The Endless Possibility To Wear a Sophisticated Stripe Shirt This Spring!

When it comes to wearing shirts, we all have an affinity to stick to the basics. And by basics we mean solid shirts. They are simple to wear and don’t require much thought. But then for the last few seasons, there has been a print, namely the stripes, which has been wrecking the fashion circuits with its simplicity and sex appeal.

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Stripes shirts are extremely nifty and are perfect for almost all occasions, be it casual or formal. They are so versatile that it just seems effortless to incorporate them with a number of other apparels. Thus, focusing on the stripe shirts, regardless of what shade they come in, here is a comprehensive list of possibilities in which you can style them this spring for an ultimate appearance, everywhere you go.

#Possibility 1: With a skater skirt

The monochrome stripes are the most common out of all that is available. There is something enigmatic about them, especially when combined with a solid bold skater skirt. Pick a skirt in bright and vibrant spring colour to match with the bold white and black combination. A pair of boots and aviators can be the only accessories to opt for to keep the look simple while letting the stripes to stand out.

#Possibility 2: With a pair of ripped jeans

Casual and spontaneous in its approach, the second possibility to dress a stripe shirt is appropriate for all those ladies who like to look effortless. A pair of ripped jeans worn with a stripe shirt is not only stylish but extremely trendy. Ankle length boots to amplify the look and aviators to complement the approach will surely turn heads. As available with a number of manufacturers, striped t shirts wholesale will be a noteworthy splurge.

#Possibility 3: Under overalls

The third possibility is very 90s in its overall outlook, but worth the try for all women who are looking to experiment with their fashion approach. Pick a denim overall and wear it on top of a colourful striped shirt. Wear a pair of pumps for that undeniable feminine touch. A scarf will be a smart addition to the ensemble for it will protect you from sudden drop in temperature during the evening while adding sex appeal to the look. A sling will provide the required bling.

#Possibility 4: With a vest

There is no doubt that stripes are extremely adaptable and work well with all, no matter what your personal style is. For a proper spring look, team a men-inspired stripe shirt with a pair of shorts and a black vest. A pair of loafers will be a great pick for footwear while for accoutrements; you can go for shades and walk it off with the ultimate panache. Just be careful to go for the right fit when it comes to the shorts or you may end up looking to baggy.

So this spring, make stripe shirts your staple and garner compliments for everyone who lays an eye on you. Featuring a wide inventory of striped shirts wholesale, retailers or small store owners can buy them in bulk at discounted prices. For an updated collection, these timeless striped shirts are a noteworthy investment.

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