Spruce Up Summer T-Shirts With Classy Polo Shirts

Change the way you dress this summer by forgetting your favorite tees and embracing the smart casual attire with polo shirts. Cool graphic printed t-shirts are still quite relevant and popular but the real go-to item for summer 2016 is undoubtedly the polo shirts that have emerged as the new unofficial summer top among the young fashion lovers. If you ask why, the answer is simple. Polo shirts are supremely casual yet never unkempt; they’re simply yet never boring! And they’re pretty much everywhere, from the tennis field or golf course to a backyard BBQ party, as it works wonderfully with most of the things hanging in your closet.

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Basic and Yet Extraordinary!

When we say that bulk polo shirts are ubiquitous, it does bring down the excitement level, doesn’t it? But it’s the fact. Every guy around the world must have at least one or two of these because they’re an absolute wardrobe essential. But the good news is that you can wear polos and instead of blending in with the rest of the crowd, you can still stand out. Let us tell you how you can stand out…

Solid colored polo shirts are great without a doubt but when it is about standing out, you might like to opt for polos that feature contrasting colored stripes at the collar and maybe the sleeves. It might not seem like much but this little visual impact goes a long way in separating basic polos from the advanced ones. In addition, wholesale polo shirts manufacturers are also coming up with innovatively styled polos such as graphic printed ones embellished with crown motifs, abstract, floral or other such summer favorite prints and motifs. With gorgeous color combinations that might be complementary or contrasting and varied prints, polos are sure to become your best friend this summer and help you to impress your boss at work, stay cool during a game of golf or impress your new girlfriend’s parents.

Just Be Careful About the Fit

When it comes to polo shirts, everything comes down to the fit. Avoid over sized polos with droopy shoulders at all costs because no matter how stylish the shirt visually looks, you would end up looking sloppy and uninteresting. OK maybe extraordinary in an unimpressive way!! No matter what the occasion or event is, choose your polos wisely and ones that fit and flatter your body shape because the ultimate goal is to look super cool, smart yet sophisticated, all at the same time. As for bottoms, go crazy!!! Bring out all the tailored chinos, shorts, denims or whatever you own!

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