3 Killer Secrets of Top Clothing Distributors That You Always Wanted To Know

You saw so many apparel distributors making big money. It looked the industry is booming. So you decided, without much of the thoughts, to start a distribution company yourself—because why not!

Few months forward, you’re a clothing distributor. But only without the turnover that once gleamed your eyes. Reality is settling now. The industry is indeed booming. But that doesn’t guarantee high return if your move isn’t backed by the right strategies and overall approach.

The happy-to-go stories of successful apparel distributors don’t underline their core strategies. How are they reaching their clients, how have they priced their collection, who’s their partnering manufacturer and so forth.

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We’ll spill some beans here…

Here are 3 killer secrets of top clothing distribution companies that you always wanted to know:

  1. They act according to the latest market trends

In this new age of doing business, it’s all about seizing the right opportunities at the right time to maximize returns. Top clothing distributors follow the same mantra.

Trendy flannels shirts are (still) making a lot of noise on the fashion scene, touting mass appeal among both women and men. They are red-hot in demand. So guess what type and varieties of wears the successful distribution companies are focusing more on these days?


They are striving to become the best flannel shirts wholesale distributors above all—because that’s what making them more money.

  1. They DON’T have the “top manufacturers” by their side

Everyone is claiming to be the ‘top clothing manufacturer’ these days—even the new market players. This is quite confusing not just for the distributors but also other business owners down the funnel—how to find the right manufacturer who’s truly good enough with quality collection and affordable pricing.

Top apparel distributors don’t run after the “best” manufacturers. They do their research thoroughly and find a partner that’s reputed and reliable with collection that matches their own long-term goals.

  1. They have a robust pricing strategy

Contrary to what many believe, pricing strategy plays just as a crucial role in the wholesale market as in the retail. In the wholesale clothing market, there are many segments with their own distinct needs, requirements and budget. Some strictly want best cheap flannel shirts, others are fine paying much higher for the same wears.

When you have a non-flexible pricing of your collection, not only are you letting go the opportunities to cut big profit margin but also are sighing away lots of prospect, long-term customers.

Top apparel distributors have a robust pricing strategy. They target different segments with different pricing. Plus they also effectively use discounting schemes to drive quick sales.

These are 3 killer secrets of successful clothing distributors. If you want to make just as much money as them, follow their paths and the journey ahead would be much smoother.


3 Killer Secrets of Top Clothing Distributors That You Always Wanted To Know



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