Tips to Freshen Up Your Fall Flannel Look for the Season

Whether you are big on the lumber sexual, bearded-man trend or not, you cannot ignore the exponentially rising popularity of flannels. Why a flannel? There is just something so sexy about flannels that the trend just refuses to die down. Maybe it is the grunge nostalgia that reminds us of Kurt Cobain and Gavin Rosedale or maybe because the world feels that lumberjacks are sexy….no judging! So, get your flannels on and read on for some style tips stolen from celebrity looks to help you sassy up your everyday fall look.

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Feel Happy Happy in Cozy Flannels

Pharrell William sure made a lot of music lovers very happy with his ‘Happy’ song and he also made his fans go gaga as he stepped out wearing buttoned down flannels over a simple, white tee paired up with super trendy three/fourth denims and a little bling for luck. He felt absolutely at ease with the whole look. Get flannel shirt wholesale today and try out this attention-grabbing look to impress the hot girls at college!

A Jared Leto Fan?

Jared is known for his quirky sense of style but nobody seems to be complaining. He was recently seen flaunting the very classic red and black check flannel shirt around his waist paired up with black tee and denims and layered with a very smart and sophisticated leather jacket and a grey scarf around his neck. If this look won’t win big points from the ladies, we don’t know what will!!

Kit Harrington (Read Jon Snow) Is Back from the Dead with Serious Style

Kit’s rugged and serious look only gets enhanced with the masculinity of the flannel shirts. He doesn’t even have to try a lot. A simple white tee layered with tailored suit jacket, pair of black trousers, black shoes and a brown and white small checked flannel shirt around his world. He makes every woman go weak in their knees with this effortlessly ethereal look! Get your bulk flannels now before your girlfriend too runs after Kit.

Ian Somerhalder Says, ‘Go Bright’

Vampire Diaries wouldn’t be so intense without Ian’s smoldering charms. He turns the heat up as he steps out wearing a well-fitting flannel shirt in subdued color combinations along with bright trousers and surprisingly, he looks smashing. Give it a try this season!

Follow Jack Sparrow!

If you are bold and love to wear your opinion, then Johnny Depp is who you should be stealing style tips from. When the world is tying flannels around their waist or folding the sleeves up for that rough and tough look and women too are following suit, our favorite Jack Sparrow breaks all the conventions and sports a sleeveless flannel shirt that is half tucked in and out. To absolutely nail that ‘I don’t care’ look, you can experiment with such other similar looks and bring on board your own sense of fashion.

One thing is clear that flannels aren’t going anywhere. They keep coming back season after season. They were loved by grunge bands, lumberjacks followed by punk bands and now the lumbersexuals and only every other fashion lover. Get in touch with flannel manufacturers and wholesaler to secure a wholesale package deal on bulk orders.


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