Wholesalers Bring Trendy Polo Shirts Back in Vogue

The simple and sober is never really out of fashion! Perhaps with the cutting edge competition where the “unusual” and the “different” gathers attention, the simple tends to lose visibility for a while. Similarly, Polo shirts were never out of the style bar. Amidst the new age slim fit and designer shirts, it just took a backseat. Designers know that these shirts are comfortable and can be worn by men from various walks of life. So this spring 2015, manufacturers have brought wholesale polo shirts back in vogue by introducing trendy designs and fits. The collection is smart, casual, and stylish and has a carefree look about it. Be it a golf course or a street side cafeteria, you are good to go!

Types of Wholesale Polo Shirts

Long sleeves – Count this one for unpredictable weather conditions, alternating between nippy and warm. Keep the sleeves as is or roll it up to the elbows when you feel like. Pair it up with your denims and boots and its perfect for a friend’s indoor party or a date. Unlike the short sleeves that have been there for a while, this one is unique and chic.

Regular fit – Men having an athletic built are perfect to sport regular fit wholesale polo shirt. It fits the torso perfectly giving an outline of the body. Tuck in with a pair of khakis or chinos and worn with deck shoes it is a perfect spring-summer look. This type got introduced for men who have a fetish for fits in keeping with the urban style trends. It is apt for casual occasions and playing your favourite sport with your friends.

Slim fit – Formal, casual or semi-formal this is perfect for any and every occasion. It is more appropriate for men who are young and slim and are experimental when it comes to fashion. It takes your body shape and gives a slim toned look. The sleeves invariably take the shape of your arms with the abs and chest being pronounced. If you love playing basketball or tennis, this one’s a companion forever.

Original fit – Men who have gained few extra pounds and are a size more than what they used to be in their younger days, can comfortably slip into this shirt variant. It has a loose and comfortable fit and helps you to move around freely. In addition to that, the collars too are more spacey than the other types. You can sport them in a formal setting coupled with a smart jacket.

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