Is the Plaid Trend a Passing Fad? Find Out!

Very few clothing pieces enjoy the popularity and fame that flannel shirts have enjoyed ever since it first became a trend back in the 1990s. If a trend even stays around for more than a year, it is regarded as an eternity in fashion and flannel shirts have stayed around since like forever and with every passing year, the style keeps getting louder and better! It is safe to say that the fashion world cannot break out from its plaid habit and the fashion lovers don’t seem to be complaining!

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Fall/Winter 2016 Approaching…Will the Plaid Trend Fade Away?

Exactly the opposite! Market research shows that the high-end fashion houses are stocking up on more plaids to be ready for fall/winter. Designers are expanding and entering into new domains with wholesale plaid shirt for men and women. The shirts that are available today are a long way from their initial associations with lumberjacks and ’90s grunge music scene. In fact, plaid is not a style on its own and not just in combination with flannels. Plaids have started showing up on suits, blazers, dress shirts and even pants and skirts.

Plaids were previously used in dressy clothing but not as loudly as they’re being used today. Designers and manufacturers are experimenting with bright, bold colors and trying to incorporate it into spring/summer styles as well. In the present times, fashion lovers can wear flannel plaid shirt during the cold winter months and lightweight shirts featuring plaid during spring and summer seasons when the temps are up!

What are the Possibilities with Plaid?

We already know how amazing flannel plaid shirts look but since fashion is forever changing and there is always a demand for something better than the best, designers are caving in to create plaid everything. From plaid shirts for women and men to plaid dresses, coats, ruffled up skirts, shorts, pants, suits and blazers are available today and the options just continue to increase with each passing season.

Due to the versatility of the plaid pattern, it can be paired up with almost anything and the perfect piece for casual to dressy events and occasions. Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and more are seen donning with trend with great panache.

Plaid and flannel shirts have become more than just a trend. There are basically two categories – plaid lovers and others! Fall/winter season is on the horizon…get in touch with a reputed manufacturer and supplier and stock up on the latest plaid shirts for women and men in bulk!


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