4 Contemporary Ways to Wear The Revived Polo Shirt This Spring!

Remember the 80s when polo shirts were a big thing. They were the ‘it’ cloth that was worn by one and by all. Divided by opinions, united by polo shirts! They were the staple in all our wardrobes till something sinister stuck them. They absolutely disappeared from the fashion scene, thanks to the horrible changes they were doomed with. The popped collars and the frayed hems are to be completely blamed for it.

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But after almost a decade, they were brought back to life, and they have been at the epitome of their career. This classic fashion piece now sits on the top if all fashion list, right there with leather jackets and denims. Since there has been a trend of reviving the most loved fashion pieces from our favourite decade, today, here is a list that deals with 4 tips on how you can style a polo shirt without looking like a caddy. Read on and slay the looks!

Back to summer camp

The time we spent in the summer camp was undoubtedly some of the best days. No inhibitions, no parental restrictions and loads of fun activities! So relive the days by dressing up in a campy kind of way. Team a black polo t-shirt with a white skater skirt. Use a statement belt to add to your silhouette. Pull back your hair in a tight ponytail for that will give you a fine look. A pair of white sneakers and a baseball cap will complement the natural and faultless approach and transport you back to those wonderful memory lanes.

The official no-nonsense look

Polo shirts are extremely versatile; hence if you are thinking wearing this comfortable apparel to your workplace, dress it appropriately for it will impress all your colleagues. Pick a polo shirt from distributor textured polo shirt and tuck it in a pair of tailored trousers. Make sure that they are in the same colour spectrum for the ultimate illusion. Finally, wear a pair of pumps and throw over a blazer to give it a formal approach. Go for the no accessories look to stand out in the crowd.

Casual in the most casual way

No styling list can be complete without having one casual approach mentioned. So combine a white polo t-shirt with a pair of slim fit jeans and walk out the house. For footwear, you can opt for a pair of sneakers as that will make you look completely spontaneous. This appearance is perfect when you are going for a cup of coffee with your friends. Amplify the look with aviators to make a distinct style statement.

The girl who knows how to be dressy

Hitting a spring party? Try something unique by making your polo look dressier and sexier. Combine your polo shirt in darker shades with a neutral midi skirt with pleats. Add more volume to your aesthetics by wearing a pair of pumps. A chunky neckpiece and a sling bag will add the required bling to your outfit, while making you look like a winner.

Offering a variety of polo shirts that range from solid to textured polo shirt supplier have a vast inventory that will spoil you for choice. Retailers can buy them in bulk if they want to update their store collection. Thus, dress the old piece in a contemporary way and make everyone appreciate your choice.


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