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Spruce Up Summer T-Shirts With Classy Polo Shirts

Change the way you dress this summer by forgetting your favorite tees and embracing the smart casual attire with polo shirts. Cool graphic printed t-shirts are still quite relevant and popular but the real go-to item for summer 2016 is undoubtedly the polo shirts that have emerged as the new unofficial summer top among the young fashion lovers. If you ask why, the answer is simple. Polo shirts are supremely casual yet never unkempt; they’re simply yet never boring! And they’re pretty much everywhere, from the tennis field or golf course to a backyard BBQ party, as it works wonderfully with most of the things hanging in your closet.

Bulk Polo Shirts Supplier

Basic and Yet Extraordinary!

When we say that bulk polo shirts are ubiquitous, it does bring down the excitement level, doesn’t it? But it’s the fact. Every guy around the world must have at least one or two of these because they’re an absolute wardrobe essential. But the good news is that you can wear polos and instead of blending in with the rest of the crowd, you can still stand out. Let us tell you how you can stand out…

Solid colored polo shirts are great without a doubt but when it is about standing out, you might like to opt for polos that feature contrasting colored stripes at the collar and maybe the sleeves. It might not seem like much but this little visual impact goes a long way in separating basic polos from the advanced ones. In addition, wholesale polo shirts manufacturers are also coming up with innovatively styled polos such as graphic printed ones embellished with crown motifs, abstract, floral or other such summer favorite prints and motifs. With gorgeous color combinations that might be complementary or contrasting and varied prints, polos are sure to become your best friend this summer and help you to impress your boss at work, stay cool during a game of golf or impress your new girlfriend’s parents.

Just Be Careful About the Fit

When it comes to polo shirts, everything comes down to the fit. Avoid over sized polos with droopy shoulders at all costs because no matter how stylish the shirt visually looks, you would end up looking sloppy and uninteresting. OK maybe extraordinary in an unimpressive way!! No matter what the occasion or event is, choose your polos wisely and ones that fit and flatter your body shape because the ultimate goal is to look super cool, smart yet sophisticated, all at the same time. As for bottoms, go crazy!!! Bring out all the tailored chinos, shorts, denims or whatever you own!

Get in touch with a revered distributor textured polo shirt to be in the middle of all the polo-buzz!

20 (Possible) Reasons Why Your Customers Are Not Buying From Your Shirts Collection

It’s a not an uncommon problem among the clothing business owners that they wholesaled, assumingly, the best of fashion wears and yet the customers doesn’t seem to appreciate it. And months pass by, the stock stays just as it, stashed in their warehouse- unsold.

If you’re going through the same phase with your shirts wholesale, worry not- we’re here to help you through this dull period.

Wholesale Shirt Supplier

Here are 20 possible reasons why your customers are sighing away from your shirts collection-

You think you have bought possibly the ‘best’ shirts wholesale but in fact it is completely the opposite.

You have bulked from the wrong wholesale shirt supplier.

You don’t know what types and varieties of shirts are trending in the fashion scene.

You choose Sports Illustrated over Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

You have exactly the same varieties of shirts wholesale as each of your competitors.

The quality of your shirts is poor even though in the style department they excel.

The style value of your shirts is poor even though in the quality department they excel.

There need to a fine balance between the quality and style-value of your shirts.

You’re overcharging. So much so, some of your customers even had a mini-attack.

You’re undercharging to those rich snubs. (Remember ‘Veblen goods’, high school economics?)

You know nothing about pricing.

You don’t know what Gigi Hadid is wearing these days. (Yep, it’s frown upon in the fashion scene!)

You are just too hung up with the charm of wholesale plaid shirt mens and women’s.

You only stock clichéd like Burberry plaid shirt for women and men. You avoid other custom varieties.

You overlook the class and swag of denim shirts.

You don’t know hooded shirts are the craze of this fall.

You only purchase and stock cotton-made shirts.

You are clueless, when buying, if you should primarily target the female customers or male.

You buy the same types and varieties of shirts for both your female and male customers.

Seasons and trends change but not the types and varieties of wholesale in your warehouse.

These are the 20 possible reasons why your shirts wholesale, even after months, is still unsold. Now you know why, go ahead and fix them. Contact a good wholesale apparel supplier today.

When In ‘Flannel Shirt-Trap’, Purchase Print and Denim Shirts

Apparently flannel shirts have become the ultimate wardrobe staple for every women and men. Yes, they are cool, stylish and makes up for the perfect causal and lifestyle wear. However this is not to say there doesn’t exist just as appealing and amazing types and varieties of shirts. In fact, over the years, top manufacturing houses like Dioz Group have up their game and are offering a wide assortment of shirts. But even then, many small businesses fail to look beyond the flannel shirts. They are in, so to say, a ‘flannel-shirt trap’.

Dioz group

Reasons to look for alternatives

Admittedly, flannel shirts are popular but there are host of reasons why you should (and must) bulk other varieties.

Flannel shirts have become TOO popular- and mainstream. Everyone is wearing them. So there exist many (MANY) customers who want something different.

All your competitors, assumingly, are stocking these colorful shirts in heaps.

Top manufacturers are offering plenty of new and stylish varieties of shirts that are just too good to not to stock.

Alternatives to flannel shirts

Here are 6 types of shirts that you should wholesale just as much as flannel shirts-

Print Shirts– These shirts synonyms style and boldness. Exuding an exuberant flavor, they are cool, causal and perfect to don in any informal setup. Customers who want to look different in the ‘fashion herd’, these shirts vouch to appeal them the most.

Denim Shirts– Even in the flannel frenzy fashion scene, denim shirts has their own say. Popular among both women and men, they exude an ‘old school’ feel and offer high fashion value. Whether someone want to pair this up with a denim bottom and go for a bold look, or a chino for a sweet and subtle fashion statement, denim shirts are the ultimate casual and fashion wear.

Camouflage shirts– Rising in demand (camo tees are already very popular), camouflage shirts are for people who want a cool and quirky look. Bold and eye-catchy, these shirts guarantee to outstand the wearers from the crowd with the ultimate swag.

Linen Shirts– These shirts are the ultimate comfort wear. They are light in weight with high ventilation and wicking properties. Their base is much softer that offers a snugly feel to the wearers. They are simple looking- perfect for people who want a minimal and effortless look.

Hooded Shirts– These are for the people who just can’t get enough of hoodies. Very casual and stylish, top manufactures like Dioz Group offer many varieties of these hooded shirts- some are colorful and vibrant, others plain and simple. This ensures everyone’s demands are met sufficiently.

Formal Shirts– Formal shirts are the ultimate classics. Simple yet very appealing, they are always in demand all throughout the year. Also, once only limited varieties were available, that’s not the case today. Manufacturers are offering many new and fresh varieties in various colors and designs that make these formal tops the perfect casual wear.

So, do your customers a favor, make some room in your flannel filled warehouse and stock these 6 amazing and popular types of shirts. Contact a good manufacturer or supplier today.

Essential Style Tips To Follow While Doing Denim Shirts Crafted By Leading Manufacturers

Denim has always been a wardrobe staple, be it in the form of the tattered jean pant or the well-structured casual jacket. But with the evolution of the fashion scene, today denim shirts are definitely becoming the craze, and men are replacing their casual tees and formal shirts with these funky shirts. Practical, comfortable and versatile, you can never say a no to the denim shirts, and the fashion forward men can accentuate their fashion statements through these shirts, be it for a casual style essence, or reflecting a formal vibe. The humble denim shirts is the new hero in denim clothing genre , and whether the double denim poise or the cowboy smartness, you can get utmost perfection with little twists and turns applied.

Denim Shirts Manufacturers

Whether you love the light washed, medium or dark washed denim shirts, make sure to have all of them in your wardrobe as they fulfill different occasions easily. The nonchalant way of dressing up the denims is probably the best you could do, but even the professional workplace ambience can be complemented with a full sleeved formal denim shirt.

Formal Dressing with Blazers

There might be a conception that denim shirts are apt for the casual style stances, but this is a wrong notion. The light textured denim shirts can also be worn at office, with tight fit and full sleeves. Team these shirts up with structured blazers for the business tours and team meetings so that you can experiment with your formal strict look and try out something unique. Also, for the strictly formal occasions like team meetings and presentations, you can try out the suited up look with matching tie.

Flaunt Your Toned Muscles

To flaunt your biceps, you can make denims shirts your one and only companion. For this bank on a short sleeved denim shirt and team it with anything to reflect a cutting-edge silhouette, with the sleeves slightly rolled up.

All Buttoned Up For Social Get Together

If there is a date, social get together, then they way of wearing denim shirt changes a little. Try out the non-traditional style of slipping into a denim shirt keeping it all buttoned without tucking it. This will give you a classy and sharp look effortlessly.

The David Beckham Half Tuck Silhouette

David Beckham has given the men a new way of wearing denim shirts, keeping one side tucked in and the other carelessly untucked. Lighter denims look good with this style and can be applied to any casual outing, with denim or cotton pants and sneakers.

Exotic Leather and Classic Denims

Complimenting denims seamlessly, leather accents are necessary to be stacked into your wardrobe. Men can team up leather jackets with denim shirts and get a very exotic style appeal, especially while partying. The contrast o0f denim and leather would give way to a lovely demeanor.

Casual Opened Up Styles for Careless Dressing

If you love casual and careless dressing, denim shirts are the perfect solution for you. Team up denim shirts like layers over plain and graphic tees, and shirts, for traveling here and there or for the normal day outings. Funky and peppy, this is definitely something men would love to sport.

The leading denim shirts manufacturers are crafting a wide array of denims shirts in different designs, and whether the patch worked or the formal one, you can never get enough of them.

Clothing and Accessories to Look Best With Sizzling Flannel Shirts Crafted By Wholesalers

You do it in the grunge dude style, or the lumberjack way, or even the pure unadulterated feminine way, flannel shirts are versatile and unisex in nature and hence they must be stacked in every wardrobe. Carrying a vintage vibe, these shirts are funky to look and go well in different occasions seamlessly, be it the party nights, casual strolls; you wear it in the sloppy way or in a hot and appealing stance. Warm , soft and super trendy, they can be worn in woolen flannel for the fall and cotton for the summers and because of the celebs and models sporting them again and again, new ideas contrastingly brew up in the global fashion scene, to help the fashion -forward women to get a number of amazing silhouettes.

Flannel Shirt Wholesale

The leading flannel shirt wholesale companies are crafting the flannels shirts in a wide array of designs, plaid patterns, cuts and demeanors. The right clothing pieces and accessories would be perfect to accompany them, and we will get you covered with such pieces to help you get the best ensembles.

With High Rising Boots and Denims

Nothing can stop you from looking chic and haute in flannel shirts , and when it is about slipping into the oversized flannel shirt crafted by a top-notch mens flannel shirts wholesale company, for the grocery shopping or lunch outings, you are definitely going to rock any silhouette. Wear this with narrow fit denims and long rising boots, which help you get mannish vibe, diminishing the sloppiness of the oversized structure of the shirt.

Knit Scarf for Fall Shenanigans

When there is a date lined up in the evening and you are in no mood to dress up owing to the chilly weather condition outside, the only outfit you could think of is the red and black vintage flannel shirts. Team up the flannel shirt with a white or black tank tee, paired with leggings, boots and the knit black scarf.

Gown Gets an Edge For A Social Dinner

Do you loved your ruffled cocktail gown, but wondering to wear it in a different way this time? Get it going for a social dinner outing, with chunky chandelier ear-rings, a top-knot hairdo, and wear the dark colored flannel shirt from above .Look like a magic in this and get all eyes rolling on yourself!

Doubled Up Prints For Casual Strolls

For the casual strolls and outings, wearing a flannel shirt might be a little boring, and hence you can try out the double print style. You can try out a bobby printed shirt with a plaid patterned flannel shirt, teamed with black trouser to get a very unique appeal.

Flannel and Leather Combo Looks Exotic

The classic poise of flannel and the exoticness of leather outfits can bring out the best style essence, and this is possible when you, mix and match both of them in accurate proportions. For the party nights, ditch the usual party outfits and try out wearing a flannel shirt tucked into a mini leather skirt, teamed with high rising heeled booties and get ready to hot the dance floor.

Brunch Outings with Sweater and Collar Neckpiece

The winter brunch outings can be completed with   a sweater layered above a flannel shirt, and the chunky collar neckpiece for a classy look!

With the wholesalers sprucing up the retail stores with flannel shirts bulk items, choosing your preferred ones has become easier!

Different Clothing and Accessories You Would Need To Refurbish Your Old Denim Shirt

Do you have an old denim chambray shirt stacked into your wardrobe, which you long to wear someday, but with a fresh and novel appeal? The trend of denim shirts is back and the 90’s style brigade has once again intruded into the global fashion scene to preach the fashion-forward women to go back in time and experiment with dresses and accessories which have become obsolete in the current style scenario. A denim shirt is one of the most talked about style definitions which have been offering the women with major fashion inspirations, owing to the celebs who are sporting them every now and then.

Wholesale Denim Shirts Supplier

So if you have an elegant denim shirt in classic faded blue shade with perfectly polished silhouette and loose sleeves, you need to think out of the box and go for incredible ways to slip into it, be it for the casual weekend strolls, or may be to the Saturday night party shenanigans.

To wear the denim shirt, all you need is the amazing collection of clothing and accessory pieces which would add refined finesse and a finishing to the simple looking shirt.

Ombre Maxi Skirt

If you are looking forward to balance out the length of the ombre maxi skirt, they wear it with the denim shirt, keeping few of the initial buttons open and tying a knot at the bottom to make it get the appearance of a crop top.

Pretty Polka Dotted Short Dress

If you want to get the predominantly easy breezy summer look on a laid back morning, get the denim shirt layered unbuttoned over a white short dress adorned with polka dots.

Printed Romper

The thin strapped printed romper in your collection can get a funky and funny summer makeover with the classic denim shirt of yours, worn over like a jacket.

Skinny Bow Belt

Pump up your hotness quotient with the denim shirt, leaving it unbuttoned over a dark colored camisole, and cinching the waist with a skinny bow belt. This will give you the playful poise needed while partying with friends at the pool.

Loafers And Chinos

Go for a semi formal look at any social occasion wearing the denim shirt tucked into the light colored chino pants, teamed with dark brown loafers. This whole ensemble will change your look to slightly mannish, instead of the regular feminine grace which you portray.

Short Shorts!

Off to the beach this summer? Ditch the t-shirts and get hold of a ruffled shorts, and pair with your neon bikini top and the denim shirt for a sensuous yet peppy silhouette.

Make The Inside Matter With Ruffles

Even if you are wearing a simple chambray shirt with a top inside, make sure that the outfit peeping from inside is appealing enough to keep the eyes glued on you. Get hold of a bright colored floral ruffled tank top and add spunk with the denim shirt.

Chic Neckpieces

For the party scenes you would definitely want some gloss and glitter added to your persona, is it not? A chic neckpiece would do great if worn in tune with the denim shirt, be it a pearl necklace, a collar chunky neckpiece or something in a long chain and big locket!

To do some other style and design, visit your retail store to get a fresh denim shirt crafted by a leading wholesale denim brand.

Fresh New Happening Ways To Style Your Button Down Shirts With Perfection And Class

Your button down shirts may be stacked up in the closet to entice the formal dress code at office and you definitely count them to be boring, don’t you? But with the constant changes with the global fashion scene is witnessing, you need to think out of the box to think of unique ways to rev up the simple shirts to something   very exquisite and playful , be it for the party nights or may be for the movie outings. The leading shirt manufacturers are crafting them a number of color and pattern options, and you can experiment with them and churn out appeasing ways to slip into these button downs.

Wholesale Shirts Manufacturer

The celebs and models are constantly giving us style inspirations to wear the shirts in chic, yet casual ways, and one should definitely peep into them to add some wonderful fashion solutions to their closets. Retail stores are getting spruced with bulk shirts for to satiate the demands of the customers.

Go through some of the most amazing and out-of-the-box ways to carry yourself in button down shirts:

Corporate With A Twist

The button down shirts have the first requisite of being formal, but you don’t necessarily need to stick to the boring way of wearing them with skirts and pant suits to office. Try out something funky with a vest worn above the shirt, with a cropped formal suit trouser, and stilettos. This will spruce up your look easily and quite effortlessly.

Layering Gets the Sheer Way

Wondering how to layer the button down? Ditch the darn monotonous jacket and use a sheer full sleeve top with intricate detailing, and add redefined finesse to your persona. Make sure the length of the top is shorter than the shirt, so that there is a good contrast of both the pieces.

Dress Gets A Smartness Quotient

Do you want your sleeveless dress to look different? Wear it with a contrasting shaded button down shirt, with the sleeveless dress slipped over it. The collar popping out and the perfectly tailored full sleeve pattern would add coolness to the ensemble.

With The Coziness of A Sweater

Let a button down shirt be worn under a scoop neck sweater, tucked into a slouchy pant with broad belt for a school girl innocent vibes. The polished outlook will definitely be preppy, whereas in winters this can be your ultimate style quotient.

With A Blazer, But Not the Usual Way

You need to think of offbeat idea to wear the button down with your regular striped blazer, and this is possible when you wear the shirt beneath a blazer, with both the buttons kept open to reflect a casual, and not a strict formal style essence.

Gloss of Leather

Button down shirts does not connote simplicity always, and for the party nights you can pair it up with leather. What about a button down white shirt teamed with black leather skirt, leather leggings and a leather boot? Though unusual, you can carry this to become the next trendsetter.

As A Shirt? Not Predominantly

Think, whether you could slip into the striped button down shirt introduced by a shirts supplier in some other way or not? Yes you can, you just need a chic top to tuck into a wrap skirt made out of the shirt with a belt and a knot at the bottom! Highly fascinating!

Types Of Neckpieces To Be Worn With Wholesale Flannel Shirts For Chic Ensembles

Flannel and fashion has an amazing relationship, and definitely the bond is meant to stay forever. The flannel shirts as introduced by the grunge music scene has overruled each and every highlights and trend of the global fashion scene and made its place in the wardrobes of the fashion-forward women every season. Popping out everywhere, be it at the television, movies or the ramp, none can stay away from the classic vibes which they portray through the vintage plaid patterns and the comfortable and smooth fabric of wholesale flannels . But are you bored of simply wearing them for casual occasions and keeping them restricted to simplicity? A little change would effortlessly bring out your graceful persona, and flannel shirt ensembles would look equally gorgeous and stunning. The leading flannel manufacturers are stacking up the wardrobes of the retail outlets with a wide array of flannel shirts, and just a few accessories, rather neckpieces which would completely refurbish your usual flannel plaid shirts with novelty and freshness.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts Manufacturers

We will get you covered with the most alluring necklace types which would complete your attires in flannels:

The Choker

The 90’s fad of flannel shirts and chocker neckpieces combine to five ways to the most amazing and funky grunge inspired fashion statement. Sitting snugly around the neck, these goodies come in silver, gold, metallic and even in other shades to instantly pump up your hotness quotient. When you are wearing your black tee with distressed jeans, teamed with a flannel shirt toe around the waist, the cocker neckpieces add spunk and tom boyishness to the attire.

Bib Necklace

The bib necklaces consisting of layers and layers of beads and bling crated a cascading effect near the collar bone adds sizzle and glams up your total outfit. When you wear a plaid flannel shirt with a leather skirt or a tutu skirts, make sure to add this neckpiece to the ensemble to add a stance of elegance and grace, with a lot of shimmer and glimmer.

Multi Layered Chain Necklace

Funky and preppy, the multilayered chain necklaces come with overlapping layers, offering a glamorous effect at the collars. With neat and clean look, these necklaces are sleek to look and good for people who do not like decking up must with accessories. You get them attached with pendants and coins, and wear them flawlessly with flannel shirts tucked into leather pants or maxi skirts, for the much needed dash of panache.

Collar Necklaces

Are you wearing your plaid flannel shirt with closed buttons from top to bottom with a flared skirt? Get some feminine sophistication added with a collar necklace, which looks chunky and come in gorgeous appeals. Reflecting a lot of shine and glitter, these necklaces add form to the collared custom flannel shirts, and notch up their level of beauty.

Pendant Necklaces

When it comes to wearing an oversized flannel plaid shirt like a dress, with a belt cinched at the waist, add some zest to the tomboyish and smart attire with a pendant necklace, dangling down from sleek chain.

Tassel Necklace

Tassel necklaces with burst of colors can add vibrancy to the flannel shirt which you will wear as a beach cover up with a neon bikini!

The retail stores are stacking their stocks with custom flannels, so that you can try out the neck pieces with a wide array of flannel shirts!

Tips To Choose The Best Business Shirts To Fulfill Your Office Dress Code

If your office has a strict dress code and you are bound too style formal for everyday, then getting the perfection might be tough at times. Sometimes, the color would be am mismatch or at times, the pleat of the trousers would not be neat. But leaving all these secondary things aside, the most important thing to consider is the well-tailored and intricately stitched business or rather, formal shirt. These shirts are the first requisites to get the most elegant and classy professional ensemble, whether you wear it with a suit blazer, coat or a waist coat.

Mens Business Shirts Manufacturer

Men , even the fashion -conscious one sometimes go through a lot of apprehensions while choosing a business shirt crafted by a leading mens business shirts manufacturer, and the reason being the minute details which they possess: from cuffs, collars, sleeve patterns and much more.  Next comes the proper style ideas to get the most polished silhouettes in these shirts, so that you can go by the strict dress code without committing a fashion crime.

To help you, we will get you covered with the best tips so that you can choose the perfect formal business shirts easily:

Choose a High Quality Shirt 

The formal business shirts come in a wide variety of fabric options, and when it comes to selecting the fabric, cotton is still the most reputed and know one. Providing excellent body heat and moisture conduction, high longevity and a smooth finesse, these shirts are soft and comfortable to wear. Now, today even silk and other synthetic fibers are used to construct formal business shirts. Silk is the most luxurious fabric and you can wear silk shirts for the formal parties and get-togethers.

Crisp Collar  

The collar of the shirt must sit on your neck properly without choking you. There are two types of collars for the formal business shirts, point and spread respectively. Today, even the button down collars are in rage.

Well Visible Cuffs

When worn with a suit jacket, the cuffs are well visible. The button cuffs wrap around the arms and button into place, whereas French cuffs are more formal in nature. They are folded back and attached with cufflinks. Hence, shirts with French cuffs are more sophisticated to look.

Amazing Fit

The business formal shirt must come with amazing line and length, fitting nicely around the neck and shoulder, so that while stretching, one doesn’t feel like ripping back. Also, the length of the shirt should be long enough to be tucked into the suit pant without any glitch.

Colors and Patterns

It is important to experiment into a number of colors and patterns, which must be not too jazzy so that you can wear them effortlessly to office and other formal functions. They should be sober and soothing, and in patterns the stripes and checks would look perfect for the professional ambience.

Few Style Ideas to Go for:

Team up the checkered or striped shirts with single colored vest like waist coat and a bow tie for the formal office parties.

For the color blocking shirts, in blue or maroon, just wear them with printed and tucked into light colored suit trousers for a contrasting effect.

The light colored like pink and white shirts can be worn with suits in darker shades for the perfect formal essence.

The retailers are also getting custom business shirts from the designers, increasing your options.

Summer Time Best Looks To Get In Alluring Polo Shirts For Fashionable Men

Summer is one season which completely de-motivates one to wrap into any fashion statement, owing to the scorching heat and uncomfortable weather conditions. This becomes a curse for the fashion-forward men, who often end up looking sloppy and slouchy, slipping down their style meter. But to their rescue, comes the vintage and classical polo shirts , which are once again back to the fashion scene, with the same conventional silhouette but definitely with numerous newfangled style quotients. From the golf course to the mainstream street fashion shenanigans, wholesale polo shirts have travelled a long way and become the wardrobe staples for the men. Best to be worn in summer, keeping the sleeves till the mid-biceps, hemline till the mid way of the fly of the pants, collars sitting with poise, one can rock any occasion and poise with these t-shirts quite confidently.

Wholesale Polo Shirts Supplier

You can step into your favourite retail store and grab the polos in a variety of prints, patterns, colors and sizes, crafted by the best polo shirts manufacturer.

You might have donned the polo shirts before in a wide variety of demeanors, before, but for this summer, we will get you covered with brand new and exclusive style ideas to go for:

Time To Ditch Your Regular Shirt

Long sleeve shirts and t-shirts for formal and semi formal looks with blazers are quite uncomfortable in summer, and hence you can replace them with the cool and crisp polo tees. While teaming the suit jackets or blazers with the polos , makes sure that the color combination goes right and there is enough contrast which would notch up your appeal easily.

Try Out The All-White Ensemble

Create sleek and polished all white look with white polo shirts, sans any logo pr motif and pair it with white chino pant with slim fit. This would look pristine when teamed with plimsoles or loafers or even brogue in dark brown or chocolate colors. Also, to get a classy and bourgeoisie silhouette, go sockless with rolled up hems of the pant.

Cool And Sporty For Causal Evenings

With the original attachment to games such as tennis, golf and other sports, polo shirts can give the perfect sporty style quite easily. You can team the checked and striped polos with bomber jackets, joggers and cropped trousers to get the ultimate funky appeal. When it comes to the right pair of shoes, canvas or the sneakers would look perfectly in balance.

Get The Dressy Quotient

Choose the printed or colored polo shirts in merino wool and thick fabrics, to go for a dressy semi formal style stance. Get rid of the jacket or blazer and button the polo shirt till the last button and opt for a classy and sophisticated look.

Time For Something Unique

Are you bored of wearing the polos with the same old denims and chinos? It is time to wrap you up in a different and unique style quotient, with polo shirts in impeccable color patterns and prints with shorts of cotton and denim for the pool parties and beach outings. Team up the simple flip flops and get the most flirtatious look.

The top-notch retail stores are getting supplied with polos in bulk , and hence offering a wide array of options for fashionable men to try deck themselves up to channelize sensational style statements.

Essential Fashion Tips To Deck Up In Wholesale Maternity Shirts

Clothing for pregnant women has witnessed a lot of changes in the last few decades, from being purely functional, the outfits designed by the designers and manufacturers today are scoring high on both fashion and functionality. Women   during their pregnancy feel comfortable and relaxed in t-shirts the most and probably this is the reason why the leading maternity shirts manufacturers are crafting them in wide array of styles, designs, colors, designs, prints and patterns. Amidst the complications which pregnancy offers, these easy breezy t-shirts are comfortable to wear and stupendous to look, giving a wide range of silhouettes, be it in casual stance or something for the family parties and get-togethers.

Wholesale Maternity Shirts Manufacturers

These t-shirts not only come in amazing line and length, they also ooze with oodles of style quotients, be it a variety of necklines or sleeve patterns.

We will get you covered with a number of fashion tips which would help you wear the maternity t-shirts with perfection:

Go For Some Skin Show

During the pregnancy tenure, you can get the best chance to get the most ravishing silhouette. For this you need to opt for some skin show and this is possible through a scoop neck tee, which can be teamed with chunky neckpiece to get a hot and sensuous look.

Add Skinny Jeans to Your T-Shirts

During pregnancy; try out the sleek and slim silhouette to cover your bulges. This is possible if you can team up a simple t-shirt with skinny and super stretchy jeans, which must come till the ankle to offer the poised and curvy demeanor.

It is Better To Choose Snug Over Bulky

The snug -sleeved tops with skinnier pants are the best combos which enables one to get a slim and sleek silhouette. This combo can be teamed with blazer with opened buttons. You can also try out the snug tank tee teamed with a man’s shirt as an addition of layer. Snug fit clothes will help you to flaunt the best body parts elegantly.

Go For a Wide Variety of Colors

During pregnancy, make sure to stay away from the neutral hues of black, white and grey which can tone down your mood. Instead, try out the colorful and bright shade schemes which comes in electrifying and striking tones, be it the oranges or reds, so that you can also flaunt your baby bump confidently.

Select Funny and Quirky T-Shirts

Make sure the wholesale maternity shirts you are going for introduced by the wholesale clothing brands are funny and quirky to look and feel. These t-shirts can have prints and patterns with three dimensional effects to give way to a very appealing fashion statement. Thus might have images of babies, cartoon characters, animated caricatures to make the would be mother feel stylish and most importantly gleeful and happy. Also, the t-shirts with motivational, emotional and funny quotes can also be banked, as they lift up the spirits of the would be moms, while pregnancy causes a lot of mood swings.

Choose Decorative Elements

Instead of sticking to the simple and plain silhouettes, you can also grab the tees which come with pattered necklines, ruffled hemlines, embroideries and beaded embellishments. These will effortlessly upgrade your panache double the meter.

Thus, it is time to ditch the old outfits and welcome the new member with a gorgeous appeal!

7 Times Men Kill the Charm of Denim Shirts

Collared denim shirts, by default, are considered as very stylish. And even after so many years, amid all the flannel frenzy, they are still red hot in the consumer market. But just because they are stylish doesn’t necessarily mean they would look good on anyone and everyone. If you’re a denim shirt fan yourself, who clad in this wear for every occasion, chances are there are ways you might be making some rather silly mistakes and screwing up your whole look. Here we provide you with 7 ways you might be killing the charm of otherwise very charming full sleeved denim formal shirt

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Denim Shirts lover pay attention and avoid these 7 mistakes starting from today!

Denim on Denim is a great idea, but mismatching the shades of shirt and pant is an ultimate fashion-killer. Like a darker variation of denim pant would just not look good with darker shirts. The simple rule is, to ensure the top and bottom complements each other, mix light shade with the dark.

Always wearing denim shirt as a shirt would give you a monotonous look. Avoid that and sometimes wear these shirts as jackets. A light shaded tank top or round neck tee inside is ideal choice.

For whatever reason, cladding an outwear over your denim shirt just doesn’t suit well (yes even sweatshirts doesn’t look good); not at least on everyone. So avoid this.

About size, a baggy or slim fit denim shirt doesn’t look good on everyone; it really depends on the size of the wearer itself. A moderate fitting is the safest and that’s what you should go for when unsure.

Unlike flannel shirts, not any and every kind of shoes is ‘okay’. So you must be a bit careful when selecting your footwear. A classic leather shoe is a best choice here; so people also prefer high boots. Slip-ons are also the good choice. Avoid sports shoes and popping colored sneakers.

A plain and standard colored short or Capri is not a good idea, particularly if you’re looking for a stylish and bold look. Go with colorful printed ones. While about full pants, a simple white colored one is an ideal choice.

When it comes to accessories, with men, when they’re wearing full sleeved formal denim shirt, ‘less is more’. A simple leather strap watch is adequate. Keep things simple and minimalist.

These are the seven mistakes that you should avoid to keep intact the charm of collared denim shirts.

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