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The Endless Possibility To Wear a Sophisticated Stripe Shirt This Spring!

When it comes to wearing shirts, we all have an affinity to stick to the basics. And by basics we mean solid shirts. They are simple to wear and don’t require much thought. But then for the last few seasons, there has been a print, namely the stripes, which has been wrecking the fashion circuits with its simplicity and sex appeal.

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Stripes shirts are extremely nifty and are perfect for almost all occasions, be it casual or formal. They are so versatile that it just seems effortless to incorporate them with a number of other apparels. Thus, focusing on the stripe shirts, regardless of what shade they come in, here is a comprehensive list of possibilities in which you can style them this spring for an ultimate appearance, everywhere you go.

#Possibility 1: With a skater skirt

The monochrome stripes are the most common out of all that is available. There is something enigmatic about them, especially when combined with a solid bold skater skirt. Pick a skirt in bright and vibrant spring colour to match with the bold white and black combination. A pair of boots and aviators can be the only accessories to opt for to keep the look simple while letting the stripes to stand out.

#Possibility 2: With a pair of ripped jeans

Casual and spontaneous in its approach, the second possibility to dress a stripe shirt is appropriate for all those ladies who like to look effortless. A pair of ripped jeans worn with a stripe shirt is not only stylish but extremely trendy. Ankle length boots to amplify the look and aviators to complement the approach will surely turn heads. As available with a number of manufacturers, striped t shirts wholesale will be a noteworthy splurge.

#Possibility 3: Under overalls

The third possibility is very 90s in its overall outlook, but worth the try for all women who are looking to experiment with their fashion approach. Pick a denim overall and wear it on top of a colourful striped shirt. Wear a pair of pumps for that undeniable feminine touch. A scarf will be a smart addition to the ensemble for it will protect you from sudden drop in temperature during the evening while adding sex appeal to the look. A sling will provide the required bling.

#Possibility 4: With a vest

There is no doubt that stripes are extremely adaptable and work well with all, no matter what your personal style is. For a proper spring look, team a men-inspired stripe shirt with a pair of shorts and a black vest. A pair of loafers will be a great pick for footwear while for accoutrements; you can go for shades and walk it off with the ultimate panache. Just be careful to go for the right fit when it comes to the shorts or you may end up looking to baggy.

So this spring, make stripe shirts your staple and garner compliments for everyone who lays an eye on you. Featuring a wide inventory of striped shirts wholesale, retailers or small store owners can buy them in bulk at discounted prices. For an updated collection, these timeless striped shirts are a noteworthy investment.

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Launching A Clothing Business In A Week- How Manufacturers Have Made It Possible?

There was a time when launching a clothing business was a complete back-breaker that would take months of planning and execution. And then, of course, the ever-so-long wait for first few sales which would take its own time. Stressful and time-consuming, to the say the least, with uncertainty of decent return looming high.

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However, in recent times, things have changed and market shifted in favor of the dreamers. While still just as challenging – even more with high market competition – starting an apparel retail store is much quicker. In fact, it is possible in a week. Aside technological advancements, the credit for this goes to clothing manufacturing giants like Dioz Group.

Here’s how top manufacturers have made it, what once a distant thought, possible—how, today, smart business minds can launch their clothing business in a week or less.

Large And ‘one Stop’ Collection With No Need For Customization

Clothing retailers are often recommended to customize their bulk to make it distinct and appeal their target audience more personally. However, some of the top manufacturers, today, stash their warehouses with the largest and widest range of catalogue that often eliminates the need of customization. This significantly cut back the time between ordering the wholesale and receiving the delivery.

Also, manufacturers’ large collection plays a ‘one stop’ hub for the business owners who otherwise have to waste their time purchasing different varieties of bulk from different places. Again, this helps save time.

Globally Established Distribution Channels

Over the course, the names like Dioz Group have come a long way. From starting from USA to now having independent distribution channels spread across the world, fulfilling wholesale orders for them has become relatively easier and quicker. Meaning, no more do the retailers have to hang for weeks to get their order shipped. The process takes just few days.

Dropshipping Model Made Things Even Quicker

Things are even more delightful for entrepreneurs looking to venture the digital grounds. In the Dropshipping model, launching an online clothing business takes less than a day—just few hours, in fact, to be more precise. You dial a manufacturer that dropship, purchase from its collection your e-wholesale and integrate the products on your own online store – more convenient on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay – and start selling immediately with no worries about inventory management and order fulfillment. Your manufacturer-cum-dropshipper handles the rest.

Of course, in the course of this one week a host of challenges and uncertainties lies. And by no means, since quicker, will running and scaling a clothing business be any easier. A great deal of success and failure depends on the kind of manufacturer does a retailer choose as a dealer.

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Make Your Flannel Shirts Styling a Stronger Game with Ace Fashion Tips

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The plaid flannel shirts continue to be the bona fide favourites of the fashion forward women, and they reign supreme in the global fashion scene. You can probably never get enough of them, and they intend to add spin to your wardrobes every time we buy a fresh lot. They might be same, but can never get old as you get innumerable tips and style ideas to get clad in them, be it for the glamorous party nights, the casual weekend errands or the office meetings.

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The leading flannel shirts wholesale companies are giving way to a multitude of plaid shirts, from the variety of cuts to shapes, colors and plaid patterns. You can wear them with exquisite jewelleries, or the best leather boots, the leather jacket, and much more.

Are you In a state of quandary, on how to actually style the plaid flannel shirts to get maximum comfort and fashionable stance? Here are some of the best silhouettes possible in the classic and timeless flannel plaid shirts.

The vest works wonders

When it comes to heading towards an important office meeting, you can think of considering the flannel plaid shirt for a very soothing and vintage look. Add the matching or contrasting vest to the flannel plaid shirt, and go for the slim fit formal trousers to get the most happening office going look. If you are not actually going to the office, then you can wear the embellished designer vest to spruce up the simple flannel plaid shirt to something outstandingly glamorous.

Under something sheer

Looking forward to get the utterly offbeat look? Go for the transparent or sheer shirt being worn over the check flannel shirt, and wear this with trouser, denim or skirt. This can easily be your party look, and can add the heels to the outfit to feel elongated and confident.

The sleeveless game

The flannel shirt can be worn under the sleeveless dress or with denim or cotton. This will be something different and interesting for the style conscious ladies, and add a lot of uniqueness to your wardrobe. You can also wear the flannel shirt under the short sleeved or sleeveless sweater, so that the check collar pops out for a dynamic edge.

Leather shenanigans

When you have to spruce up a simple outfit, leather can never go wrong. For this, the leather jacket, or the leather leggings, and the leather skirt will do justice. The flannel plaid shirt can be fused with the leather clothing pieces for the added dash of panache. Do not forget to wear the heels or boots with leathers.

Show off some skin

Add the plaid flannel shirt to your denim shorts or printed skirt, opened and knotted at the bottom. Wear the good looking sports bra or lace one under the shirt, and carry this look to the beach outing or pool party for the most sexy and sultry appeal.

With the crop tops

The crop tops are perfect for the hot summers, and when the temperature becomes chilly, you can still wear them with a twist. Add the flannel plaid shirt below the crop top, and pair this with the denims or skirts for the most kickass look ever.

As a dress

Go for the long sized and loose fitted flannel plaid shirt, and wear this as a dress with a slim belt cinched on the waist. With this, the thigh high leather boots would be perfect!

Thus, check out the reputed bulk flannels brands, and go for the best outfits.

Dress Sharp and Dress Casual: 5 Ways to Wear Shirts with Outerwear!

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Once upon a time, there lived men who would dawn smart suits and imported ties, but then the scenario changed. Enter shirts and leather jackets! Men soon realised that a smart wardrobe doesn’t consist of expensive clothing pieces. It is about being practical and being fashionable. Outerwear too underwent significant changes. The fabric with which they were crafted were tweaked enough to accommodate them throughout the year.

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Thus, when we look at these two extremely high-on fashion clothing items, and incorporate them in our outfit, especially the casual ones (every time you do not have to look like a homeless hobo!), the result is stunning. Thus, completely focusing on ways in which shirts can be combined with outerwear, read on and find out how you can stay at the top of your game.

Shirt when combined with jackets

What can be defined as one of the best ways to come out of the typical dressing style is combining a casual shirt with a jacket. This is a worthwhile style that every man should try out. It is nifty and it is classy. Pick a shirt in darker shades and combine it with a pair of jeans and light colour jacket. To avoid looking to formal, wear a pair of loafers. Keep the approach simple with no added accessories to accompany. Bulk shirts manufacturer have a wide range of shirts that might help you pull off the look with ease.

Shirt when combined with sweaters

The most common casual approach to wearing shirts is teaming the classic piece with sweaters. Perfect when the temperature dips low, you can team the ensemble with a pair of slim fit denims and sneakers. Pick aviators and a smart wristwatch for accessories. Be mindful of the shades you opt for. The shirt and the sweater should be of contrasting shades for a maximised impact on the onlookers.

Shirts when combined with leather jackets

Leather jackets, though have a military background, are considered to be a great pick for casual outings. When juxtaposed with casual shirts, they contribute tremendously to up your sex appeal. Since there are many options available for leather jackets, ranging from moto jackets to bombers, go for the one you are comfortable with and also watching the temperature (you don’t want to end up in a sweat fest). A pair of tailored chinos can amplify your silhouette further. The textures of leather jackets can also vary from black to brown. So make an appropriate choice and slay the new approach to casual clothing.

Shirts when combined with denim jackets

Shirts and denim jackets have something common. They both are that sophisticated piece of fashion which have withstood the test of time, and have become a staple in our wardrobes. However, refrain from wearing a pair of jeans for that will only overshadow the other two outfits. To make sure that the shirt and denim stands out as individual entities, combine it with corduroys or maybe darker colour pants. A pair of sneakers will amplify the entire look, making you a stand out in the crowd.

Shirts when combined with overcoats

A long overcoat, may seem like an apparel for the winters, but don’t worry lads, there are summer versions available as well. They are designed to keep you at ease when the sudden spring showers hit. Take one of those tweaked for the summer overcoats and team it with a sober looking shirt. A pair of slim fit jeans and loafers will be the perfect companion to your simple yet effective approach. Walk it off with ample of attitude and a smile to impress all the onlookers.

Thus, the next casual gathering you attend, make an effort to pull these combinations off for that will surely help you garner compliments from everyone around you. Wholesale designer t shirts suppliers have a vast inventory that has the best of collection. If you are a retailer or a small store owner looking to make a bulk purchase, then register with the manufacturers online for access to their latest collection and to secure striking discounts.

Street-Style Inspired Denim Shirt Styling Tips For Every Fashion Obsessed Lady!

Denim shirts are a timeless piece that has been a staple in our wardrobes for a long time. So if you don’t have one in your wardrobe already, then it is high time to get one. Keeping in mind that they have been in style for the last few seasons, ruling every runway scene, a denim shirt has become the “classic piece every girl must own”. But styling them can be tricky! While some ensemble may be great, some may end up in a disaster, making you look ostentatious.

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Taking inspiration from some of the best street style appearances, here is a list of tips on how to dress a denim shirt so as to look absolutely stunning. Follow the tips closely and be at the top of the fashion game.

The Glitter Skirt For Ready For Party Look

The sheer combination of a denim shirt with a shimmer skirt makes all ladies go gaga over it! While one screams of being masculine, other adds a feminine touch to the outfit. So when you are hitting a party make sure to dress the denim shirt up. Tuck the shirt in the skirt and wear a pair of statement heels to walk it off in style. A chunky neck-piece and a clutch will add bling to the look without making you look flashy. Red lips and dark eyes will help you garner compliments from everyone around.

The Pair Of Shorts For A Cool Girl Look!

Teaming a pair of shorts with denim shirts can be a tricky thing to do. But once you get it right, the result is absolutely stunning. So again for the tuck your shirt in your shorts look for that will enhance your aesthetics and will redefine your silhouette. A pair of ballerinas to complement the appearance, a large statement neck-piece to add drama and an oversized handbag to accommodate all your belongings will sum up the look completely.

The Formal Approach With White Pants

Stylised formal denim shirts are great picks for a boardroom meetings and office wear for they are nifty and elegant. Tuck in a denim shirt with a pair of tailored pants in contrasting shades. Put on a pair of pumps and throw over a blazer to complete the approach. Tone down the accessories to avoid looking glitzy and loud. You can carry a statement bag instead to make the approach a head-turner in your workplace.

The All-Casual Casual Girl Look

Since we are just a few days away from spring, it is a mandate to team your casual dress with a denim shirt. And just to point it out, do not be afraid to experiment with the prints! Thus, wear your floral print dress and casually throe over the denim shirt like a jacket. Wear a pair of low top ankle boots and add some junk to the outfit to make it look like a winner when the temperature soars high.

So take inspiration from the spontaneous street style and add a distinct change in your fashion. Wholesale denim shirts supplier has an exclusive range of shirts that are worth the investment. Retailers can make bulk purchase of these shirts at discounted rates that will surely impress their customers.

4 Contemporary Ways to Wear The Revived Polo Shirt This Spring!

Remember the 80s when polo shirts were a big thing. They were the ‘it’ cloth that was worn by one and by all. Divided by opinions, united by polo shirts! They were the staple in all our wardrobes till something sinister stuck them. They absolutely disappeared from the fashion scene, thanks to the horrible changes they were doomed with. The popped collars and the frayed hems are to be completely blamed for it.

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But after almost a decade, they were brought back to life, and they have been at the epitome of their career. This classic fashion piece now sits on the top if all fashion list, right there with leather jackets and denims. Since there has been a trend of reviving the most loved fashion pieces from our favourite decade, today, here is a list that deals with 4 tips on how you can style a polo shirt without looking like a caddy. Read on and slay the looks!

Back to summer camp

The time we spent in the summer camp was undoubtedly some of the best days. No inhibitions, no parental restrictions and loads of fun activities! So relive the days by dressing up in a campy kind of way. Team a black polo t-shirt with a white skater skirt. Use a statement belt to add to your silhouette. Pull back your hair in a tight ponytail for that will give you a fine look. A pair of white sneakers and a baseball cap will complement the natural and faultless approach and transport you back to those wonderful memory lanes.

The official no-nonsense look

Polo shirts are extremely versatile; hence if you are thinking wearing this comfortable apparel to your workplace, dress it appropriately for it will impress all your colleagues. Pick a polo shirt from distributor textured polo shirt and tuck it in a pair of tailored trousers. Make sure that they are in the same colour spectrum for the ultimate illusion. Finally, wear a pair of pumps and throw over a blazer to give it a formal approach. Go for the no accessories look to stand out in the crowd.

Casual in the most casual way

No styling list can be complete without having one casual approach mentioned. So combine a white polo t-shirt with a pair of slim fit jeans and walk out the house. For footwear, you can opt for a pair of sneakers as that will make you look completely spontaneous. This appearance is perfect when you are going for a cup of coffee with your friends. Amplify the look with aviators to make a distinct style statement.

The girl who knows how to be dressy

Hitting a spring party? Try something unique by making your polo look dressier and sexier. Combine your polo shirt in darker shades with a neutral midi skirt with pleats. Add more volume to your aesthetics by wearing a pair of pumps. A chunky neckpiece and a sling bag will add the required bling to your outfit, while making you look like a winner.

Offering a variety of polo shirts that range from solid to textured polo shirt supplier have a vast inventory that will spoil you for choice. Retailers can buy them in bulk if they want to update their store collection. Thus, dress the old piece in a contemporary way and make everyone appreciate your choice.