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The Eye-Catching Ways To Wear A Plaid Shirt By The Fashion Forward Men

Men have cultivated this thought in their mind that they do not have enough style ideas to deck up fashionably. This is absolutely wrong, as the fashion bloggers, designers, celebs and ramp models are constantly inspiring them to try out new fads, be it for the formal or the casual look. Coming to the eye-catching stances which can be adopted to look dashing, what about the classic plaid shirts? Plaids have always been one of the loved and popular motifs of all times, and with   the striking wholesale flannel shirts , the men can actually get bold and go out to take risks.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts Supplier

It is considered that the menswear wardrobe is dominated by the neutral tones and plain surfaces, but plaids completely break this notion. Through them, a subtle introduction of prints and colors is possible, and definitely allows men to get a number of ensembles.

Wondering how to style up you in plaid shirts? Here are some of the tips to abide by.

Street smart shenanigan

When it comes to running errands on weekends, you can simple add the plaid shirt to your attire for as an accessory. Team up the white shirt of yours with a vest jacket and jeans , with sneakers , and add the plaid shirt in dark colors to tie around your waist for a cool and funky get up.

Fall fad

Is it chilly outside, but you do not want to compromise on your look with a lot of layers?   The solution is simple though a flannel plaid shirt. Add a light colored sweater shirt over your dark colored flannel shirt, and let the collars, bottom and hand cuffs peep out through the layer with a lot of prep and smartness.

Cool and comfy

For the regular outings when you are not that bothered about your look, but definitely want to try out something new, the plaid shirt paired up with distressed jeans would reflect the most rough , and rustic yet simple silhouette.

Beach outings or pool parties?

Summer is all about hitting the beach or being at the pool side partying with beer cans, isn’t it? Why always stick to the boring colors and drab looking outfits? It is time to bring some change with a plaid shirt tucked into a white shorts or denim shorts, and add a bold shaded slim belt to get some color pop. Also, make sure that the footwear reflects a vibrant poise.

Colorfully professional

Are you bored of sticking to the same old formal shirts in nude and neutral shades? It is them your chance to upgrade your formal look by a colorful check shirt. Team up the dark colored plaid shirt with a grey or black colored formal blazer, and be the trendsetter at office easily!

Sophisticatedly preppy

Do you want something between fiercely sophisticated and predominantly preppy? You get this effortlessly with a light colored plaid shirt teamed with black moto leather jacket, and team this with the perfectly classy looking denim and brown boots! For some fun, you can add a scarf with a beanie cap for a more uptown stance!

Shirt or layer?

You can make the plaid shirt the ultimate layer, when you wear it over a crew necked tee or a graphic tee. Keep the unbuttoned style for the casual weekend strolls or party nights.

Just like men, a woman too can add a lot of fun to her wardrobe with the bulk flannel shirts crafted by the noteworthy manufacturers.

Is the Plaid Trend a Passing Fad? Find Out!

Very few clothing pieces enjoy the popularity and fame that flannel shirts have enjoyed ever since it first became a trend back in the 1990s. If a trend even stays around for more than a year, it is regarded as an eternity in fashion and flannel shirts have stayed around since like forever and with every passing year, the style keeps getting louder and better! It is safe to say that the fashion world cannot break out from its plaid habit and the fashion lovers don’t seem to be complaining!

Wholesale Plaid Shirts Supplier

Fall/Winter 2016 Approaching…Will the Plaid Trend Fade Away?

Exactly the opposite! Market research shows that the high-end fashion houses are stocking up on more plaids to be ready for fall/winter. Designers are expanding and entering into new domains with wholesale plaid shirt for men and women. The shirts that are available today are a long way from their initial associations with lumberjacks and ’90s grunge music scene. In fact, plaid is not a style on its own and not just in combination with flannels. Plaids have started showing up on suits, blazers, dress shirts and even pants and skirts.

Plaids were previously used in dressy clothing but not as loudly as they’re being used today. Designers and manufacturers are experimenting with bright, bold colors and trying to incorporate it into spring/summer styles as well. In the present times, fashion lovers can wear flannel plaid shirt during the cold winter months and lightweight shirts featuring plaid during spring and summer seasons when the temps are up!

What are the Possibilities with Plaid?

We already know how amazing flannel plaid shirts look but since fashion is forever changing and there is always a demand for something better than the best, designers are caving in to create plaid everything. From plaid shirts for women and men to plaid dresses, coats, ruffled up skirts, shorts, pants, suits and blazers are available today and the options just continue to increase with each passing season.

Due to the versatility of the plaid pattern, it can be paired up with almost anything and the perfect piece for casual to dressy events and occasions. Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and more are seen donning with trend with great panache.

Plaid and flannel shirts have become more than just a trend. There are basically two categories – plaid lovers and others! Fall/winter season is on the horizon…get in touch with a reputed manufacturer and supplier and stock up on the latest plaid shirts for women and men in bulk!

The Quintessential Style Etiquettes for Men to Wear Wholesale Denim Shirts

If there is one thing in your wardrobe which smells of nostalgia and something you would love to embrace as a prized possession for a life time, which one would it be? Yes, the classic denim shirt! From crossing teen age at the college , to stepping into adulthood dancing at the pubs, the denim shirt has been the witness to all the changes you have been through , and may be there has been a number of style quotients which came and went, the rock solid denim shirts remained constant , with the most hip and happening stature. Transforming your fashion game every time you wore it, the fad of denim shirts is a matter of vintage class, and no men can stay away from owing them whole heartedly.

Wholesale Denim Shirts Manufacturer

Worthy of giving both casual and formal silhouettes, denim is definitely one of the most powerful fabrics. Apart from the jean pants, the denim shirts help to give the perfect machismo get-ups, and the   leading denim shirts wholesale companies make sure to craft them in a wide array of washes, colors, cuts and designs. Previously tagged as the cowboy’s thing, the denim shirts are now the mainstream fashion staple, and here to stay in the global fashion scene forever.

We will help you out with some options to wear your favorite denim shirt.

Chinos calling

For evening parties or dinners on weekends, the denim shirts can be worn with chinos instead of the same old shirts and denim combo. With white sneakers, this will offer the most edgy look, and add a touch of funk to your persona.

Cool and casual

For the cool and casual get ups at the beach outings or the pool parties, go for the easy breezy ensemble in denim shirts paired with the shorts of neutral shade. Also, this look would be incomplete without the brown loafers and the stylish goggles.

Denim over denim

Be it for the weekend parties or the dinner parties, invest into a haute couture look with the new double denim trend. Team up the denim shirts with the contrasting shaded denim pant, and get the raw and rustic look for a change. The brown or black brogue shoe with complete you look!

A pinch of swag

For the causal movie outings or mall hopping, you can stay cool and comfortable in the lightweight denim shirts. Layer the denim shirt over any colored tee, and team this black jeans and a cool looking cap for the most laid back yet fashionable silhouette.

Geekish with a touch of elegance

For the end week semi formal look, you need to break the monotony abnd try something unique with the dark shaded denim shirts. Pick up a trendy well-fitted denim shirts , and tuck it into   black or brown formal trouser, cinched with a belt on the waist. Accessorize these geeky specs and you can wear this to any Friday night party directly from office.

The strictly formal order

It is time to add some class to your dapper and sophisticated pant suit set with a denim shirt layered inside, instead of the usual formal shirt. Not just office, this can be your dressing option to the formal occasions like parties and weddings too!

A little bit of mix-and-match

Get going with some experimentation as you wear your denim shirt with a check suit jacket, solid colored suit pant and definitely a tie. Ties might sound odd with the wholesale denim shirts, but fashion world is all about embracing out of the box ideas!

The Up-and-Coming 2016 Clothing Trends Are Here…Check it Out!

With sportswear accents, gender-bending styles and grunge couture making a huge impact on today’s fashion, 2016 collection is going to be nothing if not diverse. Don’t be surprised to find a globe-trotter’s wardrobe that does not abide by any gender-specific limitations. Take a look at some of the hottest trends that have graced the runways and are making fashionistas and contemporary gents absolutely crazy!

Wholesale Shirts Manufacturer

Silk Shirts Are the New Favorite of Modern Man

The contemporary men are not shy to wear pink, red or orange. And neither are they afraid to flaunt a little bit of silk! High-end fashion houses and wholesale shirts manufacturer is investing heavily in designing and creating shirts in floral prints and such other earthly motifs as well as Eastern world influences for men.

Plaids Are Loved by Both Men and Women

Flannel shirts were once just meant for those burly men, grunge-music lovers and lumberjacks. But, no more! Those days are long gone and today’s plaids are stylish, colorful and comfortable. Flannels exude a whole lot of attitude that men and women both like to carry with aplomb. Flannels are seen today as layers, tied around the waist, layered over dresses or as scarves. Even plaid dresses are specifically made for the fashion-conscious women!

Polo Shirts Are Killing the Fashion Scene!

Polo shirts are dominantly sports/athletic shirts that were mostly seen on the golf courses or sports field donned by men but with Prince Charles and Kate Middleton both looking like hot property in a polo, it leaves little doubt that the polos have left behind their gender-associations and are today a wardrobe summer staple for both men and women. It is available today in myriad hues and tones as well as funky prints all over or around the collar.

An Emerging Trend for the Femme Fatales – Tees as Dresses

Let’s bow down to the Queen of quirkiness and wild style, Rihanna, for this crazy trend. Oversized graphic printed t-shirts are being worn by women all over the globe as a dress and this is one of the most popular trends doing the round. With simple accessories such as maybe a cap, a good-looking handbag or clutch, nice-looking pair of shoes, one will be all set to steal the limelight wherever one goes.

If you are a part of the thriving clothing industry and wish to stand out from the rest, then do try to include these upcoming and raging trends as a part of your collection. For that, get in touch with leading clothes supplier manufacturers and be on your way to success.

Women’s Newfound Love – Flannel Shirts!

Fashion blogs and magazines are filled with a lot of excitement about the major comeback of the flannel shirts…but, were they really ever gone? Plaid shirts have always been around since like the ’90s and only major difference is the color palette and the variety of styles that they’re available now. Previously, flannels were strictly reserved for the male gender but owing to the huge demand for the other gender, designers and manufacturers have started increasingly investing in making flannel shirts for the fairer sex that only really differs in the cut and fit.

Bulk Flannel Shirts Manufacturer

What’s Not to Love About Flannels?

Flannels keep you warm during the winter and fall seasons, lightweight flannels keep you cool during the summer season. Guys look super hot in them and girls look hipster, chic with a killer attitude. It can be just as easily dressed down as up and is the go-to staple for all! Cheap flannel shirts for men are not going anywhere and well, guys already know how to look a chick-magnet wearing one of those, let us give the girls a few pointers on how to look like a million bucks donning the trend that was previously male-dominated and stubbed as too “masculine”.

Shake Up That Pencil Skirt with a Plaid Shirt

Pencil skirts are super feminine and it goes together with a flannel shirt like salt and caramel ice-cream. No matter how weird that sounded, it is actually really good and totally on-trend. Instead of walking out all girly, with a shirt tucked in the skirt, it would certainly bring a sort of edginess to the overall ensemble. Complete with a handbag or clutch, pair of heels and wayfarers, and all eyes will only follow you.

Show Some Mid-section Love

Turn your plaid shirt into a crop top this season and flaunt that really flat stomach! Unbutton the last few buttons and tie it up in a knot. Pair it up with denims, shorts or skirt and accessorize it with a snapback hat, simple chain and be the hottest thing on the street!

Wear it As a Jacket

Pop the flannel shirt as a jacket on top of a white tee and blue denims. To add a dash of color to the entire outfit, go for plaid shirts that are dyed in two different colors or the checks are in gorgeous, bright color combinations.

Use Your Old Flannel like a Scarf

Once you’ve worn the shirt too many times and think it’s time for it to go, you can try this – make a scarf out of it. Just cut the sleeves and buttons, cut out two squares and sew them up together. Wrap it around your neck and paint the town red with your hipster look!

It doesn’t matter whether you wear it tucked in or out, with jeans or shorts, dress or skirts, plaid shirts look great on just about anything. So without further ado, stock up on bulk flannel shirts and be the envy of others.

How Should Men Wear Polo Shirts to Look their Best?

Polo shirts are the summer wardrobe staple and men absolutely love wearing polos because it makes them look stronger, confident and successful. Unfortunately, they were away from the fashion scene for a while but good news that they’re back with a bang and everyone from Prince William to Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumber batch) and Leonardo DiCaprio is seen flaunting this trend with full enthusiasm and absolutely in love with the sporty yet timeless, casual feel.

Bulk Polo Shirts Manufacturer

Even though polos can be paired with almost everything, they’re versatile, comfortable and all that, yet one can end up looking sloppy if the shirt isn’t worn the right way. So, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to rock the polo trend this season whether on the golf course, office on a casual Friday or at the club with bae.

  • Do Look for Colors and Patterns: It is summer, after all! Don’t you feel relieved after the chilly winters to finally chuck the jacket and breathe? Pinks, purples, pastels and greens are great summer colors that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to add a pop of color. But if you aren’t too adventurous, sticking to blue, black, white and grey is also fine.
  • Don’t Wear the Same Color as Your Bottoms: You want people to look at you for all the right reasons and not because you are looking like a fruit basket! When you are wearing dark colored denims, chinos or shorts, pair it up with bright colored wholesale polo shirts. Just remember to wear contract colors to stand out from the crowd, in a good way!
  • Do Buy Well-fitted Polos: With polo shirts, dress shirts and suits, it always comes down to the fit. A baggy, droopy shouldered polo shirts would do you no good, no matter how well sculpted your body is. You ought to get polo shirts that fit you well and whose length falls just till your waist.
  • Don’t Wear an Undershirt: Polo shirts are comfortable and made of a moisture wicking material and wearing an undershirt will only interfere with the fit and make you look bulky. These sports/athletic shirts are great on its own.

You will find great quality, tailored and myriad hued bulk polo shirts at reputable manufacturing houses. Get it in wholesale and let summer be the best time of the year when people praise you for your impeccable dressing sense and style.

Tantalizing Tops Sizzle to Make A Place in the Wardrobes of the Fashionable Women

Waking up in the morning to have a fight with your wardrobe is a common phenomenon for the fashion-forward women.   The perfect matched up top with your denim, pant or the skirt is something which involves a lot of contemplation, and you end up thinking that you do not have enough clothes! Now, if you want to end the everyday conundrum and deck yourself up in gorgeous looks for college , office or casual outings every day, you need to stack up your closet with the tantalizing tops , which are making their presence felt in the global fashion scene today.

Bulk Clothing Manufacturers

Apart from dresses, tunics and jumpsuits, tops are something which are effortless to wear, and reflects the great dovetail of style and comfort. Repeating your bottoms can be done only when you have a wardrobe full of haute -couture as well as simple looking tops for each and every occasion. The leading bulk clothing manufacturers are crafting these tops in sensational arrays of cuts, prints, designs, colors, and hence channelizing a number of sizzling silhouettes becomes easy for the girls too.

So, looking forward to stuff them in your wardrobe? Here is a list of the most alluring tops creating a stir today.

Classic Ruffled Tops

Yes, they do make you go back to the old ages, when the princesses and queens used to get clad into the ruffled gowns and the shirts, be it for balls or horse ridings. Do you want the similar classic and majestic vibes reflected from your persona? Then go grab the ruffled tops or shirts which come in different cuts and sleeve patterns. For instance, a white ruffled shirt can be your ultimate choice for the office days, when you are in a mood to dress up fancy for a change!

The Loose-Lavish Tunics

Though loose in silhouette, the tunics are a great way to express your feminine grace in the smartest way possible. Especially for running errands on weekends, the loose floral tunics or the ones which come with embroideries on the neckline with asymmetrical designs look highly classy and sweet. Get them teamed up with leggings, jeggings or the palazzos!

Curvy Tank Tops

Do you want to flaunt your perfect gym figure? Then get ready to groove in the comfy and curvy tank tops, which help you to show off your best assets in the most amazing way. You can wear them with sorts, or get them layered with the denim shirts or plaid shirts or even the chiffon tops, with maxi skirts for a perfect party going ensemble.

Halter Tops: All About Oomph

Show off your shoulders and neckline to the onlookers in summers in the sexy halter tops! Get them going with anything, be it the maxi or body con skirts, or the chic denim sorts for the most funky and preppy demeanor.

The Peppy Peplums

A great craze in the market right now, you can spot peplum tops almost everywhere today. With a ruffled belly and puffed up cut, these tops come in different patterns of sleeves, be it the normal ones or the off shoulder ones, and wear them with skirts or pants for the most unique and fresh attire. Never forget to accessorize the peplums with chunky statement and collar neckpieces!

Thus, with the top-notch bulk clothing suppliers adding galore of fresh new tops to the retail stores do not wait anymore and renovate your wardrobe soon!

Wear Denim Shirts Unapologetically In A Wide Array Of Style Quotients

If there is any outfit which you can throw on effortlessly, it has to be the denim shirt! The versatile, practical and classic denim shirts are chic and fabulous, reflecting a smart and cool style quotient. Once worn only by men, the fashion forward women are doing this chambray shirts fashion game with perfection and confidence. Rendering a comfortable feel with sexy and casual silhouette, these shirts are now being used to dress up for formals in office too.

Best Denim Shirts Manufacturer

The global fashion scene gets to witness the best denim shirts in different washes and shades, adorned with embroideries, embellishments, and other details, making them the utmost haute-couture outfits to add to one’s wardrobe. Fitting into any combination, be it with girly skirts and dresses or tomboyish pants and jumpers , these shirts conform on any fashion statement quite seamlessly , without making the attire look odd or out of the place.

Thus, ready to embrace this timeless piece into tour collection? Here are few style ideas to go for.

The much talked about denim-on-denim

The effortlessly chic and edgy Canadian Tuxedo or the denim on denim trend is quite in practice in the global fashion scene, and one must know the right rule to do this. Something which is glamorous, yet very simple, one must remember that the main thing about this trend is keeping the clothing pieces in contrasting shades. The chambray shirt and the denim pant must be of different washes, so that the ensemble has a fine line of elegance. Go for a colorful footwear and red lipstick to bring in some funk!

The grunge scene revived

Do you love the old age grunge fashion sense? Then you can carry on a similar one with a chambray shirt effortlessly. Team up a denim shirt, and tie it in a knot at the bottom, with a flannel plaid pencil skirt, with a collar necklace for a fusion of spunky and classy look!

Feminine cowboy stance

If you are looking forward to do a cowboy style, without compromising on the feminine stance, then a denim shirt can help you. Tuck a denim shirt into a mini flared skirt, with a broad belt and carry a cowboy hat, with a high rising boot to accompany the ensemble.

Haute-couture smart and sensuous

Try out a shiny and haute couture fashion quotient with a denim shirt, giving way to a wonderful dovetail to mannishness and elegance. For this you need to mix up few clothing pieces confidently. Get hold of a light washed denim shirt crafted by a leading denim shirts manufacturer and team this with a darn navy blue blazer, pairing the whole ensemble with a metallic finish shiny short. Uptown and sophisticated!

Leather and denim: Magical combo

Add some polished finesse to your persona with a denim shirt, teamed with a leather mini skirt and may be a leather biker jacket for the night around the town party scenes. The ankle length boot with chunky bracelet will add the much required punk to the attire!

Boho chic mania

Try out the fabulous and feminine Boho chic silhouette with a denim shirt, teamed with a long printed maxi skirt, and get ready to rock ay cruise party!

Beach outing shenanigans

For the beach outings, you can wear an oversized denim shirt from among the best denim shirts for men, over the bikini as the smartest cover up ever!

Wrap Your Kids In New Style Definitions With Stunning Kids’ Formal Shirts

When it comes to styling the cherubs, a lot of considerations have to keep in mind. From comfort to style, they would want everything, and parents often go through a tough time giving them the proper fashion statement, be it at the school or for the birthday party. Are you wondering to give a completely different and unique style quotient to the little girl of yours? Then we have the best and the most innovative idea for you!

Kid Formal Wear Manufacturer

The leading kids clothing wholesale USA manufacturers are crafting a wide array of outfits for the little girls, and among them the formal shirts are definitely creating a stir in the global fashion scene. Though something completely different from the personalities of the little ones, but with little twist and creativity, you can make the formal dress shirts their wardrobe staple.

We will get you covered with few of the style ideas to make your little girl look the ultimate diva anywhere.

The Uptown Feminine Grace

When it comes to giving a feminine graceful silhouette to the little one, there is nothing better than a formal shirt accompanied with a tulle skirt, tucked into with a narrow belt. The elegance and playful poise of the skirt when fused with the mannishness of the shirt, ends up rendering the complete urban chic look for the school carnivals and fests.

Edgy and Classy

Wishing to make her the classy queen for the birthday party invitation? Add some toughness to her little black frock by layering it above a white button down formal shirt and pair it with brown boots for a cool and smart look.

Classic with Denims

No outfit can go boring or wrong with denims. Then why not with the button down formal shirts? Team up a light colored formal shirt and do not tuck in rather tie it at the bottom and make her wear with simple denim pants.

For The Winter Shenanigans

In the winters when the schools keep on arranging picnics, guaranteeing her comfort with warmth and fashion stance becomes a hassle, but with a formal shirt, you can get rid of this. Just add a cropped sweater with a full sleeve formal shirt, and team this with chino pants and sneakers, with a hat added for the funk.

Modish Feel with a Bow

Add a black bow to the blue, white or yellow formal shirt and tuck it into a printed floral skirt for the peppiest stance. Perfect school girl look can be tried out for any occasion effortlessly.

Boho Cuteness

Add a Boho flair for her look for the family outings on Sunday with a button down formal shirt teamed with a fringed skirt, and a pointed scarf toed to her forehead. C total fashionista!

Thus, fear no more and go for the stunning kid formal wear shirts and refurbish your little girl’s fashion sense.

Trends and Style Ideas Which Are Governing the Wholesale Maternity Shirts and T-Shirts

To all the badass would be mummas out there, it is time to reinvent yourself with the baby bump (your latest accessory!) and try out a wide array of looks and style ideas. What can be more comforting and dashing than the newfangled range of wholesale maternity t shirts available in the retail chains? The leading wholesale hubs and manufacturers are crafting a medley of these shirts and t-shirts for the pregnant women, so that they can easily get the amazing fusion of comfort and style, effortlessly.

Wholesale Maternity T Shirts Supplier

The shirts and t-shirts can be styled in a wide variety of ways, and few come with exotic designs and styles, without needing the effort to pump up their quotient.

We will bring to you the style trends and ideas which are governing the maternity shirts and t-shirts recently.

The Smart Button -Ups

The oversized button ups are actually the perfect outfit type which would   suit the pregnant women , and the loose fit with rolled up sleeves count for a careless yet smart appeal and you can wear them over tees as a layering type.

The Crisp Asymmetrical Hemlines

The hemlines higher in the front would be very comforting and convenient on the belly and you can get a playful poise wearing them, teamed up with leggings and denims easily.

Cute Color Blocking

The fun way to embrace the bump would be vibrant color blocking tops and tees, covering the awkward bulging out of the belly. Try out bright and eye-catching shades of reds, blues and yellows, which are charming to look and also would lift up your mood instantly.

The Cool Horizontal Stripes

Are you the ardent lover of your bulging belly? Then go for the horizontal stripes which come in the form of shirts and t-shirts or tops. The one with black and white color combo or something else, these stripe designs look great to flaunt the lovely baby bump you are carrying.

Bright and Happy Colors

Stop laying your hands on the nude and black or white neutral shaded tops, shirts and tees, and rather go for the ones which come with pastel hues and vibrant shades so that you can lift up your mood to a happy level.

Thicker Fabric for a Different Feel

Enough of the lightweight and breathable materials, when it is mild cold on the outside, bank on the tops and tees made of thicker fabrics. They downplay the bump easily, and render a cozy and warm feel.

The Flowy Materials

For a graceful perfection being rendered to your silhouette, try out the wholesale maternity shirts, tees and tops which come in flowy materials and end up giving you a an easy breezy poise.

Floral Accents

Make the floral patterns on the tops and tees fall on the right place to accentuate your baby bump with funk and pep!

What Will the Fashion-lovers Be Flaunting in Spring/Summer 2016?

Shirts and t-shirts no longer fall in the category of simple clothing that feature plain colors. They have become the way of showing attitude, personality and personal sense of style of the wearers. In fact, large businesses and organizations have also started using shirts and tees to promote their brands and use it as a tool to create and build an identity. 2016 is opined to be the year where minimalism is just in the head…it is all about go big or go home! Here are some of the raging designs and styles that are a far cry from the tasteless and insipid designs of the yesteryears.

Dioz group

The Ultra-snazzy Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are the ubiquitous wardrobe staple since like forever. It has always been extremely versatile and looks great for all occasions and events. But this season, the polos have had a visible makeover that will help you to stand out from the rest of the polo-loving crowd. Designers and manufacturers have brainstormed to come up with such luxurious variations of this classic preppy wardrobe piece such as polos with contrasting colored stripes at the collar and sleeves and graphic prints and motifs all over that have jazzed up this must-have shirt making it the go-to summer t-shirt!

Shirts with Cuban Collars

This season’s collection wishes to blend in futuristic colors and patterns with 1950s shirt styles and the most inspiring among them is short-sleeved shirts with Cuban collars. These lightweight shirts exude a very retro feel and are extremely spring-appropriate.

Flannels for the Summer!

Summer flannel might sound like an oxymoron but it is the ultimate go-to summer wear. Lightweight flannel is used to create cool, super trendy flannel shirts and dresses for men and women. It is available in light as well as bright hues and tones and can be conveniently paired up with any kind of bottom wear! When one wishes to look laid-back yet put-together, nothing does a better work than flannels.

Graphic Printed Tees

With the advancement of technology and printing techniques such as dye sublimation, wearing one’s own personality has become a lot easier. Graphic t-shirts are extremely popular among the young generation because these tees give the freedom to the wearers to dress whatever they want to be – a punk artist, fan of the goth trend, lover of nature or animals and so on. These t-shirts display crisp and bright prints and colors that really stand out from the rest!

With fashion trends changing so rapidly, it is not an easy task to pen down each and every trend that is making headlines. Retailers and business owners looking to spice up their collection of shirts and t-shirts for the fashionistas and contemporary gents can take a sneak peak into the multifarious selection offered by Oasis Shirts which is a part of the highly acclaimed manufacturing company, Dioz Group. By emerging as one-stop wholesale destination, it strives to take care of the needs of businesses that are looking for brilliant designs, high quality and economical prices. Check it out today!