What Will the Fashion-lovers Be Flaunting in Spring/Summer 2016?

Shirts and t-shirts no longer fall in the category of simple clothing that feature plain colors. They have become the way of showing attitude, personality and personal sense of style of the wearers. In fact, large businesses and organizations have also started using shirts and tees to promote their brands and use it as a tool to create and build an identity. 2016 is opined to be the year where minimalism is just in the head…it is all about go big or go home! Here are some of the raging designs and styles that are a far cry from the tasteless and insipid designs of the yesteryears.

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The Ultra-snazzy Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are the ubiquitous wardrobe staple since like forever. It has always been extremely versatile and looks great for all occasions and events. But this season, the polos have had a visible makeover that will help you to stand out from the rest of the polo-loving crowd. Designers and manufacturers have brainstormed to come up with such luxurious variations of this classic preppy wardrobe piece such as polos with contrasting colored stripes at the collar and sleeves and graphic prints and motifs all over that have jazzed up this must-have shirt making it the go-to summer t-shirt!

Shirts with Cuban Collars

This season’s collection wishes to blend in futuristic colors and patterns with 1950s shirt styles and the most inspiring among them is short-sleeved shirts with Cuban collars. These lightweight shirts exude a very retro feel and are extremely spring-appropriate.

Flannels for the Summer!

Summer flannel might sound like an oxymoron but it is the ultimate go-to summer wear. Lightweight flannel is used to create cool, super trendy flannel shirts and dresses for men and women. It is available in light as well as bright hues and tones and can be conveniently paired up with any kind of bottom wear! When one wishes to look laid-back yet put-together, nothing does a better work than flannels.

Graphic Printed Tees

With the advancement of technology and printing techniques such as dye sublimation, wearing one’s own personality has become a lot easier. Graphic t-shirts are extremely popular among the young generation because these tees give the freedom to the wearers to dress whatever they want to be – a punk artist, fan of the goth trend, lover of nature or animals and so on. These t-shirts display crisp and bright prints and colors that really stand out from the rest!

With fashion trends changing so rapidly, it is not an easy task to pen down each and every trend that is making headlines. Retailers and business owners looking to spice up their collection of shirts and t-shirts for the fashionistas and contemporary gents can take a sneak peak into the multifarious selection offered by Oasis Shirts which is a part of the highly acclaimed manufacturing company, Dioz Group. By emerging as one-stop wholesale destination, it strives to take care of the needs of businesses that are looking for brilliant designs, high quality and economical prices. Check it out today!



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