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Wear Polo the Right Way this summer with These 5 Styles!

Polo fashion has long been one of the trade marked variants of men’s style and yet, in most cases today, it still looks the same. In spite of so much opportunity, people don’t generally experiment with polo and that is what has brought it to a standstill. However, you can bid the same old bye-bye and give yourself the chance to discover new things with your favorite classic polo shirts.

These 3 styles will help you see how flexible the polo is and make you value it further –

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  1. Printed Polos

Move over monochrome polos, printed is the new king in town and surely gives polo lovers a lot more options when it comes to shifting things up. While there are many prints, the vertical linear prints that divide the shirt into 2 or 3 different colors give it a semi- formal edge for things a bit more serious than casual.

One could button it up and wear it with chinos and sneakers to give the look an informal appeal. It will be a refreshing change from the regular kind of polo tees you wear. In fact, you could find these designer polo shirts wholesale with bulk retailers who order directly from manufacturers.

  1. Long Sleeve Polos

 Summer heat could be hard on your naked forearms and long sleeve polo tee shirts are a good idea to protect your skin. Also, these polo variants are extremely stylish and look great on people with muscular and defined bodies.

Made from light weight material, these offer plenty of flexibility and are available in prints as well as monochromes. One could pair with straight fit hipster jeans and add in a pair of high ankle boots to transform the way they wear polo. Now, top polo shirt manufacturers USA also produce this specific type of polo for apparel retailers around the world.  

  1. Fluorescent Polo Tees

Polos are not boring if you choose to make them exciting and that is exactly what fluorescent polo tees do for you. They are colorful, just the right amount for a summer day look. To balance the enthusiasm perfectly, one can wear dull colored pants – beige would be a great example. Fluorescent polo tees can be paired well with anything from sandals to loafers and even boots.

All of these 3 polo styles are not something one gets to look at every now and then on the road during summer. They are unique, classy, and add an extra dynamic to your personality that makes people acknowledge that you are not afraid to think out of the box. So, why not enjoy a different track where polo tees are concerned this season and challenge the limitations of conventional formal fashion?


Wear Polo the Right Way this summer with These 5 Styles!