Dress Sharp and Dress Casual: 5 Ways to Wear Shirts with Outerwear!

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Once upon a time, there lived men who would dawn smart suits and imported ties, but then the scenario changed. Enter shirts and leather jackets! Men soon realised that a smart wardrobe doesn’t consist of expensive clothing pieces. It is about being practical and being fashionable. Outerwear too underwent significant changes. The fabric with which they were crafted were tweaked enough to accommodate them throughout the year.

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Thus, when we look at these two extremely high-on fashion clothing items, and incorporate them in our outfit, especially the casual ones (every time you do not have to look like a homeless hobo!), the result is stunning. Thus, completely focusing on ways in which shirts can be combined with outerwear, read on and find out how you can stay at the top of your game.

Shirt when combined with jackets

What can be defined as one of the best ways to come out of the typical dressing style is combining a casual shirt with a jacket. This is a worthwhile style that every man should try out. It is nifty and it is classy. Pick a shirt in darker shades and combine it with a pair of jeans and light colour jacket. To avoid looking to formal, wear a pair of loafers. Keep the approach simple with no added accessories to accompany. Bulk shirts manufacturer have a wide range of shirts that might help you pull off the look with ease.

Shirt when combined with sweaters

The most common casual approach to wearing shirts is teaming the classic piece with sweaters. Perfect when the temperature dips low, you can team the ensemble with a pair of slim fit denims and sneakers. Pick aviators and a smart wristwatch for accessories. Be mindful of the shades you opt for. The shirt and the sweater should be of contrasting shades for a maximised impact on the onlookers.

Shirts when combined with leather jackets

Leather jackets, though have a military background, are considered to be a great pick for casual outings. When juxtaposed with casual shirts, they contribute tremendously to up your sex appeal. Since there are many options available for leather jackets, ranging from moto jackets to bombers, go for the one you are comfortable with and also watching the temperature (you don’t want to end up in a sweat fest). A pair of tailored chinos can amplify your silhouette further. The textures of leather jackets can also vary from black to brown. So make an appropriate choice and slay the new approach to casual clothing.

Shirts when combined with denim jackets

Shirts and denim jackets have something common. They both are that sophisticated piece of fashion which have withstood the test of time, and have become a staple in our wardrobes. However, refrain from wearing a pair of jeans for that will only overshadow the other two outfits. To make sure that the shirt and denim stands out as individual entities, combine it with corduroys or maybe darker colour pants. A pair of sneakers will amplify the entire look, making you a stand out in the crowd.

Shirts when combined with overcoats

A long overcoat, may seem like an apparel for the winters, but don’t worry lads, there are summer versions available as well. They are designed to keep you at ease when the sudden spring showers hit. Take one of those tweaked for the summer overcoats and team it with a sober looking shirt. A pair of slim fit jeans and loafers will be the perfect companion to your simple yet effective approach. Walk it off with ample of attitude and a smile to impress all the onlookers.

Thus, the next casual gathering you attend, make an effort to pull these combinations off for that will surely help you garner compliments from everyone around you. Wholesale designer t shirts suppliers have a vast inventory that has the best of collection. If you are a retailer or a small store owner looking to make a bulk purchase, then register with the manufacturers online for access to their latest collection and to secure striking discounts.