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The Up-and-Coming 2016 Clothing Trends Are Here…Check it Out!

With sportswear accents, gender-bending styles and grunge couture making a huge impact on today’s fashion, 2016 collection is going to be nothing if not diverse. Don’t be surprised to find a globe-trotter’s wardrobe that does not abide by any gender-specific limitations. Take a look at some of the hottest trends that have graced the runways and are making fashionistas and contemporary gents absolutely crazy!

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Silk Shirts Are the New Favorite of Modern Man

The contemporary men are not shy to wear pink, red or orange. And neither are they afraid to flaunt a little bit of silk! High-end fashion houses and wholesale shirts manufacturer is investing heavily in designing and creating shirts in floral prints and such other earthly motifs as well as Eastern world influences for men.

Plaids Are Loved by Both Men and Women

Flannel shirts were once just meant for those burly men, grunge-music lovers and lumberjacks. But, no more! Those days are long gone and today’s plaids are stylish, colorful and comfortable. Flannels exude a whole lot of attitude that men and women both like to carry with aplomb. Flannels are seen today as layers, tied around the waist, layered over dresses or as scarves. Even plaid dresses are specifically made for the fashion-conscious women!

Polo Shirts Are Killing the Fashion Scene!

Polo shirts are dominantly sports/athletic shirts that were mostly seen on the golf courses or sports field donned by men but with Prince Charles and Kate Middleton both looking like hot property in a polo, it leaves little doubt that the polos have left behind their gender-associations and are today a wardrobe summer staple for both men and women. It is available today in myriad hues and tones as well as funky prints all over or around the collar.

An Emerging Trend for the Femme Fatales – Tees as Dresses

Let’s bow down to the Queen of quirkiness and wild style, Rihanna, for this crazy trend. Oversized graphic printed t-shirts are being worn by women all over the globe as a dress and this is one of the most popular trends doing the round. With simple accessories such as maybe a cap, a good-looking handbag or clutch, nice-looking pair of shoes, one will be all set to steal the limelight wherever one goes.

If you are a part of the thriving clothing industry and wish to stand out from the rest, then do try to include these upcoming and raging trends as a part of your collection. For that, get in touch with leading clothes supplier manufacturers and be on your way to success.