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4 Kinds of Shirts You Must Have in Your Private Label Clothing Line!

Shirts are an indispensable part in any clothing retail shop and a good collection of it can get someone ahead a long way. However, if you don’t come up with variation as a private label owner, things might get quite difficult and people might stop relating to your understanding of popular fashion. To avoid such incidences, one should order these 4 types of shirt from a reputed private label shirts manufacturer. Not only will these shirts better your sales, but also connect with your clients who will clearly see a lot more option as far as style is concerned.

 So, let’s take a look at the trending shirts this coming season –

private label dress shirts supplier

  1. Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts are probably the mascot of casual and semi-casual shirts and have multiple utilities. They can be easily worn in any kind of day look and that is what makes them such a hit amongst buyers. For a private label clothing, having a good and unique plaid shirt collection is absolutely essential because it would attract a lot of customers who are looking to experiment new looks with this fashion. Also, plaid shirts are great for all types of endeavours when it comes to summer style and will always be an intelligent option!

  1. Dress Shirts

Another very versatile type of shirt, these are the epitome of corporate formal wear. Customers love dress shirts in a variety of color with each size fitting to perfection. They pair it with slim ties and creased pants to bring out the underlying regal beauty in this shirt. As a private label owner, having a dress shirt collection is imperative as it will get you a lot of financially stable customers like office goers, bankers, investment brokers, etc. And those are not the type of customers you would want to lose being a private label manufacturer.

  1. Designer Shirts

But all of life isn’t about casual day looks or super formal corporate looks; some shirts are there just to amp the style factor and make it your staple for all the club hopping you do on the weekends. Designer shirts mostly come with whacky designs under the cuffs for when you roll them high, it will show something that is unique and attractive. These shirts are your perfect companion to hit house parties as well – the fancy ones. Coming in a variety of fabric combinations like velvet and silk, these shirts have plenty of options to revamp anyone’s wardrobe.

  1. Denim Shirts

When placing your order to a private label shirts manufacturer, never forget about denim shirts – these shirts have become quite the personification of a multipurpose shirt that works great with all kinds of dress ups and can be worn at more than one type of event. Plus they are immensely durable and stylish, which makes them a must have for shirt lovers.

Having a good denim shirt collection will not only please your clients but make you a wholesome private label owner with all kinds of fashion availability. So, what are you still waiting for? Get set and start making the right choices while bulk ordering shorts from your trusted manufacturer!

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4 Kinds of Shirts You Must Have in Your Private Label Clothing Line!


Why wear Shirts More Often for this Coming Season?

Shirts have been quite the staple of men and women’s wardrobes over the years and have been in constant unsaid competition for wardrobe space with their arch rivals – tee shirts. However, all of this is going to change this season and this blog brings you plenty of reason why you should wear shirts over tees and how it could elevate your personality. After reading all of it, you will surely see the potential that this apparel has and will make a clear winner in your mind – once and for all. Now let’s take a look –

  1. They add Gravitas

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, when you wear a wholesale shirt, you whole physical image changes and you start looking much more serious and authoritative. You must have seen the difference yourself between when you wear a shirt and when you wear a tee shirt or top. The reason for this is, no matter what kind of shirt you wear, these apparels exude a certain formal aura about them that is completely different from any other top level garment.

shirts manufacturer Aystralia

  1. Plenty of Styling Options

When wearing shirts, there are plenty of ways one can go about the styling. You could wear your sleeves buttoned, or wear a half sleeve or a rolled up one for the summer look. You could also layer it with tees if it so pleases you and give t shirts everything they were missing. Shirts can be worn buttoned up right to the collar or buttoned down to give subtle sneak peek of your body! Whichever way you want it – these are probably the most flexible apparel to exist.

  1. So Much Variation

Tee shirts generally come in two or three kind of variations; a graphic tee shirt, a basic t shirt, and a printed tee shirt. Fortunately for shirt suppliers and wearers, these apparel have a lot more differences even though it is bound by some cut or design. Shirts come as dress shirts made from silk and premium fabrics for the high class sophisticated look, plain cotton monochromes for the summer look, flannel plaid for all seasons, and many more. It is easy for a person to wear only shirts and yet never be bored or repetitive with their wardrobe.

  1. Multi-tasker

This is probably one of the best features of wearing a shirt. If you had a party to go to after work and did not want to carry something to work, exclusively for that purpose, you could very well wear a fancy yet formal shirt with a great pair of trousers and you would be good for both the events. One couldn’t say the same about a tee shirt being such a multi-tasker.

With so many reasons to choose shirts over tees this summer season, you’d surprise anyone if you were to wait around deciding whether you want more shirts. Buy your shirts from retailers who bulk order from a wholesale shirt manufacturer!


Why wear Shirts More Often for this Coming Season?


Wear Polo the Right Way this summer with These 5 Styles!

Polo fashion has long been one of the trade marked variants of men’s style and yet, in most cases today, it still looks the same. In spite of so much opportunity, people don’t generally experiment with polo and that is what has brought it to a standstill. However, you can bid the same old bye-bye and give yourself the chance to discover new things with your favorite classic polo shirts.

These 3 styles will help you see how flexible the polo is and make you value it further –

designer polo shirts wholesale

  1. Printed Polos

Move over monochrome polos, printed is the new king in town and surely gives polo lovers a lot more options when it comes to shifting things up. While there are many prints, the vertical linear prints that divide the shirt into 2 or 3 different colors give it a semi- formal edge for things a bit more serious than casual.

One could button it up and wear it with chinos and sneakers to give the look an informal appeal. It will be a refreshing change from the regular kind of polo tees you wear. In fact, you could find these designer polo shirts wholesale with bulk retailers who order directly from manufacturers.

  1. Long Sleeve Polos

 Summer heat could be hard on your naked forearms and long sleeve polo tee shirts are a good idea to protect your skin. Also, these polo variants are extremely stylish and look great on people with muscular and defined bodies.

Made from light weight material, these offer plenty of flexibility and are available in prints as well as monochromes. One could pair with straight fit hipster jeans and add in a pair of high ankle boots to transform the way they wear polo. Now, top polo shirt manufacturers USA also produce this specific type of polo for apparel retailers around the world.  

  1. Fluorescent Polo Tees

Polos are not boring if you choose to make them exciting and that is exactly what fluorescent polo tees do for you. They are colorful, just the right amount for a summer day look. To balance the enthusiasm perfectly, one can wear dull colored pants – beige would be a great example. Fluorescent polo tees can be paired well with anything from sandals to loafers and even boots.

All of these 3 polo styles are not something one gets to look at every now and then on the road during summer. They are unique, classy, and add an extra dynamic to your personality that makes people acknowledge that you are not afraid to think out of the box. So, why not enjoy a different track where polo tees are concerned this season and challenge the limitations of conventional formal fashion?


Wear Polo the Right Way this summer with These 5 Styles!


4 Inspiring Flannel Fashion to Rock Cool and Casual In 2018

Flannel has been the topic of discussion throughout the season and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The fabric has become quite the favorite of masses and people are trending with wholesale flannel shirts varieties to beat the summer heat and wear the classic prints.

Thus, to help this cause further and make this summer more flannel friendly, this blog has put together 4 of the most inspiring flannel fashion trends to go for this summer. They are cool and casual, and uphold the spirit of the season in every possible way!

Here’s a look at our collection –

1. Go Sleeveless

Unless you can find a sleeveless flannel shirt, you will have to mod on this one. Take an old (or new) flannel shirt and wear it to flatter those guns you have been working out for. You could also use this shirt to layer on a basic white shirt.

Who is it for: For anyone with flattering biceps, tattoo sleeves, and/or enough confidence to pull it off. This look could go great with basic black denims folded at the ankles and paired with desert boots to give it a really rugged look. A pair of aviators or wayfarers to beat the summer glaze is also a good idea.

sleeveless flannel shirts

2. Half Sleeve Flannel Style

This one’s a bit more on the conventional side but that doesn’t take anything away from the awe it inspires. Flannel half shirts look great tucked in when khaki chinos and boots that will make any other man feel underdressed.

Accessorize it with: A leather or metal band chronograph would be great to go with this look. Also, if one is going for a more street outfit, they could wear a leather bracelet. The flexibility of this outfit makes it unique and you could even give it a boho Eastern twist with leather sandals underneath and jet black fitted ankle length jeans above it.

half sleeve flannel shirts manufacturer

3. Flannel with Shorts

Shorts are a summer staple and wearing it with flannel makes it even more of a summer brand. Go for a light blue plaid shirt and tuck it in with beige linen shirts and dark brown belt and loafers. This look is definitely one to make the bill boards if carried with proper confidence and accessories.

Pro tip: Match your watch with belt and shoes to give it a sophisticated twist and make sure you don’t forget to add on your pair of favorite shades – because beating the heat is more important than anything else.

This is one of the main looks that flannel shirts manufacturer companies all over the country use for advertising their summer collection.

check flannel women top

4. Wear Your Plaid Shirt on Your Hip

Ok, this look doesn’t actually require you to wear the shirt. All you need to do is wear your checked flannel shirt around your hip and wear a light solid colored basic V-neck half sleeved tee on top. Straight fit hipster jeans will be a great addition to the look and so will ankle length boots be.

All of these looks are cool and summer friendly, but they have one thing in common. They simply make you a head turner and inspire awe from other people. Isn’t that what any fashion savvy person would want?


4 Inspiring Flannel Fashion to Rock Cool and Casual In 2018


A Comprehensive Checklist That Will Help Shirt Retailers Become a Distributor

Distribution is often defined as the business model wherein the retailer acquires products from a manufacturer and distributes it to other retailers and store owners. With the increasing popularity of shirts, the need for distributors has also grown significantly. Product distribution is lucrative and has high rewards for the retailers engaging in it. However, there is a particular process which should be followed if success is the end game. Here is a checklist that informs you on what to do, particularly in that order, to make things easier for you. Keep reading to know more.

wholesale shirts distributors

  • Decide on a strategy: No business plan can move forth without a proper strategy to go by. To become a shirts distributor, you need to first chalk down the rest of the points like which manufacturer will you tie up with, who will you distribute the shirts to, how much profit do you aim to make per year, and ultimately, what is the motive or aim of your company. Having the basic ideas and strategies sketched can help you decide on the right step of action.
  • Analyze the industry you are in: Fashion is an integral part of existence. But the fashion circuit is huge involving a vast number of apparels and accessories. If you have picked on shirts as a mode of your distribution business, understand the aspects of the shirts’ industry. For instance, flannel and denim are both popular forms of shirts, however, which is in demand right at this moment is worth knowing. To survive in the market, you need to know the market.
  • Start building relationships with shirts’ manufacturers: Networking is the foundation of all distribution business. As a retailer, you need to acquire the pieces in bulk from a manufacturer. This indicates that you need to have a good connection with the manufacturers. The term ‘good manufacturer’ is highly indicative. A reliable partner would be one who offers quality shirts (because that is the crux of all clothing business) and unperturbed services like discounts on bulk purchase and free shipping. Your ideas must match the manufacturers for a successful partnership. Once you have found the right wholesale bulk clothing distributors, forge a trustworthy connection to start the business immediately.
  • Get your license: To operate as a distributor you need to have a proper license that permits you action in your respective location and market. Do not dare start a business without a legal permit for it can end in everything on a bad note. Do some research as to from where to get the license before finalizing everything.
  • Sort out the logistics: Most manufacturers who operate as wholesale shirts distributors as well will ask you this question first. They would want to know where you plan to store the shirts before you start distributing them. Inventory is a monumental component in the distribution business model. If you already don’t have a storage place, search for one that suits your need. Remember to sign an agreement to avoid unwanted troubles. Once the logistic is sorted move on to the next step.
  • Start building relationships with retailers: To become a distributor, you need to have clients. Finding retailers and store owners who would want to strike a deal with you is important. Again, networking is what comes to play here. Research online and find out stores near your area. Approach the store owners with the products and proposals you are willing to offer. Once they are convinced, you can successfully start the process.
  • Set up a helpdesk and be available: Just distributing the shirts to the clients will not be sufficient if you truly want to expand your business and succeed. You need to have to cater to them appropriately so as to build a strong network and garner a good reputation in the industry. Set up an emergency helpdesk and make it available all the time. So that, in time of need, your clients can reach you on time. Reliability is the key to success, and your company should offer it in abundance.

If you keep this checklist in mind when starting your distribution business, success is inevitable. Follow the above-mentioned steps in that particular order to become a distributor. Get in touch with the top shirts’ manufacturers and acquire their distributor kit today!


A Comprehensive Checklist That Will Help Shirt Retailers Become a Distributor


3 Different Types of Shirts That Private Label Owners Must Have In Their Collection

Men’s clothing department has improved significantly over the last few decades. For instance, the number of varying options for shirts has increased. From flannel to denim, formal to casual, the choices are wide. These have become a staple for all men and are widely popular all over the world.

If you are a private label owner of shirts, there are a few variations for shirts you must have in your collection. To get an idea about the same, keep reading the following points.

wholesale private label shirts

Oxford Shirts

Before beginning to elucidate on oxford shirts, it is important to mention that there are many significant differences between an oxford shirt and dress shirts; though the former is considered to be a part of the latter category. This type of button-down is made significantly from a weave of fabric called Oxford, which is further made from basket weave. Oxford shirts feature button-down collars which lend it a more casual or semi-casual appeal. It is highly associated with preppy Ivy League look for its sense of comfort. Wholesale private label shirts manufacturers incorporate a wide range of subtle shades to the versions to give its appearance a boost.

Dress Shirts

Worn in combination with a blazer or a suit, dress shirts have stiff collars which give a more conventional appeal. Dress shirts are less than a formal shirt but more than a casual one. This kind of places them in a mid-position of comfort and suitable for a wide number of occasions, especially for business meetings and semi-formal gatherings. The funny fact about dress shirts is that they come in a particular prescribed range of shades- white, light blue, light pink and lavender. They also have a limited number of patterns showcased which includes solid, stripes and checks only. Private label dress shirts manufacturers construct the dress shirts with cotton.

Sport Shirts

A continuation of confusion ensues when sports shirts are taken into consideration. Just like the previous two versions, the line of difference between sports shirts and dress shirts is blurred. However, some significant difference still exists. For instance, a dress shirt has stiffer collars and neutral colors as opposed to sports shirts which contain bolder and brighter patterns with less stiff collars and pockets (which may be missing from the former versions). Also, this type of shirt can be made of comfortable fabrics like denim, and blend of cotton and polyester. These are perfect for everyday casual use and often get categorized as “casual shirts”.

Thus, if want to start your own business with shirts, definitely add these three types to your collection to reach out to more customers. Top private label shirts manufacturer is offering provisions to the retailers to establish or expand their business by constructing men’s shirts using their personal designs. Register today to craft fashionable shirts for men while availing discounts on bulk purchase.


3 Different Types of Shirts That Private Label Owners Must Have In Their Collection 


3 Clothing Pieces That Have Defied Gender Roles and Become Ubiquitous

On the International Women’s Day, when the world is coming together to celebrate women and womanhood, the fashion industry has different plans of its own. Rather than fighting the vices of gender bias head-on, the circuit has taken on a separate fight. The fight to establish certain clothing pieces which don’t agree with the double standards of gender prejudice. These clothing pieces have defied all taboos of clothes being linked with masculinity and emerged victorious, getting accepted as unisex pieces. Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out.

Flannel clothes

It is pretty obvious that flannel was, once upon a time, limited to men’s wardrobe only. Given that these were constructed to keep the “male” farmers warm from the cold Scottish winds, flannel resulted in gender bias for a very long time. During its high time, kilts (tartan plaid flannel skirts for men) were the most popular piece made of flannel, and yes, they were worn by men.

For the next few centuries, flannel as a fabric was used by the male members of the royal family. When introduced to the westerners, flannel again got limited to lumberjacks and cowboys (again male-dominated industries). Even the 90s rock music was subjugated by men with very few female participants. Later during that era, women started sporting flannel clothes but only in the form of skirts and jackets.

It was only after the resurrection of flannel in the industry a few seasons back that flannel clothing became unisex clothing, equally in demand from both the genders. Most designers now craft flannel clothes that can be worn by both men and women.

After centuries of being limited to men only, flannel clothes have finally broken the gender rules and emerged triumphantly. No wonder, women are leading the flannel industry with such undeniable panache.

flannel shirts manufacturer

Maternity clothes

If you rewind a few years back, you will notice that there was no existence of maternity clothes as such. Moms-to-be would wear the oversized tees, shirts, and pants belonging to their husbands and boyfriends. Although there is nothing wrong with wearing the significant other’s clothes, pregnancy demanded more comfortable apparels.

These women would fight for ease because the ones they wore failed to provide any. Their changing body and growing belly would become difficult to accommodate in the old coarse clothes. Picking up each of these factors, enthusiasts started designing maternity clothes.

From t-shirts to maxi dresses, pants to tops, jackets to shoes everything got included in the category. These pieces were comfortable to wear because of their quality make and were in sync with the latest trends in the fashion industry. These maternity clothes balanced function and fashion with such effectiveness that they rose to prominence. Pregnancy would now not limit the new mommies from wearing fashionable clothes. They wouldn’t have to adjust with old clothes. They wouldn’t have to choose between comfort and style. They could get it all with varieties in the maternity clothing section. The introduction of maternity clothes is a huge win for women who undergo so many hardships to give birth to a new life.


First introduced as an undergarment, the use of t-shirt was limited to men only. Sailors and soldiers would wear tees underneath their clothes to keep themselves warm and protected. The comfort providing qualities of a t-shirt was highly valued by the hard-working men. With time, these comfort pieces entered the mainstream fashion circuit.

The newer varieties had the same ease but looked much better than the previous solid white versions. Slogans, prints, and patterns were added in abundance to the t-shirts so as to give them a sophisticated boost. All this while, they were worn by men only.

wholesale women t-shirts

It was in the 50s that t-shirts started breaking the norms and a few rebellious women sported them with another biased clothing piece, jeans. The tees worn by the lassies were, however, simple and came in a solid shade of white only. By this time the gender role became so prominent that by the 60s, t-shirts started becoming associated with defiant women. With variations like crop tops becoming popular, the conventional t-shirt started getting limited again.

This trend continued till the 90s when sitcoms become prominent and actresses started dawning t-shirts with shorts and miniskirts. The oversized variations also became popular and just like that; tees were now a household item, notwithstanding the assigned gender roles. Today, women love wearing t-shirts with bold slogans and quirky prints, and the piece has become a part of the most common casual ensemble.

There are many such clothes which have become ubiquitous after a long fight. Clothes can and don’t have gender, and they should not be held as a symbol of either masculinity or femininity. You are free to wear whatever you are comfortable with. Fashion is for everyone. And with such charming clothing pieces, it seems unfair that they are limited to use by men only.

The above-mentioned pieces have fought prescribed gender roles and have emerged victoriously. This International Women’s Day, let us all unite and live harmoniously. Fashion is just a reflection of the society; cohesive fashion trends mean united society. So let’s use these clothing pieces as examples and defy gender roles.


3 Clothing Pieces That Have Defied Gender Roles And Become Ubiquitous


4 Fashionable Denim Shirt Styles for Men That Are In Fashionable Today!

Denim shirts are the new cotton in today’s day and age. They are in style and good for all seasons because of the variety in denim material today. But, why are people getting so much into these shirts?

The reason is quite simple. They are very durable and give a rugged appeal to any of its users. Also, one can really step their fashion up with faded denim shirts or any other variety.

With so much getting into the style scenario now, this blog is going to help you pick out your denim shirts selectively and make it work.

wholesale mens denim shirts

Take a look –

  1. Wearing denims with cotton trousers

Denim shirts really turn the tide upside down when you match it up with cotton trousers. They can give you an office look that is out-of-the- box and yet create a relatable dressing sense ay your workplace.

Even shirt suppliers have understood the phenom of denim shirts and are really upping their distribution to retailers.

  1. Go Hipster with distressed jeans

Fitted distressed jeans is the rebellious kids’ uniform and with denim shirts it has started to become even more so. Wear it with combat boots (unisex look) or heels (for women) and you can easily be the most stylish kid on the block, no questions asked!

Also, one could accessorize with fedoras, sunglasses or scarves to give a new dynamic to their hipster look. Oh, and don’t forget wide-rimmed glasses for the alternative look!

  1. Dare to Layer

The reason why wholesale bulk shirts manufacturers keep denim shirts on the top 5 of their production list is because it is perfect layering shirt. From basic tees in monochromes to contrasting graphic tees, it’s all part of the game.

Get creative with your fashion and in no time, it’s going to make a real difference. Underneath, you can go from anywhere between solid color chinos to jeans – whatever you feel you can carry well enough.

  1. Patchwork Denim Shirts

Everyone likes a bit of patchwork on their avant-garde clothing, and these shirts are just that. Wearing them with baggy cargoes is a real winner, and one could really go hip with these products.

A top-rated shirts manufacturer is adding this variety in their voluminous catalog. This way, retailers are happy as they can source such stock from a manufacturing unit. This, in turn, makes the single buyers happy!

These are the 4 denim shirt styles that are totally in this season. People all over the world are keeping up with this trend and the day is not far away the denim shorts become a staple for both the sexes.

So, keep following up!


4 Fashionable Denim Shirt Styles for Men That Are In Fashionable Today!