Launching A Clothing Business In A Week- How Manufacturers Have Made It Possible?

There was a time when launching a clothing business was a complete back-breaker that would take months of planning and execution. And then, of course, the ever-so-long wait for first few sales which would take its own time. Stressful and time-consuming, to the say the least, with uncertainty of decent return looming high.

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However, in recent times, things have changed and market shifted in favor of the dreamers. While still just as challenging – even more with high market competition – starting an apparel retail store is much quicker. In fact, it is possible in a week. Aside technological advancements, the credit for this goes to clothing manufacturing giants like Dioz Group.

Here’s how top manufacturers have made it, what once a distant thought, possible—how, today, smart business minds can launch their clothing business in a week or less.

Large And ‘one Stop’ Collection With No Need For Customization

Clothing retailers are often recommended to customize their bulk to make it distinct and appeal their target audience more personally. However, some of the top manufacturers, today, stash their warehouses with the largest and widest range of catalogue that often eliminates the need of customization. This significantly cut back the time between ordering the wholesale and receiving the delivery.

Also, manufacturers’ large collection plays a ‘one stop’ hub for the business owners who otherwise have to waste their time purchasing different varieties of bulk from different places. Again, this helps save time.

Globally Established Distribution Channels

Over the course, the names like Dioz Group have come a long way. From starting from USA to now having independent distribution channels spread across the world, fulfilling wholesale orders for them has become relatively easier and quicker. Meaning, no more do the retailers have to hang for weeks to get their order shipped. The process takes just few days.

Dropshipping Model Made Things Even Quicker

Things are even more delightful for entrepreneurs looking to venture the digital grounds. In the Dropshipping model, launching an online clothing business takes less than a day—just few hours, in fact, to be more precise. You dial a manufacturer that dropship, purchase from its collection your e-wholesale and integrate the products on your own online store – more convenient on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay – and start selling immediately with no worries about inventory management and order fulfillment. Your manufacturer-cum-dropshipper handles the rest.

Of course, in the course of this one week a host of challenges and uncertainties lies. And by no means, since quicker, will running and scaling a clothing business be any easier. A great deal of success and failure depends on the kind of manufacturer does a retailer choose as a dealer.

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