When In ‘Flannel Shirt-Trap’, Purchase Print and Denim Shirts

Apparently flannel shirts have become the ultimate wardrobe staple for every women and men. Yes, they are cool, stylish and makes up for the perfect causal and lifestyle wear. However this is not to say there doesn’t exist just as appealing and amazing types and varieties of shirts. In fact, over the years, top manufacturing houses like Dioz Group have up their game and are offering a wide assortment of shirts. But even then, many small businesses fail to look beyond the flannel shirts. They are in, so to say, a ‘flannel-shirt trap’.

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Reasons to look for alternatives

Admittedly, flannel shirts are popular but there are host of reasons why you should (and must) bulk other varieties.

Flannel shirts have become TOO popular- and mainstream. Everyone is wearing them. So there exist many (MANY) customers who want something different.

All your competitors, assumingly, are stocking these colorful shirts in heaps.

Top manufacturers are offering plenty of new and stylish varieties of shirts that are just too good to not to stock.

Alternatives to flannel shirts

Here are 6 types of shirts that you should wholesale just as much as flannel shirts-

Print Shirts– These shirts synonyms style and boldness. Exuding an exuberant flavor, they are cool, causal and perfect to don in any informal setup. Customers who want to look different in the ‘fashion herd’, these shirts vouch to appeal them the most.

Denim Shirts– Even in the flannel frenzy fashion scene, denim shirts has their own say. Popular among both women and men, they exude an ‘old school’ feel and offer high fashion value. Whether someone want to pair this up with a denim bottom and go for a bold look, or a chino for a sweet and subtle fashion statement, denim shirts are the ultimate casual and fashion wear.

Camouflage shirts– Rising in demand (camo tees are already very popular), camouflage shirts are for people who want a cool and quirky look. Bold and eye-catchy, these shirts guarantee to outstand the wearers from the crowd with the ultimate swag.

Linen Shirts– These shirts are the ultimate comfort wear. They are light in weight with high ventilation and wicking properties. Their base is much softer that offers a snugly feel to the wearers. They are simple looking- perfect for people who want a minimal and effortless look.

Hooded Shirts– These are for the people who just can’t get enough of hoodies. Very casual and stylish, top manufactures like Dioz Group offer many varieties of these hooded shirts- some are colorful and vibrant, others plain and simple. This ensures everyone’s demands are met sufficiently.

Formal Shirts– Formal shirts are the ultimate classics. Simple yet very appealing, they are always in demand all throughout the year. Also, once only limited varieties were available, that’s not the case today. Manufacturers are offering many new and fresh varieties in various colors and designs that make these formal tops the perfect casual wear.

So, do your customers a favor, make some room in your flannel filled warehouse and stock these 6 amazing and popular types of shirts. Contact a good manufacturer or supplier today.



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