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Top 4 Celebrity Style Probes with Striped T-shirts

Classic, timeless and versatile, striped t-shirts are the perfect wardrobe staples for most women. But what’s more is that Hollywood celebrities are giving it a thumb up and curating a style statement with it that’s novel and steeped in exclusivity. So whether you like east coast preppy or Parisian chic, a brief guide on the following celebrities can certainly help you get the fashion tricks with your basic striped tees.

Wholesale Striped T Shirts Manufacturer

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has often been photographed in her black and white monochrome striped t-shirts. While she sports one for a casual day out with a pair of skinny jeans teamed in, she adds an oversized tote, wedge sneakers and aviators to notch up the glam factor even in her off-duty style. However, you can also play with patterns and throw a light jacket or a trench coat in winter just like this former Victoria’s Secret model who catches on to the oomph factor with ripped jeans and flats with leopard prints.

Retailers can also impress their customers with wholesale striped shirts that Miranda Kerr has been found wearing for different purposes, from shopping to airport sites.

Diane Kruger

For Diane Kruger striped t-shirts are a wardrobe staple. Recently she has been spotted in her comfortable monochromes in the Los Angeles airport while returning from her Parisian getaway. While the world digs into her perfect combination of stripes, skin-fit jeans and suede booties, she taps into the French vibe and demonstrates a versatile style with her exclusive bowler hat and white rimmed wayfarers. However, you can also take inspiration from her Paris to LA look book or try matching your tee with a billowy skirt in floral prints, printed flats, black satchel and oversized sunglasses just the way she blows her charm during the day with striped t-shirts.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley

Hollywood celebs seem to have perfected their airport styles with snug and comfy striped tees that enable them to be prepared for the paparazzi on arrival. Now if there’s one actress who has been doing this any better, it is Rosie Huntington-Whitley. She wears her back and white stripes with lots of swag and teams up black leather pants, grey duffle bag, maroon hat and aviators to complete her simple yet oh-so gorgeous look. You can also give a jolt to your classic style and toss off a bold and sexy look with a striped t-shirt, short black leather skirt and leather boots when you are going out on a date.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue sure knows how to do a blow job with her striped t-shirts. Her wardrobe comprises of various colors like red and blue, besides black and white combo that says a lot about her personal taste and choice. The singers often work her striped tees with denim pencil skirts and jeans and complete the look with strappy espadrilles or ankle booties.

Bulk purchasers can stock up on these wholesale striped t shirts and help their consumers channel this nautical-inspired look during the day.

Why Going Non-Mainstream When Purchasing Your Shirts Wholesale Is A Good Choice

Few could look beyond denim, formal and flannel shirts when purchasing their shirts wholesale. While these types are very popular in the consumer market, buying non-mainstream types of shirts could very well pay you off. Why? And what ‘non-mainstream types’? Well, we answer these questions here.

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It is very likely that your competitors are selling the same varieties that you are

The retail market is very crowded today. Offline or online- you are likely facing heaps of competitions. And the chances are high that the types and varieties of shirts you are offering, your competitors are too. So one of the easiest way to beat them here (without marginalizing your profit) is to also stock non-mainstream types of shirts; ‘also’ being a keyword here. You don’t have to ditch the popular and clichéd items as a whole; just start stocking different and unique types and varieties of shirts. There are few top wholesale shirt suppliers who can help you here.

You will stand out your competitors and will attract many new customers with these new collections. And your sales could touch the sky, just like you dream, with the very least of effort.

So what are non-mainstream types?

In general, in view of the current market trend, anything other that denim, formal and flannel shirts would go in the non-mainstream category. But to be specific, here are three types of the shirts that you should bulk from a good wholesale shirts manufacturer

Chambray Shirts– Many small businesses confuse these with the denim shirts. Although they might look a bit similar, their fabric construction type varies. So they vary in weight, ventilation and wicking properties, as well as in strength and durability. It is their overall quality that makes these chambray shirts popular among a section of consumers.

Sublimation Shirts– Sublimated round-neck tees are crazily popular in the market today. The demand of full-sleeve button down sublimation shirts doesn’t match that of these tees, but they are also very popular among buyers. Particularly among the ones who want a standard looking, bold variety of colorful shirt.

Linen Shirts– Linen Shirts are the foremost choice when its summer. Light in weight with higher breathability and wicking, they offer high comfort. Even in the style department they do well. Top wholesale shirt suppliers offer many custom varieties of these linen shirts in different shade, design and fitting.

These are the three non-mainstream types of shirts; non-mainstream at least in view of current market trend. Bulk them up today to outstand in the competitive market and to attract new customers. You can also use customization option to ‘unique-up’ your wholesale even further. So now contact a good wholesale shirts manufacturer and make your bulk purchase.

Tips to Freshen Up Your Fall Flannel Look for the Season

Whether you are big on the lumber sexual, bearded-man trend or not, you cannot ignore the exponentially rising popularity of flannels. Why a flannel? There is just something so sexy about flannels that the trend just refuses to die down. Maybe it is the grunge nostalgia that reminds us of Kurt Cobain and Gavin Rosedale or maybe because the world feels that lumberjacks are sexy….no judging! So, get your flannels on and read on for some style tips stolen from celebrity looks to help you sassy up your everyday fall look.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale Distributors

Feel Happy Happy in Cozy Flannels

Pharrell William sure made a lot of music lovers very happy with his ‘Happy’ song and he also made his fans go gaga as he stepped out wearing buttoned down flannels over a simple, white tee paired up with super trendy three/fourth denims and a little bling for luck. He felt absolutely at ease with the whole look. Get flannel shirt wholesale today and try out this attention-grabbing look to impress the hot girls at college!

A Jared Leto Fan?

Jared is known for his quirky sense of style but nobody seems to be complaining. He was recently seen flaunting the very classic red and black check flannel shirt around his waist paired up with black tee and denims and layered with a very smart and sophisticated leather jacket and a grey scarf around his neck. If this look won’t win big points from the ladies, we don’t know what will!!

Kit Harrington (Read Jon Snow) Is Back from the Dead with Serious Style

Kit’s rugged and serious look only gets enhanced with the masculinity of the flannel shirts. He doesn’t even have to try a lot. A simple white tee layered with tailored suit jacket, pair of black trousers, black shoes and a brown and white small checked flannel shirt around his world. He makes every woman go weak in their knees with this effortlessly ethereal look! Get your bulk flannels now before your girlfriend too runs after Kit.

Ian Somerhalder Says, ‘Go Bright’

Vampire Diaries wouldn’t be so intense without Ian’s smoldering charms. He turns the heat up as he steps out wearing a well-fitting flannel shirt in subdued color combinations along with bright trousers and surprisingly, he looks smashing. Give it a try this season!

Follow Jack Sparrow!

If you are bold and love to wear your opinion, then Johnny Depp is who you should be stealing style tips from. When the world is tying flannels around their waist or folding the sleeves up for that rough and tough look and women too are following suit, our favorite Jack Sparrow breaks all the conventions and sports a sleeveless flannel shirt that is half tucked in and out. To absolutely nail that ‘I don’t care’ look, you can experiment with such other similar looks and bring on board your own sense of fashion.

One thing is clear that flannels aren’t going anywhere. They keep coming back season after season. They were loved by grunge bands, lumberjacks followed by punk bands and now the lumbersexuals and only every other fashion lover. Get in touch with flannel manufacturers and wholesaler to secure a wholesale package deal on bulk orders.

Elegant Ways to Wear a White Shirt Crafted By One of the Wholesale Shirt Suppliers

Leaning on few of the outfits in the wardrobe is something which is essential for all fashion-forward women, be it the distressed denims or a white button down shirt. The wear-anywhere wardrobe staples complete our closet and are useful to get dressed up in a number of ways, owing to the versatility they carry. Not just for boys, even girls should have a white button down shirt for a weekend stroll, a date night or to the work scenes at office. A year-round essential, you can use it as a layering , tie a knot at the end or wear it buttoned up for formal occasions, you can never go wrong with a shirt like this. The leading wholesale clothing manufacturers and designers are sprucing up the stocks of the retail outlets, owing to the high end demand of the fashionable women towards these shirts.

Bulk Clothing Suppliers

The top-notch wholesale shirt suppliers are rafting them in a wide variety of fabric options, from linen to silk and cotton as fabric has a lot to do with the purpose you are getting decked up for.

To help you with this, we will get you covered with few style ideas for three occasions:

For Professional Ambience

For the office environment, dressing up soothing and somber is very essential. Hence you can go for the following looks:

Tuck into a high waisted mid length black skirt with a white button down shirt and a pair of pointed toe heels. Instead of black, you can also go for a two-toned skirt with the white shirt.

Go for a silk white shirt with slim fit grey trousers and team this up with a similar color tweed blazer for the ultra-mod stylish texture.

Go for an all-white color palette with a white button down shirt tucked into a pleated white midi skirt. This will give you a perfect semi-formal silhouette.

For Amorous Date Nights

You always don’t need to wear something feminine like a dress to complete your date nights. You can try the following too:

Layer a white button down shirt over a sleek black bra and let it peep through the shirt as you keep it unbuttoned with a knot at the end. Team this with a black floral printed mid-length skirt and a shoe of vibrant color.

Wear a sexy sleeveless black dress over a white button down shirt and add embellishment in the form of a collared necklace to notch up your appeal.

For a flirtatious look, pair up a sloppy shirt in white with a red wrap skirt, bringing in a poised finishing.

For Weekend Strolls and Parties

On the weekends for casual outings and parties, it is time to ditch your halter neck or the cocktail dress and adopt a more classy look through the following ideas:

Team up a white shirt over a denim jumpsuit and team this with a neutral shaded jacket to complete the look.

For mild winters, team up straight fit denim with a white shirt, and pair this up with a long sized sleeveless coat for a dash of panache added to your look.

Get hold of a silk button down white shirt crafted by one of the wholesale shirt suppliers and wear it with an embellished skirt and a bandana.

Look Out for the Biggest Shirt Trends for Spring/Summer 2016!

Shirts are almost the only piece of clothing that can simultaneously look classically rigorous or provocatively original and it is of no wonder that it still continues to dominate as a wardrobe staple for both men and women. With the right kind of accessories and bottom-wear, it can be worn from formal to informal occasions with such ease and effortlessness that fashion lovers can never have enough of it. Here are some of the shirt styles that are in vogue right now and retailers should totally stock up on these to mind profit.

Dioz Group

The Timeless Polo Shirts

Till date, polo shirts remain an extremely popular version of dress shirts. The secret to this popularity is its unique appearance and the harmonious combination of classic and sporty style. In spite of its conservatism and respectability, polo shirts can lend a touch of lightness and playfulness to the everyday business suit. And if we are talking about 2016, polos have been re-imagined so that men and women of all ages can enjoy wearing them to the field, the street and even to work or to the club. Even though solid colors still remain in huge demand, printed polos are soon making an entry.

Don’t Have to Join the Military to Get the Look!

The craze for military styled shirts with wide shoulder straps in marsh colors and metal buttons are insanely popular among the fashion lovers. It lends a tough yet cool look and can be worn with almost any kind of bottoms.

White Shirts Still Reigns Supreme!

Everybody wants that one clothing item in their wardrobe that can be worn with everything and is suitable for all kinds of occasions and event. The white shirt comes to the rescue! Crisp white shirts is perfect for a boardroom meeting, looks sophisticated when it is about impressing the hot date, worn with a pair of hot shorts it looks laid-back and uber-stylish and for a casual look, blue denims can never go wrong. Fashionistas as well as contemporary gents have an unflinching love for this piece of garment and it has been trending since time immemorial.

Business owners and retailers looking to get their hands on the trending shirt styles can turn to Oasis Shirts, one of the largest and fastest growing fashion brands in the world. This manufacturing house is a part of the very successful and well-known Dioz Group and it continues to update its inventory to make space for innovative styles and designs. If you are looking for great quality, great design and great price, this is where all three meet and make something beautiful for you to take advantage of!

Most Essential Fashion Facts About Maternity Clothes

Want to look sexy on your maternity than show your baby bump in right way with mix and layering your maternity clothes. Try out the long t-shirts, shirts and dress that include fashion plus comfort because comfort is the first thing keep in your mind, also try out the jumpsuits in bold colors add your white sneakers this looks more classy and smart. At the time of layering your dress don’t try to use fit belts and accessories rather than this, you can add jackets and loose coats that give you volume in your dress. This season wholesale maternity shirts are the hot charted dress in the maternity clothes most of the retailers give you the best ideas. So, this maternity chooses your long loose designer dress shirts with fitness or yoga leggings it feels you relaxed and comfortable like anyone just put some statement accessories on your dress show your baby bump with an elegant look. All wholesale maternity clothes manufacturer is looking forward for designing the comfort textured dress for your maternity.

wholesale maternity clothes



Cool and Comfy Maternity T-Shirts Are Much in Vogue

Pregnancy is a wonderful state for a woman! She would not trade this condition with anything else in this world. However, while welcoming motherhood, it is necessary that a would-be mom gets accustomed to the condition and feels relaxed and at ease. For that, she needs to find out clothes for herself that is comfortable even when worn in public. Maternity tees are a mom’s favourite. It is a casual wear for a mom-to-be and it has to be breathable, free, comfortable and stylish, all at once. A good shirt is the one that fits your body the right way. Thus, comfortable maternity T shirt is what you need to express yourselfin. It is an easy and no-fuss way of dressing up for an expectant mom.

Maternity Fashion Distributor

A Noted Supplier Can Offer An Amazing Variety Of Maternity Tees

If you are a business owner and willing to cater to the clothing needs of the would-be smart moms, then you can get in touch with a top-rated Maternity T- shirts supplier online and upgrade your stock. This way you help an expectant mom find out the most stylish wear for a pregnant mom. The many wholesale maternity t-shirts suppliers bring the best designs for you. They offer bulk shirts that are obviously not meant for the runway but carry a great sense of style that is fun as well!

When a mom goes around with her baby bump showing she is the most comfortable in these maternity tees. You can get them in all colours and shapes. They have great graphics on them and meaningful quotes that portray the personality of the would-be mom as well. Some quotes can be real whacky to keep away the prying eyes trying to touch the bundle of joy the mom is carrying. These shirts are nothing if not soft and easy going with short sleeves, no sleeves, half sleeves for all kinds of looks. The body seems to change during pregnancy and it is great the way a pregnancy t-shirt helps a mom look smart and fashionable with all the small changes happening in her. Remaining fresh and fragrant during this time helps ward off every bit of mood swing and frustration that comes their way.

Go For The Customized Option And Tease Your Mom-To-Be Senses

Personalized touch to a maternity t-shirt works wonders for a mom. She can choose the ones with embossments and slogans.They makes her feel her own self, while she is out to work, hanging out with friends or out shopping. Thus, a maternity fashion distributor online always designs the best with a great expertise and technology.Even the necklines stand out with the peppiest and updated designs. The insides are soft without any tags or stitches that cause discomfort. Superior fabrics and fast colours are the insignia of such splendidly designed maternity dresses.

Flannel Shirts Is The Trendiest Topic For Both Men and Women

Flannel shirts have a long history. They were popularly worn by the lumberjacks in the U.S.A and also by the Australian workers. The working class then wore them for comfort and also their usability. Flannel shirts were also used much by music bands and athletes too. Nowadays, wholesale flannel shirts are available with well-known manufacturers and suppliers and are the best source for business owners to rev up the flannel section of their store. These trendy shirts appear in a plethora of designs and patterns.

Wholesale Flannels Shirts

Feel The Flannel Fashion Fever

Flannel shirts are light although they are made of woolly fabric. Some of them also contain some cotton or other synthetic fibres. These shirts are comfortable as they feel cool and soft near the skin. The comfort of the flannel pajamas cannot be denied. The flannel shirts wholesale market is fast coming up. There has been a twist in fashion to the very old flannel attires. The new ones come up in more trendy designs with a lot of warmth and comfort. Some of the flannel shirt manufacturers are bent on creating fashion that is style and ease at the same go. And that’s where flannel serves great purpose as a material. The shirts are specially designed to grace fashion lovers. They make people look the best effortlessly. Flannel shirts wholesale are available for the people across the globe in Australia, UK and Canada. The range of cotton, wool flannel shirts are manufactured under the best technology. These fashionably designed flannel wear can be the staple wear during winter for all fashion lovers. They have actually taken the material away from the working people to add that trendiness to them along with an innovative twist.

Flannel Style Fiesta

The bulk flannel shirt makers keep the modern stylist man on their minds while they design clothes. There is a lot to them. It is not only style, fashion and comfort but a coolness and casual attitude of these trendy attires that keep the fashion lovers happy. The shirts can be used while hiking or for adventurous activities because the sturdy materials can endure wear and tear. You get a melange of colors and whether tucking it in, donning an oversized one, tying it up around the waist or any styling option, you can really rock the flannel look with panache!

Ladies: Steal Moments From Men’s Style

Women were deprived of using this material for long. It is now that the divas have come up with flannel shirts in different styles. It makes them look stylishly at ease thus accentuating their curves as well as helping them to flaunt the sporty look, which gets completed with a statement tee, chic cape or boots when it is about flannel look! As accessories, chunky scarf or a cool hat can work wonders. They pair off the flannels with their denims, dresses or shorts. The wholesalers or fashion makers also customize the flannel attire for men and women. As a business owner, you get the scope to place bulk order of bulk flannel shirts and enjoy wholesale rates.

Etiquettes to Wear Summer Staple Polo Shirts for Men

Versatile, iconic and comfortable, if these three words can suit any outfit for men, it would be a classic polo shirt. Collared and short sleeved, they are the perfect summer staples owing to their lightweight and breathable features. Every gentleman must stuff his closet with these shirts to add buoyancy and spin to their collections and carry exotic ensembles anywhere they go.

Polo Shirts Manufacturers

Be it the golf courses, tennis courts, beaches, streets or parties, polo’s are the most happening fashion trend which is meant to stay in the global fashion scene forever. The leading polo shirts manufacturers are crafting a wide array of these shirts, in a medley of colors, fabrics and designs to suit the bulk requirements of the retailers and business owners. Blowing up since the later part f the roaring twenties, this classic fashion statement is still creating a stir in the fashion scenario. At the posh parties or the around the town casual strolls, you can befriend polos to deliver a number of style stances quite confidently.

We will get you covered with few mannerisms which must be kept in mind while doing the vintage polos:

Never accompany them with undershirts

A fitted polo doesn’t need the undershirt and looks odd when worn with one. Wearing them will completely spoil the shape and finesse of the polo and make the shirt crumble at the sleeves and collars. Hence, undershirts are a strict no-no for polo shirts.

Let them fit you, but not tightly

Let a polo drape nicely over your physique instead of clinging on to your body with a tight fit. Avoid going for claustrophobic tight fit so that you do not end up looking odd and eccentric. Choose something with a decent line and length to fit you properly.

The size has a lot to do with your height

The tail of the polo shirt shouldn’t go midway past the buttocks, as it will look odd and crumbles when wore tucked and while you wear it untucked , it will fall on the back with a dull look.

There is no need to pop the collar

The popping of the collar of polos to keep the sun away or try out some style is restricted only to the college going crowd. Men should refrain from this style as it would only make them look out of the place, without any definite silhouette.

Avoid too large and visible logos and monograms

Polos have the specialty of the embossment of logos and monograms, but make sure the one you are wearing designed by a polos wholesale company ,has a small one in sleek design. The logos or the big ones are good for the uniforms of the kids, and you should better go for the polos without logos in minimalistic design. The color contrast should be appealing and catch the attention of onlookers easily.

Polos and blazers doesn’t go in tune

If you have an event where wearing blazer for a formal or a semi formal look is must, go for a dress shirt and not a polo. Polo carries a casual stance and the collar of the polo will end up clashing with the collar of the blazer and end up committing a fashion crime. Hence, use the polos introduced by the polo wholesale distributors only for casual occasions.

Best 4 Ways to Rock Your Denim Shirts and Step out Like a Diva

Timeless and versatile, denim is not going to be out of fashion anytime soon. And when it comes to styling denim shirts, there are various chic ways to do it. Here we have rounded up a few effortless looks that can literally take you places while offering comfort and relaxation, perfect to go with the hot and humid weather of this summer.

Wholesale Denim Shirt Suppliers

Polished yet effortless

There are numerous ways to wear a denim shirt, but the easiest of all is to pair it with black leggings and black ankle-length boots and black over sized hand bag. The blue color will add a dash of flair and balance to the all black appearance. Now sport your red puckers and aviators to get done with this spring-summer look.

Retailers can replenish their stocks with denim shirts wholesale in both light and dark washes of blue and grey, available at the online hubs of wholesale manufacturers.

Bold and beautiful

Whether you want to beat the Monday blues or brighten up a boring day, there’s one thing that can surely blend with everything and that’s a classic denim shirt. You can work it with a multi hued, patterned skirt and fun jewellery. For an added charm, go for lace-up booties and a brown belt to accentuate your waist.

Waisted off-duty looks

Does it feel too hot to wear your denim? Then wear a white t-shirt instead and tie up the shirt around the waist with a pair of faded denim shorts teamed up. This off-duty, grunge look goes perfect for rock concerts and various musical festivals. But you can make a little experiment with the shoes and jewellery, for instance, using dressy heels, statement neck pieces and slim clutch to turn heads as glam queen.

To pump up your stocks with ladies denim shirts wholesale, all bulk purchasers can tie up with their trustworthy wholesale suppliers and place their orders in bulk.

Everyday edge

When you are out on a shopping spree or a chill out with friends, you would want to keep your outfit as simple as possible yet bring out a casual charm. So work your vintage denim shirt with black dressed down basics. For instance, you can choose a pair of black leather leggings and edgy boots with indigo blue shirt and top them off with a leather biker jacket. To find these shirts in different hues and washes of light and dark, you can check out the large catalog, offered by denim shirt suppliers online.