Wearing Chains With Collared Shirts: Everything That You Need To Know

The accessory that helps the most to highlight the look of any clothing item is a necklace, but, the common question that is asked by all is, how to sport a chain with a collared shirt in the right way? Well, you can style it cleverly with some tricks and tips.

However, before that, find out whether you should wear the chain inside or outside your shirt.

Inside or outside?

The answer to this actually depends on the type of occasion or event you are going to attend.

When it’s a traditional event

If it’s a traditional event then you can create an alluring look with your chain and shirt by wearing it outside your satin shirt. Pick any chain style that is between medium to long. A gold chain with a little pendant on it will look the most appropriate. It will help you to achieve a nice royal look.


While going casual

When you opt for a flannel, chambray, or denim shirt, keep the first button open. Wear your chain inside to give it a subtle glam touch. The vintage necklace chains are one of the best pieces to instantly uplift your look and attire. You can also try and layer simple chains if you wish to give yourself a modern appearance. An admired shirt manufacturer provides a large assemblage of ultra-modern, sleek, wholesale shirts!


Suggestions to wear it with a collared shirt


There are different ways to wear chains with a collared shirt, with some listed below.

Add it inside and outside

If you are an innovation-lover or someone who’s not afraid of experimenting then you can try something extraordinary as adding a short chain under the collar of your casual shirt and adding another long chain outside it. This will give you a unique look.

Partner daring with subtle chains

Make sure to consider this one as it simply looks fabulous on almost all. Team a pendant chain with a relatively short and simple chain. The dual layer will look great with an ultra-chic fashion shirt.

Simply layer

To create a different impression on someone, layer three or more chains under a collared shirt. This looks both trendy and funky.

Additional tips to remember

  • Medium length and long chains look more amazing when paired with a shirt.
  • When it’s about colors, gold chains rock when partnered with a solid black or white shirt.
  • Match a light pendant with chains with a casual shirt and leave the heavy ones for a festive look.
  • You can play with layering based on the occasion and event you are going to.

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