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How Should Men Wear Polo Shirts to Look their Best?

Polo shirts are the summer wardrobe staple and men absolutely love wearing polos because it makes them look stronger, confident and successful. Unfortunately, they were away from the fashion scene for a while but good news that they’re back with a bang and everyone from Prince William to Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumber batch) and Leonardo DiCaprio is seen flaunting this trend with full enthusiasm and absolutely in love with the sporty yet timeless, casual feel.

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Even though polos can be paired with almost everything, they’re versatile, comfortable and all that, yet one can end up looking sloppy if the shirt isn’t worn the right way. So, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to rock the polo trend this season whether on the golf course, office on a casual Friday or at the club with bae.

  • Do Look for Colors and Patterns: It is summer, after all! Don’t you feel relieved after the chilly winters to finally chuck the jacket and breathe? Pinks, purples, pastels and greens are great summer colors that you can incorporate into your wardrobe to add a pop of color. But if you aren’t too adventurous, sticking to blue, black, white and grey is also fine.
  • Don’t Wear the Same Color as Your Bottoms: You want people to look at you for all the right reasons and not because you are looking like a fruit basket! When you are wearing dark colored denims, chinos or shorts, pair it up with bright colored wholesale polo shirts. Just remember to wear contract colors to stand out from the crowd, in a good way!
  • Do Buy Well-fitted Polos: With polo shirts, dress shirts and suits, it always comes down to the fit. A baggy, droopy shouldered polo shirts would do you no good, no matter how well sculpted your body is. You ought to get polo shirts that fit you well and whose length falls just till your waist.
  • Don’t Wear an Undershirt: Polo shirts are comfortable and made of a moisture wicking material and wearing an undershirt will only interfere with the fit and make you look bulky. These sports/athletic shirts are great on its own.

You will find great quality, tailored and myriad hued bulk polo shirts at reputable manufacturing houses. Get it in wholesale and let summer be the best time of the year when people praise you for your impeccable dressing sense and style.