A Comprehensive Checklist That Will Help Shirt Retailers Become a Distributor

Distribution is often defined as the business model wherein the retailer acquires products from a manufacturer and distributes it to other retailers and store owners. With the increasing popularity of shirts, the need for distributors has also grown significantly. Product distribution is lucrative and has high rewards for the retailers engaging in it. However, there is a particular process which should be followed if success is the end game. Here is a checklist that informs you on what to do, particularly in that order, to make things easier for you. Keep reading to know more.

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  • Decide on a strategy: No business plan can move forth without a proper strategy to go by. To become a shirts distributor, you need to first chalk down the rest of the points like which manufacturer will you tie up with, who will you distribute the shirts to, how much profit do you aim to make per year, and ultimately, what is the motive or aim of your company. Having the basic ideas and strategies sketched can help you decide on the right step of action.
  • Analyze the industry you are in: Fashion is an integral part of existence. But the fashion circuit is huge involving a vast number of apparels and accessories. If you have picked on shirts as a mode of your distribution business, understand the aspects of the shirts’ industry. For instance, flannel and denim are both popular forms of shirts, however, which is in demand right at this moment is worth knowing. To survive in the market, you need to know the market.
  • Start building relationships with shirts’ manufacturers: Networking is the foundation of all distribution business. As a retailer, you need to acquire the pieces in bulk from a manufacturer. This indicates that you need to have a good connection with the manufacturers. The term ‘good manufacturer’ is highly indicative. A reliable partner would be one who offers quality shirts (because that is the crux of all clothing business) and unperturbed services like discounts on bulk purchase and free shipping. Your ideas must match the manufacturers for a successful partnership. Once you have found the right wholesale bulk clothing distributors, forge a trustworthy connection to start the business immediately.
  • Get your license: To operate as a distributor you need to have a proper license that permits you action in your respective location and market. Do not dare start a business without a legal permit for it can end in everything on a bad note. Do some research as to from where to get the license before finalizing everything.
  • Sort out the logistics: Most manufacturers who operate as wholesale shirts distributors as well will ask you this question first. They would want to know where you plan to store the shirts before you start distributing them. Inventory is a monumental component in the distribution business model. If you already don’t have a storage place, search for one that suits your need. Remember to sign an agreement to avoid unwanted troubles. Once the logistic is sorted move on to the next step.
  • Start building relationships with retailers: To become a distributor, you need to have clients. Finding retailers and store owners who would want to strike a deal with you is important. Again, networking is what comes to play here. Research online and find out stores near your area. Approach the store owners with the products and proposals you are willing to offer. Once they are convinced, you can successfully start the process.
  • Set up a helpdesk and be available: Just distributing the shirts to the clients will not be sufficient if you truly want to expand your business and succeed. You need to have to cater to them appropriately so as to build a strong network and garner a good reputation in the industry. Set up an emergency helpdesk and make it available all the time. So that, in time of need, your clients can reach you on time. Reliability is the key to success, and your company should offer it in abundance.

If you keep this checklist in mind when starting your distribution business, success is inevitable. Follow the above-mentioned steps in that particular order to become a distributor. Get in touch with the top shirts’ manufacturers and acquire their distributor kit today!


A Comprehensive Checklist That Will Help Shirt Retailers Become a Distributor



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