Spice it up with Flannels this Season!

Flannel Shirts are garments that are soft woven fabrics, combined with cotton, wool or synthetic fibres known for their warmth. Shirts made from imitation fabrics, such as winceyette and flannelette are also often referred to as “flannel shirts.” Primarily, a casual garment, they can be dressed up or down based on the style and accessories adorned with it. The most basic of flannel fashions is also the most classic. Most of these shirts feature a checked pattern, although solids are also quite in with a variety of colours.

How they came in fashion

In early 90s, grunge music era featured these shirts. So they later became a symbol of anti-fashion and signature styles of the grunge bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Outfit Ideas

These shirts with decorative details off late are tucked in or fitted at the waist giving it a more tailored look. If you don’t want to stick to the same routine style, there are so many other things to do with a plaid shirt, however, casual it seems. When you check out the colossal collection with one of the top flannel check shirts suppliers, you are sure to get more decking up ideas!

Tuck it in for a refined look

You can pair them up with jeans, shorts or leggings and get a peppy streamlined look with a colourful belt. If you have one of these shirts, you can wear them casually or team them up with pajamas in your sleepwear. For an effortlessly cool look you can also wear them unbuttoned over shirts and make a style statement. Flannels are the absolute perfect layering accessory. If you have any loose-fitted tops that match the colour scheme of your flannel, try putting them on over the top.

Break up the monochrome theme

For an extra casual look, you can roll up your sleeves too. To stay comfortable while being a bit more formal, put on a flannel underneath a nice sweater or sweater vest. If it’s cold outside, a combination of flannel and quilted vest will make you ready for any outdoor adventure accessorizing it with a chunky knit scarf to stay warm.

Order Now

Flannel shirts can be worn in a million different ways. And don’t forget they are comfortable, cozy and usually inexpensive. Above all, it’s an incredible useful piece of clothing for heading outdoors in cold autumn or winter months. So if you are looking to buy comfort fit stylish flannel shirts, you can order them in bulk from a top flannel check shirts supplier.


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