Why wear Shirts More Often for this Coming Season?

Shirts have been quite the staple of men and women’s wardrobes over the years and have been in constant unsaid competition for wardrobe space with their arch rivals – tee shirts. However, all of this is going to change this season and this blog brings you plenty of reason why you should wear shirts over tees and how it could elevate your personality. After reading all of it, you will surely see the potential that this apparel has and will make a clear winner in your mind – once and for all. Now let’s take a look –

  1. They add Gravitas

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, when you wear a wholesale shirt, you whole physical image changes and you start looking much more serious and authoritative. You must have seen the difference yourself between when you wear a shirt and when you wear a tee shirt or top. The reason for this is, no matter what kind of shirt you wear, these apparels exude a certain formal aura about them that is completely different from any other top level garment.

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  1. Plenty of Styling Options

When wearing shirts, there are plenty of ways one can go about the styling. You could wear your sleeves buttoned, or wear a half sleeve or a rolled up one for the summer look. You could also layer it with tees if it so pleases you and give t shirts everything they were missing. Shirts can be worn buttoned up right to the collar or buttoned down to give subtle sneak peek of your body! Whichever way you want it – these are probably the most flexible apparel to exist.

  1. So Much Variation

Tee shirts generally come in two or three kind of variations; a graphic tee shirt, a basic t shirt, and a printed tee shirt. Fortunately for shirt suppliers and wearers, these apparel have a lot more differences even though it is bound by some cut or design. Shirts come as dress shirts made from silk and premium fabrics for the high class sophisticated look, plain cotton monochromes for the summer look, flannel plaid for all seasons, and many more. It is easy for a person to wear only shirts and yet never be bored or repetitive with their wardrobe.

  1. Multi-tasker

This is probably one of the best features of wearing a shirt. If you had a party to go to after work and did not want to carry something to work, exclusively for that purpose, you could very well wear a fancy yet formal shirt with a great pair of trousers and you would be good for both the events. One couldn’t say the same about a tee shirt being such a multi-tasker.

With so many reasons to choose shirts over tees this summer season, you’d surprise anyone if you were to wait around deciding whether you want more shirts. Buy your shirts from retailers who bulk order from a wholesale shirt manufacturer!


Why wear Shirts More Often for this Coming Season?



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