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3 Different Types of Shirts That Private Label Owners Must Have In Their Collection

Men’s clothing department has improved significantly over the last few decades. For instance, the number of varying options for shirts has increased. From flannel to denim, formal to casual, the choices are wide. These have become a staple for all men and are widely popular all over the world.

If you are a private label owner of shirts, there are a few variations for shirts you must have in your collection. To get an idea about the same, keep reading the following points.

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Oxford Shirts

Before beginning to elucidate on oxford shirts, it is important to mention that there are many significant differences between an oxford shirt and dress shirts; though the former is considered to be a part of the latter category. This type of button-down is made significantly from a weave of fabric called Oxford, which is further made from basket weave. Oxford shirts feature button-down collars which lend it a more casual or semi-casual appeal. It is highly associated with preppy Ivy League look for its sense of comfort. Wholesale private label shirts manufacturers incorporate a wide range of subtle shades to the versions to give its appearance a boost.

Dress Shirts

Worn in combination with a blazer or a suit, dress shirts have stiff collars which give a more conventional appeal. Dress shirts are less than a formal shirt but more than a casual one. This kind of places them in a mid-position of comfort and suitable for a wide number of occasions, especially for business meetings and semi-formal gatherings. The funny fact about dress shirts is that they come in a particular prescribed range of shades- white, light blue, light pink and lavender. They also have a limited number of patterns showcased which includes solid, stripes and checks only. Private label dress shirts manufacturers construct the dress shirts with cotton.

Sport Shirts

A continuation of confusion ensues when sports shirts are taken into consideration. Just like the previous two versions, the line of difference between sports shirts and dress shirts is blurred. However, some significant difference still exists. For instance, a dress shirt has stiffer collars and neutral colors as opposed to sports shirts which contain bolder and brighter patterns with less stiff collars and pockets (which may be missing from the former versions). Also, this type of shirt can be made of comfortable fabrics like denim, and blend of cotton and polyester. These are perfect for everyday casual use and often get categorized as “casual shirts”.

Thus, if want to start your own business with shirts, definitely add these three types to your collection to reach out to more customers. Top private label shirts manufacturer is offering provisions to the retailers to establish or expand their business by constructing men’s shirts using their personal designs. Register today to craft fashionable shirts for men while availing discounts on bulk purchase.


3 Different Types of Shirts That Private Label Owners Must Have In Their Collection