7 Times Men Kill the Charm of Denim Shirts

Collared denim shirts, by default, are considered as very stylish. And even after so many years, amid all the flannel frenzy, they are still red hot in the consumer market. But just because they are stylish doesn’t necessarily mean they would look good on anyone and everyone. If you’re a denim shirt fan yourself, who clad in this wear for every occasion, chances are there are ways you might be making some rather silly mistakes and screwing up your whole look. Here we provide you with 7 ways you might be killing the charm of otherwise very charming full sleeved denim formal shirt

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Denim Shirts lover pay attention and avoid these 7 mistakes starting from today!

Denim on Denim is a great idea, but mismatching the shades of shirt and pant is an ultimate fashion-killer. Like a darker variation of denim pant would just not look good with darker shirts. The simple rule is, to ensure the top and bottom complements each other, mix light shade with the dark.

Always wearing denim shirt as a shirt would give you a monotonous look. Avoid that and sometimes wear these shirts as jackets. A light shaded tank top or round neck tee inside is ideal choice.

For whatever reason, cladding an outwear over your denim shirt just doesn’t suit well (yes even sweatshirts doesn’t look good); not at least on everyone. So avoid this.

About size, a baggy or slim fit denim shirt doesn’t look good on everyone; it really depends on the size of the wearer itself. A moderate fitting is the safest and that’s what you should go for when unsure.

Unlike flannel shirts, not any and every kind of shoes is ‘okay’. So you must be a bit careful when selecting your footwear. A classic leather shoe is a best choice here; so people also prefer high boots. Slip-ons are also the good choice. Avoid sports shoes and popping colored sneakers.

A plain and standard colored short or Capri is not a good idea, particularly if you’re looking for a stylish and bold look. Go with colorful printed ones. While about full pants, a simple white colored one is an ideal choice.

When it comes to accessories, with men, when they’re wearing full sleeved formal denim shirt, ‘less is more’. A simple leather strap watch is adequate. Keep things simple and minimalist.

These are the seven mistakes that you should avoid to keep intact the charm of collared denim shirts.

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