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Types Of Neckpieces To Be Worn With Wholesale Flannel Shirts For Chic Ensembles

Flannel and fashion has an amazing relationship, and definitely the bond is meant to stay forever. The flannel shirts as introduced by the grunge music scene has overruled each and every highlights and trend of the global fashion scene and made its place in the wardrobes of the fashion-forward women every season. Popping out everywhere, be it at the television, movies or the ramp, none can stay away from the classic vibes which they portray through the vintage plaid patterns and the comfortable and smooth fabric of wholesale flannels . But are you bored of simply wearing them for casual occasions and keeping them restricted to simplicity? A little change would effortlessly bring out your graceful persona, and flannel shirt ensembles would look equally gorgeous and stunning. The leading flannel manufacturers are stacking up the wardrobes of the retail outlets with a wide array of flannel shirts, and just a few accessories, rather neckpieces which would completely refurbish your usual flannel plaid shirts with novelty and freshness.

Wholesale Flannel Shirts Manufacturers

We will get you covered with the most alluring necklace types which would complete your attires in flannels:

The Choker

The 90’s fad of flannel shirts and chocker neckpieces combine to five ways to the most amazing and funky grunge inspired fashion statement. Sitting snugly around the neck, these goodies come in silver, gold, metallic and even in other shades to instantly pump up your hotness quotient. When you are wearing your black tee with distressed jeans, teamed with a flannel shirt toe around the waist, the cocker neckpieces add spunk and tom boyishness to the attire.

Bib Necklace

The bib necklaces consisting of layers and layers of beads and bling crated a cascading effect near the collar bone adds sizzle and glams up your total outfit. When you wear a plaid flannel shirt with a leather skirt or a tutu skirts, make sure to add this neckpiece to the ensemble to add a stance of elegance and grace, with a lot of shimmer and glimmer.

Multi Layered Chain Necklace

Funky and preppy, the multilayered chain necklaces come with overlapping layers, offering a glamorous effect at the collars. With neat and clean look, these necklaces are sleek to look and good for people who do not like decking up must with accessories. You get them attached with pendants and coins, and wear them flawlessly with flannel shirts tucked into leather pants or maxi skirts, for the much needed dash of panache.

Collar Necklaces

Are you wearing your plaid flannel shirt with closed buttons from top to bottom with a flared skirt? Get some feminine sophistication added with a collar necklace, which looks chunky and come in gorgeous appeals. Reflecting a lot of shine and glitter, these necklaces add form to the collared custom flannel shirts, and notch up their level of beauty.

Pendant Necklaces

When it comes to wearing an oversized flannel plaid shirt like a dress, with a belt cinched at the waist, add some zest to the tomboyish and smart attire with a pendant necklace, dangling down from sleek chain.

Tassel Necklace

Tassel necklaces with burst of colors can add vibrancy to the flannel shirt which you will wear as a beach cover up with a neon bikini!

The retail stores are stacking their stocks with custom flannels, so that you can try out the neck pieces with a wide array of flannel shirts!