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Seeking Some Inspirations To Style The Plain White Wholesale Shirts? Here You Go!

You cannot survive the summer without drooling over you basic and simple plain white shirt. This is a classic wardrobe staple that is never going to fade away from the fashion scene and continues to reign the closets of the style conscious women. From being work appropriate to being party ready, and also a great beach outfit, there are a number of ways you can style up this versatile clothing item. All you need is a creative knack to add some uniqueness to the shirt, and you are good to go.

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It seems that the leading shirt manufacturers never stop producing the white shirts, keeping in mind the global demands they have.  You cannot simply imagine your style quotient without the presence of the quintessential white shirt that exudes timelessness and modish vibes.

Sometimes, you just need to add certain accessories to your plain white shirt to turn it into something incredibly fashionable, instead of going over the top with your styling. Here are some tips to accessorize the white wholesale shirts in an array of ways.

The scarves to complement them

Be easy and effortless and completely transform the white shirt look by adding a scarf to your attire.  There are a number of scarf styles available in the market, from checks to printed colorful ones, the stripes scarves, watercolor themed ones and much more. Just drape them around your neck in different ways, and let them hang loose to give you the perfect casual yet appealing edge.  For summer, summer, lightweight, and colorful scarves are perfect and to switch to thicker and chunkier scarves for fall and winter.

The classic dungarees

Without any hassle or fuss, you can simply add a dungaree to your plain white shirt to get a retro vintage look stylishly.   For this, you wouldn’t need any heavy makeup, rather just a high ponytail or bun and your favorite pair of dungarees with a printed satchel bag will do.

The neckpieces do wonders

Do you think that the white shirts don’t give enough opportunities to let you wear jewelry?  This is wrong as to accessorize your white plain shirt, you can simply add different types of neckpieces to your outfit.  Go for stone-studded neckpieces and collar necklaces or a long and dainty necklace and even stacking and wear your plain white shirt with multiple necklaces layered on top of each other. This will glam and elegance to your silhouette quite easily.

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Ditch the denim

If you are quite bored with wearing these shirts with denim, you can simply replace them with bright cotton hot-pants and colorful chinos or loose pants.  These are extremely comfortable, lightweight, come in vibrant shades and prints, and you can end up looking quite edgy and enigmatic.  The colorful bottom wear options are quite amazing to pair up with the contrasting white plain basic shirts.

Layering game is a must

Layering has become the most popular accessory today, and women leave no stone unturned to transform their plain look clothes into something highly interesting with multiple layering types.  You can simply get the preppy look with a nice vest or give your plain white shirt a touch of posh by wearing it with a blazer, or even with cardigans for night occasions.

Thus, make your way to the leading retail store that works with a reputed wholesale shirts supplier, and churn out plenty of ways to style the basic plain white shirt.