative with your fashion and in no time, it’s going to make a real difference. Underneath, you can go from anywhere between solid color chinos to jeans – whatever you feel you can carry well enough.

  1. Patchwork Denim Shirts

Everyone likes a bit of patchwork on their avant-garde clothing, and these shirts are just that. Wearing them with baggy cargoes is a real winner, and one could really go hip with these products.

A top-rated shirts manufacturer is adding this variety in their voluminous catalog. This way, retailers are happy as they can source such stock from a manufacturing unit. This, in turn, makes the single buyers happy!

These are the 4 denim shirt styles that are totally in this season. People all over the world are keeping up with this trend and the day is not far away the denim shorts become a staple for both the sexes.

So, keep following up!


4 Fashionable Denim Shirt Styles for Men That Are In Fashionable Today!