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Taking a look at men’s and women’s fashion with flannel wear

Flannel shirts have been the most coveted wear amidst men and women. From formal men’s shirt to women’s casual summer afternoon wear, this fabric has won appreciation and accolades for its sturdiness as well as the seemingly soft texture. Fashion is changing with every passing day. And so is the way in which flannel shirts are being worn by men and women today. No one anymore sticks to the traditional code when it comes to these shirts. People are comfortable in creating their own code when it comes to fashion with flannel wear. Having said that some styles for men and women always remain classic.

Women’s fashion with flannel wear

For women the style code here ranges from being girly, classy and casual. For formal occasions women can pair up flannel shirts with their formal trousers. They can also wear it with corduroys to give it a semi-formal look. For a laid back afternoon at a friend’s farmhouse or a evening cafeteria meet they can team it up with chinos, cargos and even shorts. Some women, ranging from college students to executives, prefer a bohemian look. In such cases flannel shirts give a gypsy look when paired up with long floral skirts or mono-colored cotton or chiffon palazzos.

Bulk Flannel Shirts Supplier

Men’s fashion with flannel wear

Most men find it comfortable and stylish to sport flannel shirts in the fall winter season with the leaves falling amidst the crispy air. Teamed up with pair denim it’s just a perfect look for the season or a lazy afternoon. That is not all. Men can also pair them up with their leather jackets for any occasion. The 90’s revival look is taking up quickly in men’s fashion. Going by this man can wear it over a casual T-shirt and roll up the sleeves and make way to a pool party or a evening drive with friends.

However, to fashion your heart out with flannel it has to come in the right fit and in attractive colours. Keeping all these aspects in mind, today online suppliers and manufacturers have come up with a designer collection of flannel wear that they have showcased online. There are plenty of options for men and women. These service providers are efficient in taking bulk orders and also deliver the same on time. Bulk orders can be placed through email conversations that can also be followed up by a phone call. Purchasers can also enjoy attractive discounts and lucrative package deals on a bulk order.

A Wide Array of Chic and Trendy Women Tops by Online Suppliers

Every woman has a personal style and would want to flaunt it! When it comes to western wear, women and young girls love to clad themselves in designer, chic and stylish tops. It makes them look peppy, sporty, casual and needless to say very attractive. Available in a wide selection of styles, cuts and fits, it can be teamed up with a pair of denims, shorts, khakis, track pants, skirts, palazzos and leggings. Tops have a youthful appeal that no woman can say no to. Today trendy women’s top suppliers have introduced striking and elegant product variants to cater to the changing demands and styles.

Wholesale Women Top

Halter neck – Do you want to flaunt your perfectly toned shoulder on your friend’s birthday party? If yes, then with a halter top you will look your best. The neck line is usually V-shaped and is perfect to be paired up with a pair of denims or a crepe skirt. If you want you can also wear a shrug. Just in case you have a shoulder tattoo and want to flaunt it, a halter makes it easy for you!

Cute spunky designer shirts – If you always wanted to look a close match to the classy models that march the ramp, then this variety is for you. Trendy women’s top suppliers add groove and edge to it by choosing contrasting colour, uncommon neckline and designer sleeves. Sometimes, the overall look is that of an anti-fit, loose on the upper torso and tight on the hands, but when you wear it you know you have bagged designer apparel. It perfect to be worn in casual and party occasions.

Tops with unconventional prints – Women who love to experiment in fashion and have a knack for bold and off-the-mark designs and prints, can pamper themselves with shirts having skull and digital colour prints. Other popular varieties include the animal and Aztec prints. You have ample scopes to accessorize here – from feather ear studs to chunky bracelets and rings; everything goes well with this variety.

Ponchos and wraps – Suppliers of trendy women tops have introduced ponchos and wrap tops to cater to the feminine and elegant side of every woman. Ponchos made of georgette, silk and chiffon are extremely gorgeous and add a sensuous appeal to your look. Wraps on the other hand look like stoles and shawls and accentuates your womanly beauty.

Today Trendy women’s top suppliers have their websites where they display their entire collection that also include corset, tank, off-shoulder, sleeves monochrome, cotton and sleek spaghetti tops as well.

Wholesalers Bring Trendy Polo Shirts Back in Vogue

The simple and sober is never really out of fashion! Perhaps with the cutting edge competition where the “unusual” and the “different” gathers attention, the simple tends to lose visibility for a while. Similarly, Polo shirts were never out of the style bar. Amidst the new age slim fit and designer shirts, it just took a backseat. Designers know that these shirts are comfortable and can be worn by men from various walks of life. So this spring 2015, manufacturers have brought wholesale polo shirts back in vogue by introducing trendy designs and fits. The collection is smart, casual, and stylish and has a carefree look about it. Be it a golf course or a street side cafeteria, you are good to go!

Wholesale Polo Shirts Supplier

Types of Wholesale Polo Shirts

Long sleeves – Count this one for unpredictable weather conditions, alternating between nippy and warm. Keep the sleeves as is or roll it up to the elbows when you feel like. Pair it up with your denims and boots and its perfect for a friend’s indoor party or a date. Unlike the short sleeves that have been there for a while, this one is unique and chic.

Regular fit – Men having an athletic built are perfect to sport regular fit wholesale polo shirt. It fits the torso perfectly giving an outline of the body. Tuck in with a pair of khakis or chinos and worn with deck shoes it is a perfect spring-summer look. This type got introduced for men who have a fetish for fits in keeping with the urban style trends. It is apt for casual occasions and playing your favourite sport with your friends.

Slim fit – Formal, casual or semi-formal this is perfect for any and every occasion. It is more appropriate for men who are young and slim and are experimental when it comes to fashion. It takes your body shape and gives a slim toned look. The sleeves invariably take the shape of your arms with the abs and chest being pronounced. If you love playing basketball or tennis, this one’s a companion forever.

Original fit – Men who have gained few extra pounds and are a size more than what they used to be in their younger days, can comfortably slip into this shirt variant. It has a loose and comfortable fit and helps you to move around freely. In addition to that, the collars too are more spacey than the other types. You can sport them in a formal setting coupled with a smart jacket.

Online suppliers of trendy wholesale polo shirt offer a wide range of products for you to order in bulk. Mail them your requirement today!

A Trendy Collection for Women from Wholesale Shirts Manufacturers

Men are not the only one that loves to flaunt their shirts. The new era women too love her collars and well stitched sleeves. Alternating between the corporate sphere and other errands, shirts are worn by women of all figures, for personal and professional occasions. However, when it comes to women shirts they love to experiment with colours and patterns. Hence, the leading wholesale shirt manufacturers have come up with a vast collection for every mood and different purposes. They are made available in multiple sizes so that it fits one and all.

Wholesale Shirts Manufacturer

Career Shirts

Keeping in mind the corporate decorum and ethics, this variety is mostly available in pastel shades such as white, crème, pale blue, yellow and the like. The cut and designs draws its reference from the customary button-down shirt for men and has a professional and tailored look. The wholesale shirts manufacturers give attention to patterns, ruffles, pleating and other feminine details. Paired with pants, skirts or corduroys, it makes up for a perfect corporate wear. In meetings and seminars, you can complete the look by wearing a blazer or jacket.

Flannel shirt

Contrary to the popular misconception, not every plaid pattern can be counted for a flannel. Made of the flannel fabric it is woven loosely and is also brushed so that it gets the smooth texture. Available in a huge range and variety, women can wear it for casual and semi-formal occasions. Teaming it up with chinos or denims will make you look classy and elegant.

Trendy Tunic

Made of premium quality light fabric, a tunic shirt is a little long. It has the hemline falling absolutely below your hips. There’s a placket that remains open 1/3rd of its overall length. Some variants have collars and some don’t and are light weight. It makes up a classy evening wear when you are out with friends.

That is not all. The expert wholesale shirts manufacturers today have come up with dressy shirts that can be worm for dates, dinners and other public occasions. There are also dressy blouses that are made of silk, chiffon, satin and crepe and have a sensuous look. With an attractive neck line and fall, it dresses you up completely making you look your best.

The wholesale shirts manufacturer shave showcased all these product variants in their websites for customers browse and place bulk order. They provide timely delivery and an affordable price range.

The growing demand for wholesale clothing suppliers

Trends are like the ebbs of a tide. They keep coming and going. Whatever be it, you have to keep yourself updated with the change. For this your wardrobe must have wide array of clothing. You obviously would have to pay the price of having variety. So for this very purpose the demand for wholesale clothing supplier shave increased dramatically. Here are four reasons that make them so popular among all.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer

Cost effective

Well, that is indeed the most vital factor that comes into play. Wholesalers mainly sell their stuff in bulk. This way they are ensured of good volumes in terms of order and thereby provide the customer with better prices in return.

Quality control

Just because the rates of the products are reduced, doesn’t imply that the quality is reduced as well. The suppliers provide with the best quality product using the best raw materials only. The fabric used for clothing is of premium grade and so is the stitching. The garments are comfortable to wear and durable as well.

Plethora of garments

The suppliers offer a plethora of styles, cuts, designs, colors and sizes in garments. For men or women, they have clothes to suit people of all age groups with all kinds of taste. The shirts could vary from plain, checkered, printed, striped, denim, flannel, polo shirts to the latest trend of 3D- shirts as well. You could get the customization done as per your whims and needs.

High on fashion

The garments designed here do not lack in the fashion quotient. The color combinations, patterns and even small detailing like placket, collar, hem and buttons are done in the most aesthetic manner. The leading wholesale clothing suppliers have garments that are stylish and wearable. Hence, these are worth a buy.

Set New Trends with the Check Flannel Shirts

Are you bored of wearing the same old check shirts and want to try something new and stylish? Flannel shirts could be a wise choice for you. These shirts are made of soft woven fabrics combined with wool; sometimes cotton is also used mixed with synthetic fabrics. These shirts are very soft to wear and feel very comfortable without compromising with the style quotient. These shirts are designed to perfection mixing style with great colour combinations to give that stylish yet comfortable feel no matter how and with what you pair them with. These shirts are worth your very penny as they can be used both as formal and casual wear. They are available for both men and women looking for some trendy comfortable wear for this spring.

Check Flannel Shirts

Pair them with Denim

You can pair these checks with denim to give you that stylish casual look with comfort all the way. Get some light soft coloured checks and pair them with dark coloured denim to get the adventurous outdoor look. Add up boots, and it will complete your rough-and-tough look.

Attractive Red Check Flannel Shirts

If you want that energetic, attractive look get these red check flannel shirt pairing them with jeans or some funky coloured chinos, and you are ready to get that stylish look for beach hangouts with your friends. You can also pair these cool red check flannels with some faded denim to give you that cool trendy look different from all. Red check flannel shirt distributors are trying to keep pace with the rising demand for these trendy shirts which are in huge demand in the market.

Use as Formal wear

You can use these for your daily office work as these checks are formal in style but made of very soft materials keeping you comfortable all day long. Just pair them up with a trouser and you are ready to get compliments from your lady colleagues. These are designed in such a manner that it gives you a complete formal look.

Use as Casual Wear

These are the best all-purpose shirts which could be worn as a casual wear in all the places where you want to be unique in a cool, casual way. Pair these shirts with jeans, denim, chinos or trousers; these are sure to get the attention of all your friends. To add to your style- just get a pair of bright coloured sneakers or loafers to add to the unique style which is sure to set new trends.

Where to get these?

If you are planning to give your wardrobe a makeover and want to be in the latest trend, you must stock up these stylish flannel shirts before the distributors run out of products. There are many online distributors giving many customisation options to choose from at very attractive prices. Get them in bulk to keep your stock ready to meet the growing demand of these cool stylish shirts.

The variety that you get while picking wholesale shirts for men

Fashion is an ever-changing matrix. However, in terms of men’s style and fashion though there is never-ending innovation, but certain things remain constant. For instance, shirts are an integral aspect of men’s fashion. They have remained in vogue since many decades and shall always be, with new designer collections being launched every season and made available to mass at large. The collections are based on the latest trends, lifestyle patterns and popular demands. The final product always has an audience to cater to. Keeping all these aspects in mind, today there are eminent online service providers specializing in designer wholesale shirts for men.

Wholesale Shirts Manufacturer

Online suppliers of wholesale shirts for men, carry a vast range of products in various fits and sizes to cater to a large audience mix. They take bulk orders and have the record of timely delivery and reasonable price rates. They types of shirts that are on offer include:

Formal Cotton– This is apt for a corporate dress code. So when you have your seminars, business development meets, AGM’s and brand launches, sporting a formal cotton shirt in pastel shades and pairing it up with your formal trousers is the best combination. This will make you look classy and elegant, exactly what the corporate sphere demands.

Denims – If you are out with your girlfriend or attending a casual Sunday afternoon pool party, pair up your denim shorts with a denim top. You will look just what the occasion demands – relaxed, cool and stylish and ready to have all the fun.

Flannel – This is a stylish variety that you can sport as a casual as well as formal shirt. Flannel is an easy fabric to wear and exudes a feel good factor just by the look of it. They come in mono shades and check-box prints. So you can choose what suits your persona and style.

T-Shirts – A must have for every man. A Tee is perfect for a family luncheon, a romantic date or a casual Friday office wear. It’s smart and has a completely relaxed feel and allows you absolute agility.

Manufacturers selling wholesale shirts for men online have all these varieties in store in multiple shades and attractive designs for you to choose from. They offer quality products and run the shirts through a series of tests in order to ensure that it lasts long and is worth every penny spend by the customer. They also offer price discounts and attractive deals on bulk purchase. Log online, start browsing today!

A Top Flannel Check Shirt Supplier has a Stunning Collection to Showcas

Formal, casual or semi-formal, check shirts have always dressed up men for any and every occasion. Most men love to look elegant, simple and classy and as a result stick to cotton or denim which offers these three aspects. This spring brings yet another attractive option for men of all ages. The flannel check shirts suppliers have come up with a stylish collection of check shirts that are apt to be worn for corporate meet-ups as well as casual Friday night-outs. The look is urban, sober and cool, keeping in mind the contemporary fashion trends in men and offers complete comfort to the wearer.

Flannel Check Shirts Supplier

Simply put, a flannel check shirt supplier uses a uniform blend of wool/blended wool or cotton fabric to manufacture these shirts at bulk. The target audience for this kind of shirt is huge and includes young college students, aspiring executives, photo enthusiasts, musicians, party animals, adults and even senior citizens. The online stores offer you a mix of design to browse and choose from. Therefore, you can select as per your mood, requirement or overall personality. It carries a casual vibe that makes it easy on the body as well as the eyes. The check-boxes come in various print patterns and colour combinations and are perfect to sport as a spring or summer wear.

When it comes to pairing up a flannel check shirt you can opt in for your denims, formal pants, chinos and even khakis. It blends in equally with all. They come in full and half sleeves allowing you to arrange the sleeves the way they are comfortable to you. This kind of check shirt gives the impression of a “boy next door”, so it’s apt for a first date or a romantic day out with your partner. It allows you complete agility. Its premium quality fabric ensures that it does not react in a negative way to the body’s sweat and humidity cause rashes and allergies.

Leading flannel check shirt suppliers today have come up with their own online portal owing to the rapid pace of digitization. They keep a tab on the new age fashion trends for men and the current demands and customize their product accordingly. The synthetic fibres that these shirts make them warm which is perfect for a winter wear as well along with a stylish hoodie. In spring or summer you can use a trendy hat to complete the look. The suppliers today are efficient in accepting bulk orders and delivering them on time, completely hassle free.

Spice it up with Flannels this season!

Flannel Shirts are garments that are soft woven fabrics, combined with cotton, wool or synthetic fibres known for their warmth. Shirts made from imitation fabrics, such as winceyette and flannelette are also often referred to as “flannel shirts.” Primarily, a casual garment, they can be dressed up or down based on the style and accessories adorned with it.The most basic of flannel fashions is also the most classic. Most of these shirts feature a checked pattern, although solids are also quite in with a variety of colours.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts

How they came in fashion

In early 90s, grunge music era featured these shirts. So they later became a symbol of anti-fashion and signature styles of the grunge bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Outfit Ideas

These shirts with decorative details off late are tucked in or fitted at the waist giving it a more tailored look. If you don’t want to stick to the same routine style, there are so many other things to do with a plaid shirt, however, casual it seems. When you check out the colossal collection with one of the top flannel check shirts suppliers, you are sure to get more decking up ideas!

Tuck it in for a refined look

You can pair them up with jeans, shorts or leggings and get a peppy streamlined look with a colourful belt. If you have one of these shirts, you can wear them casually or team them up with pajamas in your sleepwear. For an effortlessly cool look you can also wear them unbuttoned over shirts and make a style statement.  Flannels are the absolute perfect layering accessory. If you have any loose-fitted tops that match the colour scheme of your flannel, try putting them on over the top.

Break up the monochrome theme

For an extra casual look, you can roll up your sleeves too. To stay comfortable while being a bit more formal, put on a flannel underneath a nice sweater or sweater vest. If it’s cold outside, a combination of flannel and quilted vest will make you ready for any outdoor adventure accessorizing it with a chunky knit scarf to stay warm.

Order Now

Flannel shirts can be worn in a million different ways. And don’t forget they are comfortable, cozy and usually inexpensive. Above all, it’s an incredible useful piece of clothing for heading outdoors in cold autumn or winter months. So if you are looking to buy comfort fit stylish flannel shirts, you can order them in bulk from a top flannel check shirts supplier.

Halter Neck Tops For The Sassy Ladies

For a preppy look, women are always on the lookout for new styles of clothing. Regular tops and shirts can become boring at times. To bring out a refreshing change to your ensemble, you can opt for halter neck tops. These tops can be teamed with short skirts for a sassy look or with denims to make it look little casual. These tops generally have a button closure at the back or some come with tie-up on the back. There are various designs in this particular style of tops of which the most noted ones are:

Halter Neck Women Top

Beaded and embellished detail

Halter neck tops with beaded and embellished detailing along the halter neckline and straps looks very glamorous indeed. Tops with such adornments can be worn to dinner parties and night clubs as well.

Monochromatic halter tops

Tops in single bright colors look very vibrant. Layered hemlines add grace to this top. Red, black, blue and white are the most sought colors in this particular style.

Sequins studded halter tops in black

This is the ultimate wear for discos and pubs. These tops with sequins done all over look very captivating! The lighting of the disco makes this top shimmer and glaze even more. You can team it with a short skirt and high heels for the high glam quotient.

Floral printed top

These tops look trendy. The prints generally come in contrasting colors to make it more pronounced. You can team it with skinny jeans, skirt or colored pants and sandals for a chic weekend look.

You can even design your very own halter neck top using your fashion knowledge and designing skills. To get these tops at pocket friendly prices, search online for a manufacturer who can give you the color and pattern you desire.

Complete Stunning & Breathtaking Flannels in Bulk

Flannel trends all we know that it never get fade away it’s a trendy fashion clothing’s that stayed on every season. These basic flannel shirts are very versatile and easily get pair up with every classic, formal and party apparel’s because of these properties they are very commonly available in every wardrobe so, investment on these flannel shirts are never getting down or outdated for the upcoming fall & winter season oasis shirts introduce the most stunning wide range of wholesale flannel shirts at very affordable range. Get your own customized wholesale flannels pack with new accessorize that complete your boutique inventory.

flannels in bulk



Vintage check shirts are in this season

Stripes and checks are a pattern that would never get detached from shirts and casual bottoms. They have been a part and parcel of the patterns-on-shirts industry since ages. The sleek, clean cut, precise forms of checks and stripes makes them a must in every one’s wardrobe. Irrespective of the material, stripes and checks have been a dominant part of the apparel industry.

And similarly the style of vintage shall remain a never-to-die style for one and all. And with the perfect blend of vintage essence and stripes or checks- comes something that is classic and enigmatic. It adds a rustic look to anyone wearing the apparel, irrespective of age or gender. This blend of vintage with stripes and especially vintage with checks is a global trend that attracts fashionistas in all corners of the world.

Vintage Check Shirts Supplier
Vintage Check Shirts Supplier

The evergreen shirting style

Be it cotton, or a blend of cotton with nylon or any other material; vintage checks are a classic style of shirting that send every man seeking at least a piece in his wardrobe. Eyeing the trends, the top shirts manufacturers and suppliers are everyday coming up with new styles of vintage checked shirts in various vintage color styles.

In various materials and textures, variety of designs and cuts- the vintage check shirt has thus made a headlong entry to the fashionable man’s wardrobe. Be it any retailer or clothe line or manufacturer and supplier; everyone has that must classic piece of shirt in their collections. The fact that this simple, subtle piece of apparel grants a casual as well as formal look equally to the wearer, has made it more popular in recent times. The vintage checked shirt is both classic and formal as well can make you look highly colorful and enigmatic as per your overall get up and of course the mood of the moment.

Grab your pick

Hence whole sale buyers are running round the corner bunking up their closets with the collection this season, with comfortable material keeping in mind the approaching summers. If you are cleaning up your winter wardrobe and have just picked up the task doing your spring summer and summer wardrobe, run fast to any of the top and well known shirts and apparel manufacturer and supplier and have your possession of the town’s hottest trending apparel- the vintage checked shirts.